How to Double $1,000 Dollars in a Week: 8 Real Ways

How to Double $1,000 Dollars in a Week

Are you in search of the most realistic ways to double $1,000 dollars in a week? 

You’re certain on the right page. 

Right here on this page, you’ll get to learn how to double a thousand dollars in 7 days or less. 

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Now, to say the least, these are some of the most realistic. 

While there are other ways to double $1,000 dollars in the space of a week, these ways right on this page are also very realistic. 

Plus, they’re not gimmicks. 

First things first, you’ll need to have the $1k dollars before thinking about doubling it in any way here. 

That said, here are 8 real ways on how to double $1,000 dollars in a week. 

How to Double $1,000 Dollars in a Week: 8 Real Ways. 

1. Do traffic arbitrage. 

If you want to double $1,000 dollars in a week, one of the things you can try out is traffic arbitrage.

The concept is easy, but things have gotten a lot different now. 

It’s more about buying traffic and monetizing that traffic using ads. 

To get started with traffic arbitrage, you’ll need to have a blog of your own. 

That’s the easiest way to get started with traffic arbitrage. 

Once you’re able to set up a viral blog of your own, start publishing viral contents frequently. 

By the time you have a lot of viral contents on your blog, you can monetize it with any ad network of your choice. 

Plus, the contents on your viral blog doesn’t have to be original. 

But it should be if you want to use more reliable ad networks like Google AdSense to monetize your blog. 

The arbitrage part is, you’ll buy traffic from sources like Facebook, Quora, and other places you can buy web traffic from

So if you spend a total of $500 dollars on ads, and you earn $520 from the ad networks you monetize your site with, that’s a win. 

Meanwhile, you can monetize your viral blog with more than one ad network to make more money. 

Say AdSense and Outbrain

Furthermore, if you spend a total of $500 dollars on ads, and the ad networks earn you $357 for that paid traffic, then that’s a loss. 

The best practice would be to learn how traffic arbitrage works today, and try it out with a smaller investment like $100 dollars. 

Altogether, you want to double $1,000 dollars and be able to do it over and over again. 

If you’re able to master traffic arbitrage profitably, then you’ll be making a lot of money until you become obscenely wealthy. 

Everything about traffic arbitrage can happen in a week because you won’t be waiting on Google for web traffic. 

You simply buy, and monetize. 

There are loads of ad networks that’ll accept your website into their program even if your blog is just a few days old. 

One of such is adsterra

2. Try Amazon FBA. 

Amazon FBA is an online business concept where you sell stuff on Amazon for profit. 

These items you sell are bought at a cheap rate from other e-commerce websites like Target. 

However, you want to learn everything about it before starting out. 

With $1,000 dollars, you can venture into Amazon FBA and start making money. 

You’re not going to double $1,000 dollars in one week with Amazon FBA, but it can happen with time. 

Everything you’ll need to start generating more money with a $1,000 dollar investment in Amazon FBA can be set up in a few days. 

I mean, the research on products to buy and moving them to Amazon for resale can happen in a week. 

What happens next is totally dependent on the profitability of the products you bought. 

Right now, there are tons of Amazon FBA experts making money with the program. 

It’s passive, but you just have to know what works. 

3. Promote an affiliate product. 

An affiliate product is a product that earns you a commission when you sell it. 

By promoting an affiliate product, you can generate up to $2,000 dollars a week with a $1,000 dollar investment. 

Here’s how it works; You sign up to become an affiliate marketer for different products or one product. 

If you’re accepted into the program, you start promoting the product to get more sales. 

Naturally, the best way to do affiliate marketing is to have a blog and create great content around products you’re marketing or promoting. 

Without spending a dime, you’ll get organic traffic from search and generate sales for the products on your blog. 

Let’s skip that part. 

You want to double $1,000 dollars in a week.

And the best way to go about this while considering affiliate marketing is to promote products on social media to quickly get sales. 

