How to Get $2,000 Dollars Fast as a Kid: 9 Realistic Ways

Do you want to learn how to get $2,000 dollars fast as a kid? Then this blog post is just right for you. $2k dollars is a lot of money, and it really depends how fast you want to get it. If you’re anything like me, then you want to calm down and settle for passive income streams that can make you life-changing money in a short period of time. 

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There’s no rush really. However, you can make a lot of money fast too. But be ready to be aggressive and take risks along the way. Nothing fast other than physical elements of light, wind, sound, and whatnot is stable. But then if you have the financial capability to scale fast, then $2k dollars is something you can get quickly and consistently. As a kid, I totally get this. There’s so much energy and you feel like you can transform the world in one attempt. In the real sense, you can. That aside, here are 9 best ways on how to get $2,000 dollars fast as a kid. 

How to Get $2,000 Dollars Fast as a Kid: 9 Realistic Ways.

1. Start building a blog on the side.  

If you want to learn how to get $2,000 dollars fast as a kid, then you’ll need to start blogging. With a blog, it’s easy to get $2,000 dollars fast. But it’s not easy to build a blog from scratch to 4-figures in a couple of days. It takes time, but you’ve got all the time in the world. So, there’s really no rush. Before you start a blog to make money, and a lot of it, you need to settle for a niche. 

Or a topic of interest. It could be health, arts, law, insurance, celebs, lifestyle, diet, parenting, toys, and more. Once you’re done picking a topic for your blog, you can begin with the content creation process and grow your blog with time. Although it’ll take you some time to start making anything at all from your blog, through consistency you’ll get there. If you’re determined enough, then you can quickly monetize your blog with affiliate links before making any cent from traffic or ad networks. 

Of course you can make $2,000 dollars a day from your blog. A lot of bloggers make much more than this. However, it takes time. Some bloggers generate much more than $4,000 a day from their blogs. So it’s pretty realistic to shoot for $2,000 a day. 

2. Flip items for profit. 

Still interested in getting $2,000 dollars fast as a kid? Then you can flip items for money. If you’ve got toys, clothes you don’t use or expensive gadgets of your own, then you can flip them online for money. Some of the best places to flip pretty much anything online include the Facebook Marketplace, Etsy, Craigslist, and Fiverr. 

Yes, you can also create your own online store to sell your stuff for money. If you want to get $2,000 dollars fast, then creating your store will take a lot of time. Flipping your own stuff on already existing websites is a much better option. 

3. Freelancing. 

As a kid, you can make money from freelancing your skills. For instance if you’re good at writing or coding, you can work online to get $2,000 dollars fast. It’s free to become a freelancer once you’re good at what you do. 

The key however is to be good at the stuff you do. Get to become a professional freelancer by honing your skill. Once you’re good at any skill in particular, then you can look for gigs online and get paid after getting the job done. The best marketplaces online for freelancers include Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, Craigslist, and Peopleperhour. On these freelance marketplaces, a ton of clients are looking for suppliers of skill or freelancers to help them carry out different tasks. 

4. Start a car wash. 

This will take some time and also cost you some money. Running a car wash can get you $2,000 dollars. But it’s definitely not going to happen overnight. 

As a kid, you can start this in your neighborhood and gradually become a household name in the city. Now, this could take some years. But if you’re looking at $2,000 dollars, it shouldn’t take very long to get this with a car wash. 

5. Start multiple lemonade stands. 

One of the ways to make money as a kid is to start a lemonade stand, but if you want to make $2,000 dollars fast, then one lemonade stand won’t do it fast for you. 

You’ll need to launch multiple lemonade stands across the city or around your neighborhood to hit $2,000 dollars fast. The first thing however is to make sure you’re good at making lemonades. While this is one of the most realistic ways on how to get $2,000 dollars fast as a kid, it’s not the cheapest. You’ll need capital to get started and even more money to start a couple of them. 

6. Create a YouTube channel. 

There’s no limit to how much money you can make with a YouTube channel. It’s entirely free, but I guarantee you you’re not going to make $2,000 dollars very fast with a YouTube channel. You can, but it won’t be fast. It takes time to build a YouTube channel from scratch nowadays basically because of the saturated niches available. 

Every niche is pretty saturated to some extent. And because of this, it’ll take a little longer to start making thousands of dollars with your channel. However, if you’re conversant with the internet and how YouTube works, then you can quickly build your channel to generate thousands of dollars in a couple of months. While this won’t happen quick 90% of the time, it’s definitely one of the most stable sources of passive income online. 

7. Start a highschool tutorial house. 

Even as a kid, if you’re good at lecturing, then you can make money from organizing your own tutorials. Now this isn’t going to be fast necessarily, but you’ll be able to make a ton of money from organizing your own tutorials from time to time. It’s cheap to get started but you’ll need to have a center, which could cost some money. 

You’re living with your parents, and so, using your own house for a start wouldn’t be a great idea unless you have some mutual agreement with your parents. You’ll always have a way out once you’re set on launching this or getting started. 

8. Sell digital products online. 

Another way to get $2,000 dollars fast as a kid is to sell digital products online. Whatever you’re really good at, you can create a course about it and put it online for sale. 

If your course is top-notch, within a short period of time you’ll record massive sales. Even as a kid. Before launching a course, you’ll need to be grounded in that field. You don’t want to create a mediocre course just for the money. It won’t fly. 

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9. Design websites. 

If you’re a kid genius, then you can quickly make $2,000 dollars off designing websites for clients online either as a freelancer or a remote worker. This is only possible if you’re already good at designing websites. However, if you’re not so good or you don’t have the slightest idea as to how to design websites, then you just have to learn it. 

You don’t need to pay any dime to become a good website designer today. There are tons of materials and even mobile apps to help you with the learning process. Once you’re good at coding up websites whichever way, you can start sourcing for jobs as a freelancer. Other than just designing websites, you can code apps to make $2,000 dollars. This is even more profitable, designing mobile apps and softwares. 

As a kid, you have all the time in the world to learn whatever you want to. Only then can you start making money up to $2,000 dollars fast. And even more money. Moving on, you can source for jobs online as a freelancer on Indeed, Simplyhired, Google Jobs (for remote work), and Ziprecruiter. You can also sign up as a freelancer to get high paying website/mobile app development gigs that pay up to $2,000 dollars. 

How to Get $2,000 Dollars Fast as a Kid: 9 Realistic Ways – Final Words. 

Fast! You can get $2,000 dollars quickly but not so QUICK by designing websites for freelance clients, starting your own tutorial house for highschool students, starting multiple lemonade stands around your city, flipping items for profit online and freelancing whatever skill you’ve got. 

You can also get $2,000 dollars fast as a kid by starting a car wash working with other friends of yours or people you hire. More sustainable are ideas that can generate passive income for you. As a kid, you can build a blog or a YouTube channel and grow it with time to make you $2k every month within the space of one year. Slow and steady is the key. 

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