How to Double Your Money in 30 Days: 8 Best Ways

It’s true that it takes time to grow a business or an investment to the point where it starts generating a lot of revenue, much more than was initially invested. So how about if you could make this happen in 30 days? 

That’s basically the reason you’re here. And if you want to double your money in 30 days, I’ve got you covered. Making money doesn’t have to be difficult. And so does doubling it. There are a number of ways to do this. 

Although they don’t guarantee a hundred percent return on investment within 30 days, you’ll mostly make money from them. Some of them could take more than 30 days to recoup your money or flip it totally depending on how much money you’re looking to double. 

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A number of these ways are businesses that you can quickly scale to double your money in 30 days. Others are risk-injected, plus, you may need to improve on your current level of knowledge to try them out unless you want to double your money illegally. That said, here are 8 best ways to double your money in 30 days (or less). 

How to Double Your Money in 30 Days: 8 Best Ways. 

1. Trade options. 

If you really want to double your money in 30 days or the next 720 lively hours, then trading options is one of the things you can do. It’s easy to trade it but then you’ll need to fully arm yourself with the knowledge of options trading. 

It’s easy to trade, but easy to learn to trade and master the art of pulling up indicators where necessary. Since every financial market runs on the same or slightly different rudiments, it’ll be easy to trade one with the knowledge of another. In other words, once you’re good at trading the options market, it won’t take you forever to learn to trade crypto and then stocks and whatnot. 

2. Trade stocks.

Speaking about trading stocks, you want to become a daytrader. That’s a sure way to trade stocks and double your money within 30 days. Alternatively, you can simply invest in a booming stock HOPE it soars in price within the next 30 days. 

While it’s best to invest in the stock market versus getting to trade it while risking your entire capital, you may not get half of what you invested as a long-term stock investor in just 30 days. For investments in the stock market to boom, it takes time. So if you’re looking at 30 days, then you need to trade day to day. 

Having a goal while trading as a day trader in the stock market makes it quite easy to double your money in 30 days. For example if you have a trading capital of $10,000 dollars, you want to make $20,000 dollars in 30 days. This means you need to keep a profit of $340 daily from trading the stock market. 

3. Scale dropshipping. 

Dropshipping is building a middleman store where customers can order for items and have the items delivered to their doorstep. When it comes to dropshipping, you’re at minimum risk of losing your investment. 

And despite the time it takes to build a successful dropshipping store, you can do this on one day, import products from another store like Amazon, and aggressively promote your dropshipping store to attract thousands of visits which would translate to more sales. And revenue. 

So to scale a dropshipping store, you need to know what exactly the store is going to be about. Once you’re able to settle for the best products to create a dropshipping store around, the immediate next thing is to design your store and promote it to get more eyeballs over it. 

4. Leverage futures trading. 

Futures is arguably one of the most risky financial markets to trade. It can also recoup investments and really make you rich. The first step however is to learn to trade crypto futures profitably. It’s a great way to turn whatever amount of money you have into something huge. 

And if you’re not the greedy type, you’ll have no problem executing trades and exiting trade with a little profit margin. So here’s a live example. If you’ve got $2,000 dollars to trade the crypto futures market, you want to make an average of $66 daily while you trade with $200 dollars. That’s making a profit margin of 21.78% every day. 

If you’re a total newbie, you can always learn to trade the crypto futures market by watching YouTube video tutorials. Don’t worry you don’t need to spend a dime here. The only money you’ll need to spend is the one you’re on a quest to double. 

5. Invest in traffic arbitrage. 

Traffic arbitrage is when you buy traffic from a source and monetize that traffic to make more than you’re spending on ads. This would work on Facebook with Adsterra and a free blog on WordPress. So you can easily start up a WordPress blog like this one and publish 20 viral posts on it. 

That’s all you’ll need basically for this. So after that, sign up on Adsterra and drive traffic from Facebook (targeting the US and South Africa traffic), to your blog. This way, you’ll be making more money from Adsterra ads than you’re spending on Facebook. 

Now that’s realistic. It works. But not for everyone. It could also work with AdSense, but it can be challenging to get AdSense ads especially when your blog isn’t pulling in much natural traffic. Pretty much every ad network will fetch you money with traffic arbitrage. 

You just need to know the right places to buy traffic from and the right ad network to join in order to generate income from paid traffic. Just like every other business, traffic arbitrage comes with its own version of risks especially if you’re not doing things right or forfeit proper research before going in. 

6. Perform service arbitrage. 

Service arbitrage is known as drop servicing everywhere online. Basically, you don’t spend a dime to do this but if you’re looking at a money-back in revenue within this timeframe, then service arbitrage promotion can do the trick. 

This way, you’ll be putting yourself out there as an expert in multiple areas like web development and content writing, even if you’re not. When you get a job, you outsource it to experts who get it done at a cheaper rate. 

The idea basically is to get more jobs and outsource them to make more money. You can easily get started by signing up on Flexjobs with a small fee, and then quickly get gigs that you can outsource to cover your signup costs and make you more money within 30 days. 

7. Sell printables. 

Printables are stuff that you can print. But the good thing is you can buy and resell them online to double your money in 30 days. If you’re good at creating printables like greeting cards and whatnot, then launch an Etsy store to sell your printables to customers looking to buy. 

Opening your personal store online to showcase printables you create would be a better option, but that would take more than 30 days to generate twice your investment unless you’ll rapidly promote your printables on the store on Facebook by running paid ads. 

Etsy, Amazon, and Facebook groups are the best places to promote and sell printables naturally. But when it comes to scaling, anything goes. Oh, you can also promote your printables on Etsy, paid promotion, to reach more people. 

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8. Scale affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate marketing is as simple as getting paid to convince someone else to buy a product. So you can start today as an Amazon affiliate marketer and share your Amazon affiliate link with your friends, family, and even your boss. 

Just like Amazon pays you when you bring a customer to buy something, there are tons of websites that also pay like Amazon to drive sales through your affiliate links. To scale this in 30 days in a bid to double your money, you can promote affiliate products to reach people on Facebook the right way. 

Joining the Amazon affiliate program is totally free. And it’s free to become an affiliate marketer. You’ll be spending on Facebook ads and other less generation platforms like Revcontent. 

How to Double Your Money in 30 Days: 8 Best Ways – Final Words. 

Now you know the best ways to double your money in the space of 30 days. I’ve covered a number of ways to double your money on this blog and the ones right here are some of the most realistic ways to do so. 

Within 30 days or 720 hours in a month, you can make twice the amount of money you currently have by trading the options market, trading futures, selling printables on Fiverr or Etsy, scaling affiliate marketing, investing in traffic arbitrage, building and scaling a dropshipping store, and performing service arbitrage (professionally termed “drop servicing”). 

Naturally, it will take some time to build massive wealth following these methods. But if you want to flip your money in 30 days for twofold, then they’re the top options to consider. 

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