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We are currently accepting the placement of sponsored ads, sponsored content, or sponsored guest posts at the time of this writing.

If you’re looking to sponsor a post on Potentstack.com, we’re glad to announce that you can work with us. Before anything, you need to know what kind of posts we accept, all our rates, and the placements available for ads and sponsored content including sponsored guest posts. However, if you’re thinking of landing a sponsored post or content, originality is what we consider the most. It must be original. Here’s what you need to know:

Sponsored ads.

If you want to place an ad on Potentstack, the fixed rate is $146 per month. Or $1,752/year. However, we do not accept adult ads or anything erotic unless you’re willing to pay exponentially. 

Sponsored content or sponsored guest posts. 

If you wish to post on Potentstack.com as a guest author, we charge a fee of $56/post. And you can always negotiate the nature of your sponsored content on the blog, and what you’d like to add or what you’d like us to give. 

If you’re still interested in promoting on this blog or advertising contents on Potentstack.com, contact us right away

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