Again, the products you’re promoting have got to be expensive so that you’re able to make more money with a few sales. 

People won’t just buy the products you’re promoting because you promote them. 

They’ll buy because they seem enticing with a captivating copy. 

So, to get more sales you’d have to be really convincing when writing the product descriptions. 

That’s some copywriting exercise. 

Speaking of the quality of the products, you want to promote expensive products that are worth a couple hundred dollars. 

This is because you’ll need a lot of sales to make $1,000 dollars as an affiliate marketer if the products you’re promoting are worth a few dollars. 

You’d be making cents for every sale. 

4. Sell your own products or courses. 

Selling your own products or a course you own is one of the best ways on how to double $1,000 dollars in a week. 

If you’re good at doing something, or you know something really well, then you can create a course around it and promote it to get sales. 

A lot of people struggle with making money online and also with weight loss. 

If you can help them out or encode some secret tip into a course and promote it, you’ll definitely get more sales. 

Alongside a great course should be a copy or description to captivate even the most stubborn clients. 

So, if you’re not a copywriter yourself, you might want to spend some money off the $1,000 dollars to work with a copywriter for your product or your course. 

If you can create a product or a course in one week, then you can make this work within the same week. 

But then, there’s no rush. 

The better your course, the more recommendations it’ll get from people who buy it. Same goes for a product you own. 

5. Trade the stock market. 

The stock market is there to stay. 

And it has transitioned the financial standpoint of thousands of people. If not millions of them. 

Trading the stock market is really interesting if you’re good at it. 

And if you want to double $1,000 dollars in a week, stock trading is your guy. 

With $1,000 dollars and careful trading, you should be able to get 100% your trading capital in 7 days. 

Or one week. 

However, the first thing you must learn to do is to trade the stock market. 

Else, reverse could be the case. 

6. Try binary options.

A ton of binary options brokers are regulated in other countries other than the US. 

And they’re banned in some other countries. 

Even in the US, there’s just one approved binary options broker and that’s Nadex

While trading binary options, it’s best to take precautions because anything is prone to happen. 

Yes, regardless of your knowledge in trading. 

On the bright side, you can make much more than $1,000 dollars in a single day or double it in a week while trading binary options. 

The market is very short-term and practical. 

Firstly, learn to trade binary options if you’re a complete newbie. 

And if you want to consistently make up to $1,000 dollars a week, then the tips on this stock trading article would help. 

7. Trade crypto futures contracts. 

Crypto futures is unlike any other market in the online world, and if you want to know how to double $1,000 dollars in a week, then you should really consider trading this market. 

Crypto futures allow you to borrow some money from the market to trade with. 

This however exists in a feature called Leverage. 

Using a higher leverage will result in a higher risk of losing your funds. 

But you also have amplified profits if the market runs in your favor. 

That said, doubling $1,000 dollars in a week is possible trading the crypto futures.

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8. Flip a valuable product online. 

If you’ve got something that’s really valuable, you can flip it online for twice the price. 

Maybe it’s an expensive item like a wristwatch and it’s worth thousands of dollars. 

Heck, if it’s yours and you’ve been rocking it for years, you might want to sell it for $2,000 dollars or more. 

That’s a really crazy idea. 

But it’s realistic. 

Maybe it’s something more durable than a wristwatch, flipping it online for money is one of the ways to make 100% of what you have at hand. 

You may not have to spend a dime off your $1k dollars before eventually making more than twice of it. 

How to Double $1,000 Dollars in a Week: 8 Real Ways – Final Words. 

Some of the very best ways to double $1,000 dollars in a week include flipping a valuable product online. 

This way, you could sell it for twice the original price. 

Most times, you could sell it for more money. 

Maybe not twice the initial worth. 

Plus, it has to be a really valuable item that’s worth several thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. 

Other ways to double $1,000 dollars in a week include trading crypto futures, binary options, stocks, getting into Amazon FBA, trying out traffic arbitrage, promoting an affiliate product, and selling your own products or course. 

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