How to Invest $4 Million Dollars in 12 Smart Ways

How to Invest $4 Million Dollars

Do you want to know how to invest $4 million dollars? 

You probably have it right now and that’s why you’re probably reading this blog post. There are lots of ways to invest money in the 2020s for maximum profit returns. Some tag along with a clog of risks, other ideas come with less risk and some other ways are completely risk free.

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While $4 million dollars is a lot of money, you should be able to double or triple this money in 26 months by the time you’re done reading this post. 

With that said, here are 12 best ways on how to invest $4 million dollars wisely. 

How to Invest $4 Million Dollars in 12 Smart Ways

Invest in the Stock Market

One of the best ways on how to invest $4 million dollars is to invest in the stock market. The stock market is a representation of the value of companies in bars and charts. Before investing in the stock market, you want to make sure you know how the stock market works

By having a grounded knowledge of the stock market, it’ll be easy to invest in the best stocks with a higher propensity to soar in price in the near future. Stock trading is also one of the best ways to make the best out of $4 million dollars. 

But then, you’ll need to gain some level of mastery over the stock market before attempting to trade with 1% of your capital for quicker gains. 

Start a Laundromat 

Having $4 million dollars in your corner, you can start a mega sized laundromat in your city, and even start multiple of them. On average, it costs much more than $100k to start a standardized laundromat. 

So, you can start them up and fully furnish them without stress with this figure. With proper marketing and built-in service delivery uniqueness, it’ll be easy to quickly grow and become a household name in your city. To get more patrons, you want to come into the space as a brand and not just an ordinary business. Branding makes it easy for people to trust you. 

Invest in Real Estate

While there are different ways to invest in the real estate industry, you can get into house flipping with ease. This means acquiring properties, renovating them and listing them up for sale at a much higher price than you acquired them. 

Alternatively, you can invest in REITs or RELPs to get a quarterly reward. There are other ways to invest in the real estate industry for greater gains. And whatever way you choose to go, you’ll have enough money to scale. Investing in the real estate space as a developer or a realtor is definitely one way to invest $4 million dollars. 

Build Trendy tech Devices

Now, you don’t have to be tech savvy to do this. Let your money speak for you. $4 million dollars is more than enough to build a tech device and market it to the world. It’s left for you to think up the idea, recruit capable minds to work it into life for you. 

More than just having an idea, it’ll take time to actually build something physical that the world hasn’t seen before. With the avalanche of new innovations and inventions, it can be competitive even with $4 million. Competition isn’t impossible.

Launch an App 

Whether it’s a game or a social media network like Tiktok, you can build an app and market it to gain more profit in the near future. Building an app doesn’t have to be an activity you must do yourself. Come up with an idea for your app, and let coders build it into life. 

The best part about running an app is that you can get millions of users to visit your app in a single day. If it’s unique and relevant, it’ll become a source of passive income that’ll recoup and even double your money in a short while. Apps make a lot of money especially with ingrained monetisation techniques. 

Build a Hotel

Now, this can be really expensive. But you can cover the expenses with $4 million dollars. Your hotel doesn’t have to be the biggest in the city. You don’t have enough money to build the biggest hotel in the city. 

I mean, it’s just $4 million. 

Some of the biggest hotels run into tens of millions in the United States. So, with a 50-room 3-star hotel in the US, you’ll make enough money daily to get your investment back in a couple of months. 

Plus, the ADR (average daily rate) for hotels in the US is about $125 dollars. In a night, you’re sure to earn about $6,000 dollars. In a month, that’s about $180+ thousand dollars. 

Launch Your Restaurant 

Food is life. 

And restaurants play a very important role that nobody can take away. With a restaurant, you’re definitely going to make a lot of money. And if you want to start mega, you can too. Four million dollars is enough money to build a mega restaurant or invest in an already booming mega restaurant. 

When it comes to consumables, things we can eat, there’s no limit to how much we can spend really. This makes the restaurant business one of the top options to invest in. 

Rock a Brand New Fashion Brand 

If you want to create generational wealth, then investing in a fashion brand is one of the best options on this list. You can start your own fashion brand from scratch and quickly scale by marketing it to the world, or invest in an already established fashion brand to get equity. 

If you want the easy way out, put your money into a brand that’s already dominating the fashion space. If you want to take the more critical way out and control all of your resources, then start up your own fashion brand from scratch and grow it. 

Create an Information Product 

An information product is something informational that you can sell. It could be a book, a course or something that gives people knowledge that’s rare and important. With an information product of your own, it’ll be easy to generate thousands of dollars in a single day from massive sales. 

But then, you can make sure your information product is worth much more than the actual worth. Investing $4 million dollars, it’ll be easy to create multiple information products and even automate the creation process. 

Invest in Pure Gold 

Having pure gold is one of the best things you can do with your money in the real world. The price will keep appreciating, and when things aren’t going too well financially, you can always sell off your gold assets for money. 

While they can serve as jewelry to be worn at different occasions, they’re also quality pieces that yield enormous value. If you want to invest $4 million dollars, you can dump your money or part of it to acquire real gold for both aesthetics and posterity. 

Buy the Deep in Futures 

If you want to learn how to invest $4 million dollars, futures is one of the best ways to go. If you understand the markets, then you’ll know that there’s a lot of money to be made online from trading. Now, with this huge stack of money in your possession, you can buy deep in the crypto futures market and never run at a loss. 

A slight increase in the price of the assets you buy will amount to some serious profit. And this can happen in a single day. So, with $4 million dollars, you can invest in the futures market and reap the rewards sooner. To get started, learn all you can about trading online and about investing in the online markets.

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Kickstart a Mega Grocery Store 

With $4 million dollars, you can start up a grocery store business and have multiple of them around town. Depending on the side of your grocery stores, you’re sure to generate a profit of much more than $4 million dollars in a single year. You can invest half of the money into the grocery store, or maybe 20% of it to get your capital back in a couple of years. 

Have it in mind that intense marketing is one of the most important things you’ll need to do as a grocery store owner. If your grocery store isn’t physically catchy, you’ll need to run local promotions across social media and invest in banners. 

How to Invest $4 Million Dollars in 12 Smart Ways – Summary 

If you’re looking to invest $4 million dollars, then you can put your money in the stock market, kickstart a mega grocery store, buy the deep in futures market and maximize the leverage feature, buy and keep pure gold, create an information product of your own, launch and promote a fashion brand of your own, and start up your own restaurant. 

Other ways to invest $4 million dollars include starting multiple mega branded laundromats, investing in real estate in multiple ways, building a tech device, launching your own app, and erecting a top-notch hotel. 

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