How to Double $10k in a Month: 10 Smart Ways

If you’re looking to learn how to double $10k in a month, then this is just the right blog post for you. Doubling $10k in 30 days means doing things or investing in the right things to make an additional $10k or more within the timeframe. 

It’s really possible. And this time it wouldn’t take time and consistency or dedication to really do this. Before delving in, here are some questions you might have swirling up in your mind. I’ll take some time to answer them before shooting forward. 

How long does it take to double 10k?

It depends on what method you’re looking at. It could take a day with higher risks to double $10k dollars in a day, or less risk to double it within a couple of months or weeks. 

How can I make 10k in a month?

You can make $10k in a month in the long run by starting up real businesses in the online world or offline, by trading financial markets, or taking higher risks to make money illegally. 

How can I double my 10k?

If you’ve got $10k right now, then you can double it and make it $20k in a couple of hours, days, weeks, months or years depending on how you want to go about it. 

There are several ways to do this. But the recommendation from my table is to build wealth systems and scale them in the online world, which would take longer. 

How can I double my money in a month?

In a month, you can quickly scale a real business offline or online, get a car below your budget and work the Uber ways, gamble to get more cash reward, invest in the financial markets or day trade them using winning strategies, or get into sports betting (if you’re lucky). 

How can I turn 10k into 100k?

To turn $10k into $100k, that could take a while but you can do this by starting an offline business and scaling it with the $10k, launching a business like dropshipping online and scaling it to go viral. Looking in a different direction, you could do this trading options or crypto. 

How can I flip $10,000?

If you want to flip $10,000 then you can do this in two ways: legally and illegally. The legal methods take more time even if you can do this within a month. But the illegal ways to flip $10k doesn’t take a lot of time. 

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So you can flip $10k by placing bets on sports, investing in stocks, options, crypto, investing in real estate crowdfunding (which would take a longer time to germinate), and other ways I unveil right in the post. 

With all of that answered, here are 10 sure ways to double $10k in a month. And they are some of the most realistic ways to do this. 

How to Double $10k in a Month: 10 Smart Ways. 

1. Flip some furniture. 

The idea of flipping furniture for profit is feasible with a goal to flip $10k. So this works like this; you buy used furniture that you can work on from places like Craigslist, flea markets, thrift stores, estate sales or garage sales. Work on them, maybe repaint and refurbish them. Then sell them for twice or one-half what you got them.

There’s a learning curve to flipping furniture for profit and it’s really a profitable business you can get yourself into if you want to make an additional $10k with the $10,000 dollars you already have in your bank account.  

2. Try out Uber driving. 

Interestingly, you can buy a new car for below $10,000 and get into Uber driving to make the same money in a month. This would mean generating over $340 dollars daily from taking several Uber trips. 

It’s quite realistic, and in the end you get your car and revenue back. It’s still your car, and you can keep making money as an Uber driver. 

3. Start trading futures. 

When it comes to trading the crypto futures market, you want to be extremely careful. Trading with $10k, you’d be getting into trade with just about 10% or 2% of your trading capital. Which means you’ll be taking trades with $1k or $200 sometimes. 

In a month and with a great strategy, an extra $10k in trading profit is feasible. Of course there are times when you’ll need to trade with 70% of your capital because of the certainty of the market direction. 

But this certainty and surety are better backed by a robust background knowledge and understanding of the market (which are two intangible things you must have in your arsenal before diving off the clip to trade futures). 

If you’re a total newbie, there are tons of videos on YouTube to brush up on your futures trading skill. 

4. Trade the options market. 

If you log into any options trading platform right now, you could start making a ton of money if you know how to trade the markets. Doubling $10k in 30 days isn’t a big deal for pro option traders. 

But you too can become one by learning to trade on It’s really quick money. And you could double your capital in 24 hours. 

5. Make $10k profit off stocks. 

Yes, if you want to learn how to double $10k in a month, you can do this by trading the stock market profitably. This would mean becoming a proficient day trader in the stock market. 

It takes a while and you certainly can’t acquire all the knowledge and experiences you need to become a great trader. But if you are, then it’s a great way to put your $10k in the market and watch it grow as you execute trades utilizing winning strategies. 

6. Sell your online course.  

If you know something particularly, then you can create a course around this thing you know and sell it online. 

It takes a while to create a good course, but if you invest time, effort, and a good part of that $10k you’re looking to double into building an online course, it’ll be worth a couple hundred dollars. 

Plus, you can push sales by running ads on Google and social media, creating a landing page to sell the products, promoting it on Udemy and other platforms to see massive results within a month. Once you start making sales from a course, it becomes passive income and it keeps coming for years unless you stop it. 

7. Flip items online. 

Flipping items online is a great way to double your $10k in 30 days. I mean, it’s just a month. And with $10k, you can buy items online and resell them for higher returns. 

It’s basically about buying an item on a website like Craigslist for a cheaper price and reselling it on another website for a higher return. With more money in the capital, expect more returns within 30 days. 

8. Gamble. 

Not a really conventional way to make money or flip it. But if you’re willing to take some risks, then this is the right option. It’s pretty illegal, and it can get you into more serious issues than you have to bother about your $10k dollars doubling. It’s highly risky. 

And in fact you don’t want to try it out, especially if you’re having a good debt to invest for profitable returns. Yet, it’s one of the quickest ways to flip your $10k and make it $100k or more. 

9. Try Amazon FBA. 

With $10k in your pocket right now, there are lots of things you could do to double or flip it. One of them is to explore the Amazon FBA program. It’s a deal to help retailers and business people make money by sending products to Amazon and having Amazon sell off the products. 

There’s a learning curve to Amazon FBA, and you can really make tons of money with it buying products in bulk for a cheaper rate and selling for higher. 

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10. Scale affiliate social media page. 

Yes, lastly, but definitely not the least method on how to double $10k in a month, is to scale a social media page. This is basically affiliate arbitrage because you’ll be driving traffic to an affiliate link via social media. 

First of all you need to join an affiliate program like Amazon or any other affiliate program accepting registrations without a website. Secondly, you want to build a social media page for the products you’ll be marketing to make affiliate commissions. 

And lastly, boost your products to real up to 1 million people on Facebook (or Instagram) with about $5k of the $10k you’re looking to double. If the product is worth $100 bucks, then with a 10 percent commission, that’s $10. Getting 2,000 sales of this product through this arbitrage method leaves you with about $20k. 

That’s $5k spent on ads, $20k revenue, $15k in profit. You can rinse and repeat this process over and over. But just make sure you’re not overdoing it. Facebook or other smart social media networks have a pretty smart exposure algorithm. 

How to Double $10k in a Month: 10 Smart Ways – Final Words. 

These are some of the best ways to flip or double $10k in a month. There’s a lot you can do to make money within a short period of time. And they don’t take forever before you start seeing results. 

Plus, most of these tactics to flip your $10k in one month are high risk methods. You’re better off starting and growing slowly unless you decide to take out the best options on the list which include starting and scaling a social media page for the sake of driving affiliate sales. 

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