$800 a Week is How Much an Hour? + How to Make $800 a Week (10 Realistic Methods)

Right in this article, you’ll get to know how much is $800 a week in an hour and how to make $800 a week legally without selling your soul. If you’re looking to know the best ways to make money up to $800 dollars a week, I recommend you check out this article about making $800/day online. This article isn’t a breakdown of out-of-date ways to make money. Plus, some of the ideas reflected in this article are topnotch and working. 

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They still work till this day. Some of them retain the capacity to become steady passive income channels if you’re consistent with building them. Without more on this, here’s how much $800 a week is in an hour, a day, biweekly, a month, and in a year. 

$800 a Week is How Much an Hour + How to Make $800 a Week (10 Realistic Methods).

$800 a week is how much an hour? 

In one week, there’s 168 hours. That’s 24 hours in a day × 7. Right? I still know my math. With $800 a week, that’s about $4.7 dollars an hour. 

$800 a week is how much a day?

In a day or in 24 hours, $800/week is $114.2 dollars. So if you’re earning $800 dollars every week, it’s equivalent to $114.2 daily. 

$800 a week is how much a month?

This is the easy one. $800 a week is approximately $3,200 dollars in a month. That’s $800 × 4 (four weeks). 

$800 a week is how much a biweekly? 

In two weeks, you’d be getting $1,600 dollars if you’re earning $800 bucks in a week. That’s $800 into two places (or two weeks). 

$800 a week is how much a year? 

This is the biggest figure here. In one year, $800 every single week of the year will get you to $38,400 dollars. It’s quite a lot of money. And it’s interesting to see how little earnings can become something this mega. From $4.7 hourly. 

Now that you’ve come to know how much $800 a week is in an hour, a day, biweekly, a month and in one year, here’s a list of 10 ways to make $800 dollars a week. 

How to Make $800 a Week (10 Realistic Methods).

1. Blogging. 

On this list, blogging is one of the best online businesses that can really guarantee steady passive income without much risk of loss. So, you can start a blog and build it on the side of your full-time job slowly until you start earning up to $800 bucks weekly and even more. 

However, it’s not the easiest thing to do. Raising a blog from nothing to over $800/week takes time. And much more than time, it takes consistency, determination, and a lot of hard work. If you’re willing to start a blog today and grow it exponentially month after month, checkout this beginner friendly blogging guide to building a full-time income blog from scratch. 

2. Airbnb. 

If you have an apartment that’s not in use, you can work in it, make it habitable and upload it on Airbnb. If you don’t have any other apartment but the one you live in, then you can lease your apartment on Airbnb to strangers in your city looking for an apartment to pass the night over. It’s safe to squat with a friend on nights your apartment gets leased. And you have your apartment all to yourself when there’s no one leasing it for the night. Of course, leasing your home on Airbnb can earn you over $800 dollars a week. 

3. Uber driving. 

Uber is a popular ride-sharing service, and you can work for them if you own a car. It’s all about taking passengers from one destination to their desired destination. You register with the company, install the app and start picking up random passengers. For every trip, you get paid up to $20/hour. While this isn’t fixed, you might need to work just $10 hours every day to regularly earn over $800/week. 

4. Food delivery. 

Still with your vehicle, you can drive around town delivering food items to people in various destinations. This is possible if you’re working for services like Doordash and UberEats. Expect to earn up to $13 an hour delivering items around town. You could earn more. It’s fun to make money driving. And it’s one of the many things I’d like to do in my long lifetime. In a day, you can earn up to $200 bucks just driving and delivering items. 

5. YouTube. 

Starting a YouTube channel won’t cost you a dime. You just need to have a working Android or a laptop and a WiFi (or internet connection from anywhere) to get started. But before creating your channel, think about what you’d like it to be about. If your goal is to make $800 dollars a week with a YouTube channel, then you have to take it seriously and not post videos about yourself, but about things people want to watch. Pick a niche; religion and myths sell fast on YouTube these days. You can settle for any niche of your choice and create videos consistently to get a lot of subs. 

Once you start hitting over 100k views on a regular video, join the YouTube partner program to start earning big. Much more than $800/week with an average of 100k views on all your videos. Work on adding more videos and have a target number of videos you want to have before the end of the month or year. Generally, more content equals more attention. More content with user intent and trend itchiness. 

6. Affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate marketing is more about promoting products you don’t own, and getting paid a certain commission when people buy the products. To get to $800 dollars a week, you want to make sure you’re promoting high value products that are worth a lot of money. Plus, there’s a way to do affiliate marketing the right way. And that way is to provide valuable information pertaining to the products you’re looking to sell (or you want people to buy). 

Firstly, register to become an affiliate marketer for high cost products, have an online web magnet like a blog or a YouTube channel to promote these products, and figure out a way to consistently produce reviews, lists, and comparisons around the products to inform buyers decisions. 

7. Binary options trading.  

Trading binary options is another really legit way to get to $800/week, but you must be willing to take risks. A lot of it. Now, this is trading and things can go wrong very easily. However, it’s really important that you focus on learning about best practices when it comes to trading online. Being a short-term market, you’ll need to make critical decisions in very short bursts of time. 

So there’s no time to think about a lot of things when you’re in the market, and there’s no time to feel pressured even if you are extremely under stress for the fear of losing your capital. A general rule of thumb is to learn what it takes to trade the binary options market. 

8. Freelancing. 

If you’re skilled at pretty much anything, you can sell your skill as a freelancer to get paid. So, let’s say you’re a graphics designer or you’re good at using Adobe to design photos, or you’re a podcast creator, people need your services. And these people are easy to find with the help of freelance marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork. 

It’s free and easy to get started. Just be good at what you do and the money will find you. And yes, you can definitely generate $800/week and much more than $3,200/month as a freelancer who’s constantly in search of gigs on marketplaces. 

9. Online tutoring. 

This is basically teaching online to make money. If you’re a tutor or you’re good at tutoring, you can work online as an online tutor to make up to $800 bucks per week. Although there are websites like Vipkid that pay up to $14/hour, you’ll get higher paying jobs on Indeed.com or Craigslist or some other job board that’ll pay as high as $50/hour. This way, you can really earn up to $800 dollars before it’s end of the week. 

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10. Resell used items online. 

To make $800 every single week, you can resell used items online and take your profit off the deals. But where can you find cheap used items to resell or flip online? You can find cheap items at thrift stores, garage sales, scrapyard, church rummages, yard sales, and by doing dumpster diving. 

For sure, if you check all of these places to get items, you’re definitely going to end up with a load of valuable items worth a lot of money that you can flip to make $800/week in profit. Remember, you’ll be buying most of the items unless the ones you find dumpster diving or at church rummages. Prepare your pockets to spend some money here. 

$800 a Week is How Much an Hour? + How to Make $800 a Week (10 Realistic Methods) – Final Words. 

Rounding off, $800 a week is $4.7 an hour, $1,600 biweekly, $3,200 monthly, $114.2 a day, and $38,400 a year. And if you want to make $800 a week, you can resell used items online, start a blog of your own, rent out your apartment or vacant apartments you own on Airbnb, sell your skills as a freelancer, engage in affiliate marketing, start a YouTube channel, trade binary options, drive for Uber (if you own a car), and deliver food items with Doordash or UberEats (still if you own a car).

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