How to Flip $50 Fast in 10 Badass Realistic Methods

How to Flip $50 Fast

Flipping $50 fast is way easier if you want to put things in juxtaposition with flipping $1,000 dollars or flipping $10,000 dollars

$50 dollars isn’t a lot of money, and you can flip it with the ideas right on this blog post. 

They’re realistic, and there’s a lot more you can do than flipping money.

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With these realistic methods, you can flip any amount of money, and not just fifty dollars. 

And these aren’t unrealistic tips methods either. They work. You’re not going to get stuff like:

  • Taking surveys 
  • Playing games 
  • Typing 
  • Taking bonuses
  • Watching videos 
  • Performing online tasks 

None of these are realistic ways to flip $50 dollars. 

And they’re stale. 

The truth is, you might get $50 dollars after a long time of hustle with the above ideas. 

But the problem is, they’re not reliable ways to flip money. 

And it doesn’t happen fast either with them. 

Moving forward, here are 10 methods on how to flip $50 fast. 

How to Flip $50 Fast in 10 Badass Realistic Methods. 

1. Gamble with it.

Like it or not, gambling is a sure way to flip $50 dollars fast. I mean going to bars to gamble on card games and poker. 

You’ll find that there are tons of clubs and bars where people gamble to make money. 

While you’re looking to flip $50 bucks, it could be that you end up making more than that in a single bet. 

Let’s not forget about the possibility of losing your $50 dollars. 

So, yes, it’s risky, and while you could make 2× your money or gambling capital, you could lose it too. 

To win a gamble, you’ve gotta be doing it for a long time or you’ll need a mentor to put you through. 

They’re easy to find. 

Your closest friends could be good at gambling. You never know. 

2. Buy shit coins. 

Shit coins are crypto coins that are worth almost nothing. 

Less than $1 mostly. 

Some shit coins are worth pennies. 

And while it takes time for shit coins to appreciate in price, you can flip $50 fast if you decide to buy them and leave them for the next 24 hours in the futures market. 


You might have to trade them to make more money, but if you don’t want to take that route, you could just buy them, size up with trading leverage and leave them to mature. 

There’s a downside to this; the coins could depreciate in price. Mostly, cryptos dip and rise. 

So, if you’ve got some idea as to trading the crypto market, you could buy the dip of some shit coins with your $50 dollars and leave them to soar in the next couple of hours. 

3. Trade FX. 

FX, Forex, foreign exchange…  It’s an online financial market where you can trade for money. 

You learn to trade Forex, you practice on the demo account, and open a live account. 

Assuming you’ve learnt to trade Forex, you can flip $50 dollars in a day with this knowledge. 

It’s all about knowing when to buy and when to sell; how to buy and how to sell too. 

Forex trading is profitable. 

With the right trading skills, you can grow a small account of $50 into $500 in a month or even more.

4. Invest in real estate. 

I’ve got two ideas here on how to flip $50 fast. 

The first is to rent your room on Airbnb while using the $50 bucks for renovations. 

Petty renovations. 

The second idea is to promote your profile as a real estate agent helping clients to find the best or their favorite apartments (while you keep a commission for your services). 

The second idea means you’ll be working as a broker for clients looking to rent apartments in the city. 

You can take this further and venture into house flipping brokerage; posing as a real estate broker who connects property buyers to sellers and keeps a (huge) commission. 

Whichever way, you’d be making a lot of money from the $50 dollars spent on gaining more exposure and telling the world about your services. 

5. Sell lemonades.

This is a really feasible idea. 

It’s worth more than $50 to start a standard lemonade business by the roadside. 

But if you’re able to start a lemonade business for this amount, then you can gather the profit bit by bit. 

It’s not one of the most profitable ideas on the list to flip $50, but you can make it work. 

Plus, there’s every chance you get to make a profit of $50 dollars in a day. 

It highly depends on the location of your lemonade stand, and how fast you’re able to sell. It’s a physical business. 

Hence, location counts. 

6. Place a sports bet online. 

Again, this is a game of chance. 

It’s betting online and it’s one of the ways to flip $50 fast. 

You could lose your money. 

You could make 10× your capital. Or 3×. Or less. 

It depends on the odds of your stake, and how much you’re willing to win. 

And how much you’re also willing to lose. 

Betting with $50 bucks, don’t put your life and hopes on it. 

If it works for you, walk away with the profit. 

Plus, there’s really no accurate way to determine the outcome of a game. 

The best idea just to be on the winning side of any stake you’d be making is to acquire a historical knowledge of whatever sports you’d be betting on. 

This way, you wouldn’t be betting blindly. 

7. Mow lawns. 

Mowing lawns is a quick way to make $50 dollars. 

But you wouldn’t need to spend any money here. 

Just find the gigs online around you, and get in contact with the clients demanding a supply of service. 

Moving lawns can make you as much as $50 dollars in a single day. 

And even more. 

This is because lawn mowers in the US earn anywhere from $30 to $70 dollars per hour. 

If you’re a pro, then you can get paid more money. 

If you work for 3 hours, that’s $90 dollars a day. 

And you won’t be getting gigs like this everyday. 

The bottom line is; mowing lawns is a way to make a quick $50 without having anything but the capacity and the prerequisite skills. 

8. Trade binary options. 

Binary options is yet another way on how to flip $50 dollars fast. 

With a binary options account, you can start trading with a capital of $50 and slowly grow your account. 

If you’re a complete beginner, then you can learn to trade and eventually build your trading skills on a demo account. 

Binary options is one of the many ways to make money, and a lot of it. 

You can sit in your house, in front of your computer, and just trade all day long to print money. 

It’s easier said than done. 

It requires emotional intelligence, knowledge, experience, and patience. 

Yes, emotional intelligence.

9. Trade futures contracts. 

With $50 dollars, you can trade crypto and make a profit of 100% in a day. 

This is very possible with leverage trading in the futures market. 

You’re basically selling or buying a larger unit of a crypto asset with a smaller capital. 

This is the power and possibility of futures trading. 

However, you’ll need to learn how to trade the crypto market first before trying out something like this. 

On the dark side, you could end up losing your entire $50 dollars or a significant part of it if you’re not careful. 

And skillful. 

First things first, if you’re looking to flip $50 fast, then learn to trade crypto futures. 

It takes time to learn and gain some mastery. 

But afterwards, you’d be able to grow from 2-figure accounts into 3-figure, 4-figure, and eventually 5-figure accounts. 

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10. Buy & flip thrift store products.

Buying thrift store products and reselling them online to make more profit is another very realistic way to flip $50 fast. 

So, you’ve gotta walk to thrift stores just to check out for items that are both good and cheap. 

This is because you want to resell them online fast without having to fix them; which would cost more money. 

Once you have some products, buy $50 bucks worth of them and sell them on digital marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Fiverr, and the Facebook Marketplace. 

There are other places to sell flippable items, and other than thrift stores, you can also get cheap good products to flip online at junkyards, and also garage sales. 

How to Flip $50 Fast in 10 Badass Realistic Methods – Final Words. 

Now that we’ve gotten to the end of this article and you know a few realistic ways to flip $50 dollars fast, what’s your next move? 

You can either trade binary options, mow lawns, place a bet online, gamble with $50 to get more, flip stuff from thrift stores, trade futures contracts, Invest in real estate, sell lemonades, trade foreign currencies, and buy crypto shit coins. 

While some of them might work out for you, others won’t. 

They’re great ways to flip fifty dollars, but none (and I mean none) is robustly 100% guaranteed.

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