How to Double Your Money in 10 Days: 8 Actionable Ways

10 days? It’s a short time. But I’ve written about possible ways to double your money even in an hour right on this blog. If you want to double your money in 10 days, the strategies to double your money in an hour and in 24 hours are applicable here too. It’s 10 days, so you have more time to make things happen with the strategies I’ll be starting here. 

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Don’t worry, you can’t double your money by taking surveys or investing in some government provisions. Won’t work in 10 days unless you work and think outside the box. Without further ado, here are 8 best ways to double your money in the space of 10 days. 

How to Double Your Money in 10 Days: 8 Actionable Ways. 

1. Sports betting. 

Betting on sports is one of the quickest ways to make money. You can bet on a sport you’re really in like football or boxing to make more money. One trick that really helps is to understand the parties involved in the game. With a solid foundational knowledge of the participants in the game, you’ll be able to make more informed betting decisions. A second thought is to look for some of the most reliable betting services that deliver betting signals based on a subscription. They’re not 100% accurate, but they’re near there. 

Using them will definitely earn you more money than if you were betting from your guts (and without a grain of knowledge about the game and the players). In 10 days, you can double your money by betting. Plus, it depends how much money you’re looking to double. If it’s $100 bucks, you might be willing to take chances. But if you’re looking to double $100k, you can bet with just 10% of this to make up to 1,000% if the odds run in your favor. 

2. Flip houses. 

It’s really possible to double your money in 10 days by flipping houses. Basically, this has to be an apartment that you already own or you’ve renovated. Within the space of 10 days, you can spend some money renovating an apartment and with the help of the internet, you can get in touch with ready buyers before the next 240 hours. 

While it’ll take more time to acquire a property, renovate it, and resell it within 10 days, it’s more realistic to flip an already renovated property you bought before your 10-day money doubling quest twice the original amount. If you’re lucky, you can buy properties from desperate sellers and sell it for twice the amount within 10 days. This means you’ll be actively on the hunt for cheap properties you can buy online and offline (harnessing your portfolio of contacts). It’s 240 hours. A lot can happen especially if you have the purchasing power. 

3. Binary options. 

If you want to learn how to double your money in 10 days, then learn to trade binary options. If you’re looking to double less than $1,000 dollars, it’s doable in one day. It’ll take more time to double any figure over $1,000 dollars in the binary options market. But in 10 days, with the perfect (high win rate) trading strategy, you can double even $100k in 10 days trading the binary options market. 

Binary options is quite different from the options market, and I kinda like it due to the short-term trading nature. Yes, you don’t get to take a position for days, and it’s best to trade it as it expires. For me, trading the market in between seconds works with a strategy I developed. This means you take a position using the 15 seconds time frame, and boom! You’ve either won, or your money’s gone. The bottom line is, trading the binary options market is one of the ways to double your money in the space of 10 days. 

4. Flip websites. 

Website flipping is all about buying websites and reselling them for profit. You can do this over and over again once you’re done finding out a way to buy authority websites cheap, and reselling them to make a fortune. In 10 days, you can buy a website, build enough content or buy hundreds of contents on it, and resell it. Of course the money you’re looking to double will go into buying contents. Prewritten contents. So, you buy a blog for $3,000 dollars, you could sell it for $3,500 the next minute if you wanted to. But you upload 500 more contents to it and list it in the same place you bought it from. Or on a marketplace like Flippa. 

If you’re getting a well-written article for $20 dollars, then 500 will cost you $10,000 dollars. The website will never be the same, especially if it’s the kind that gets its articles crawled multiple times per day on Google (by Google bots). With so much content, the website could be ×4 the initial worth. So, you could list it for $20,000 dollars without a second thought. Given much time, and if you decide to not sell it, you’re going to make much more than everything you’ve invested in acquiring content over the long haul; given that it’s really an authority website and a masculine ranking power. 

It’s easy to grow an authority website and quadruple the traffic numbers by being a little bit more creative with content production/marketing. It’s possible to topple the ranking pages for multiple high search volume keywords in different niches especially if you’re monetizing with ads. Another idea is to buy an authority website cheap from a platform, and resell it for twice the money on a different platform. 

5. Flip domain names. 

Another way to double your money in 10 days is to flip domain names. This is a less expensive option if you don’t have the funds to acquire websites in the authority category. Simply buying a domain name from a marketplace, and reselling it for more money or twice the original cost is feasible online. But the odds of this happening are low, especially if you’ve got a timing of 10 days to make this happen. 

6. Trade crypto futures. 

Futures exist in Forex, the stock market, options, and in crypto. But I find the crypto futures more exciting because of the volatility. The market can be really volatile. Yes, the crypto market. Some of the biggest moves in the crypto market so far include that of Shiba Inu (+49,000,000%🔺), and Doge (+12,000%🔺). So, yes, trading the crypto futures can get you two times your money in 10 days. 

However, you need to be good at trading before approaching the crypto futures contracts in a bid to trade them. It’s an aggressive market that can make you or break you financially. If you want to start trading right now, I recommend you try out It’s the biggest player in the crypto world. While it’s extremely user-friendly, it’s also got the best set of trading indicators and features. 

7. Flip items online. 

Flipping items online means buying physical items from around you at a really cheap price and reselling them to make more profit online. There are a bunch of places to find cheap stuff worth a lot of money, and they include thrift stores, garage sales, and curbsides. You can also go dumpster diving to find valuable items and get them absolutely free of charge. At thrift stores, you’ll find furniture and even clothes for a couple dollars. Get the items that aren’t completely bad, and resell them on Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, or on Etsy to make twice your buying capital. 

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8. Gamble with the funds. 

Gambling isn’t one of my favorite ways to make money. But if you’re looking to double your money in 10 days, then, gambling is a way out. You can choose to gamble online or visit the nearby club (or a faraway club) to gamble. Meanwhile, it’s still risky to gamble at clubs; your security isn’t guaranteed. 

And a lot could go wrong at clubs there gambling is a norm. Now that you’ve read through all the ways to double your money in 10 days, my humble opinion would be to exercise a little bit of patience to build a passive income stream on the internet (away from your full-time job) so that you always have something to fall back to. 

How to Double Your Money in 10 Days: 8 Actionable Ways – Final Words. 

Now that you know how to double your money in 10 days, what’s your next move? Will you gamble with your funds, flip items online, bet in some sports, trade binary options, flip domain names, flip websites, flip houses, or trade crypto? Whatever you do, you’re definitely going to have twice your money in the space of 10 days. All of them won’t make you twice your money in 10 days. But if you’re lucky on the extreme, they could; especially if you’re hoping into the more risky strategies like trading, gambling, and betting (which is a subtler version of gambling). 

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