$400 for 15 Minutes of Easy Work: 6 Sure Ways to Get it

There’s the saying that nothing good comes easy. That’s half true, and half false. A lot of times, good things come easy. In this article, I’ll unveil the most realistic ways to make $400 dollars in 15 minutes of work. Being really transparent here, it could take longer to make $400 dollars with these hacks, but it depends on different factors. These aren’t 100% guaranteed ways to make $400 in 15 minutes of easy work. 

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They’re ways to make a ton of money, but you’re not going to make a guaranteed $400 dollars (in 15 minutes). If it were super easy to make it happen, then everyone in the world right now would be super rich making money in 15 minutes. Without any further writing, here are 6 sure ways you can make $400 in 15 minutes of easy work. 

$400 for 15 Minutes of Easy Work: 6 Sure Ways to Get it.

1. Hack into social media accounts.

In reality, people hack social media accounts for different reasons. But if you want to make $400 for 15 minutes of easy work, then hacking social media accounts is one way to go about it. You could hack these accounts and ask the account owners to deposit a token of $400 dollars if they really want their accounts back. The work? It’s in the 15 minutes (or more) of hacking. This is really bad for an option, but there are things you must do if you want to make money quickly, and abnormally. 

2. Trade binary options. 

Just before I started to work on this blog, the last thing I traded was binary options. However, the challenge was that it was difficult to withdraw hard earned profits. Especially with Pocket Option. They seemed like a big scam. However, if you want to make $400 for 15 minutes of easy work, there’s good news – you can do that with binary options. But the most important thing is that you acquire the knowledge to trade before eventually starting out with trading binary options. 

While it’s not the best kind of online market to trade, you see your profit or loss rolling in immediately when your position closes. Binary options is a risky market, and I think there are some things you should know about binary options especially if you’re already on the path to learning to trade it. 

3. Trade crypto futures. 

Something I did before starting this blog is trading Crypto futures. My story is however unique; I stayed indoors (not my house tho), learning to trade the crypto futures and everything about crypto. After 6 months, I could say that I was a good enough trader. But not a master at any point. It was fun, I made a couple dollars but lost more basically because I was transitioning from newbie to veteran. 

The transition process cost me money and time. But I got to the place that I wanted to be at. With that said, trading crypto futures is one of the best ways to make quick money. If you’re a good trader, then you can really get in and out of the market profitably. If you’re not a good trader, you may want to learn much more about trading Crypto futures, before eventually opening your wallets to the market. 

And yes, you can make $400 within 15 minutes if you’re in the right trade and you’re trading at low risk; or with more capital. It’ll be easy to make $400 while trading crypto futures with $4,000 dollars. That’ll be a 10% profit just right in the trade. Things could happen faster with a higher leverage of, say 10. Or 20. However, higher futures leverage can mean more risk of loss.  

4. Initiate a $400 dollar crypto fraud. 

While there are different ways to initiate a Crypto fraud, one of the biggest and most popular ways to make this work if you need $400 for 15 minutes of easy work is to build a crypto website and manipulate figures to your advantage. With a Crypto website, you convince people to invest in cryptos and get some more cryptos alongside their capital within a number of days. 

It’s effective, but it’ll cost you money to build anything that has to do with crypto. It’s a fraud, and I’m not asking you to get involved in something like this. But then, things happen really fast and it wouldn’t take 15 minutes to start seeing Crypto deposits from people who visit your website and are convinced enough to invest. Once you’re able to set up a website for your crypto fraud, then it’ll be easy to promote it on social media, on celebrity pages online and other places. 

The more legit it looks, the more people you’ll be able to convince, the more money you’ll make potentially. So, initiating a Crypto fraud through whatever means is one of the most realistic ways to get $400 in 15 minutes of easy work. Now the work’s only easy because you’re not the one building the website. Plus, you want to make sure the first set of visits get some form of profit so that the word about your website can go viral; harvesting more clients and more money in the long run. 

5. Put out your RV on lease. 

If you want to make $400 dollars for 15 minutes of easy work, one of the most realistic things you can do is to lease your RV online. Now this is only possible if you’ve got an RV in the first place. If you’ve not got an RV, you can skip this tip. But for the RV owners, you can list your RV online for lease. If it’s in good shape, then people can rent it from time to time. This could happen within 15 minutes of listing it on RVShare or Outdoorsy. Or Rvezy. Anyone you choose. You could earn up to $500 dollars. Or more. 

Depending on the shape of your RV. And by shape, I don’t mean like a literal shape, I mean the condition. If it’s good and not covered in dust, you could make more money and have it rented out fast. Under 15 minutes of listing it. But 90% of the time, it takes some time to have RVs rent out on these RV renting platforms. 

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6. Sell your most valuable item for $400 dollars. 

It’s really no work to sell items you already own. So, if you want to make $400 for 15 minutes of easy work, then you should list your most valuable items online for around $400 dollars. Crazy, right? But this could work. Take for example you have a car worth $12,000 dollars, it wouldn’t take 15 minutes to start getting calls if you’re listing it online for sale at the price of $400 dollars. That said, listing some really costly items online is one of the ways to make quick money. How about you list your house worth $200 thousand dollars for $400 online? That’s just super crazy. You’d probably be the craziest person in the world to do that. But then, if you don’t want to work and you need $400 dollars in 15 minutes, these are some of the craziest and most realistic things you could do to make it happen. 

Forget about listing your car or house. These are really expensive items. How about a wristwatch or a gold jewelry you own that’s worth thousands of dollars? It’s still a really good idea to list them online for $400 dollars. The internet is shrouded in virtual stores nowadays. And there are lots of places or marketplaces online to sell off your item if you want to. One of the most popular places is Etsy. I mean, Etsy is a place to sell just about anything. Another popular marketplace online to sell anything is the Facebook Marketplace

There’s also Amazon and other e-commerce websites that allow you to create your own seller store. Forget about making $400 for 15 minutes of easy work, you could sell your stuff way more than their actual worth. You’ve got a gold watch or a gadget worth $3,000 dollars? You can list it on these e-commerce websites or online marketplaces for $3,500. If you’re patient enough, you’ll make more money this way. There’s a ton of reasons you need $400 for 15 minutes of easy work. I mean, if it were easy, then everybody else would be selling their properties for pennies. 

While it’s not the greatest idea on this list, you can get $400 dollars fast this way. Another idea is to buy items worth less than $400 dollars and flip them online to see if you’ll get a catch within 15 minutes. It could be furniture, a shirt, gadgets or whatever it is. Flipping items online is a realistic way to make more money, or double it

$400 for 15 Minutes of Easy Work: 6 Sure Ways to Get it – Final Words. 

You can hack into social media accounts, but it won’t take 15 minutes most of the time. What takes 15 minutes is the transaction between you and the owner of the account. Whatever way you choose to make money from hacked social media accounts, it doesn’t take 15 minutes to complete a financial transaction. 

Other ways you can make $400 in 15 minutes of easy work include putting your RV up for sale or lease on RVshare or Outdoorsy, selling your most valuable items for short at $400 dollars, defrauding someone through crypto and making $400 dollars, trading binary options and crypto futures.

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