How to Invest $500 Million Dollars: 8 Realistic Ways

If you want to learn how to invest $500 million dollars in the 2020s, then you’re looking at leveraging crazy investment ideas to double your capital. Truth be told, $500 million is hell a lot of money. The purchasing power of this amount is unbelievable, and you’re probably one of the richest folks in your town right now by net worth. 

With $500 million dollars, you can live your dreams and forget about working ever again in your life. This means you have the financial muscle to spend $100k every day in 5,000 days. 

$500 million dollars can also get you the most expensive home ever listed in the United States – a 105,000-square-foot Los Angeles mega mansion valued a little less than $300 million dollars. 

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Okay, honestly, you can live your dreams and still have enough money for your 4th generation to live on (if you don’t squander $1m every night at a nightclub). That said, the wealth of tomorrow sleeps in profitable and volatile investments. And if you want to know the best ways to invest $500 million dollars, I’ve got you. 

Plus, you’ll share with you the realistic (and not-so-boring) ways to invest $500 million dollars. By following these not-so-conventional but common pieces of investment advice (from a guy writing this in his underwear), you’ll be making your money work for you. 

How to Invest $500 Million Dollars: 8 Realistic Ways.

1. Auto sales. 

Today, there are over a billion cars running the world’s roads, and by 2035, this number could double. The truth is, you can invest in auto sales with $500 million and build a fortune for your generation yet unborn. 

Getting into the car dealership business is a great idea especially if you love autos, and you can also build a vehicle assembly firm. The list of what you can do in the auto industry is endless. 

Alternatively, you can start a road transportation line or a road transport business with $500 million. With quarter and a half of this money, you can launch any kind of business in the auto line and scale your growth really fast. 

Here are the things you can do in the auto industry with $500 million dollars: 

  • Vehicle assembly plant
  • Cars dealership
  • Auto repairs firm
  • Road transport firm

A huge capital makes it easy to start and run a business. And investing in the auto industry is one of the best and realistic ways to invest $500 million dollars in the 2020s. 

Good cars cost about $40,000 dollars. Investing just $10 million dollars will get you 250 classic vehicles in your auto garage. Same goes with starting a road transport business. You don’t need to invest the entire $500 million, just 1/10 of it is a lot to invest. 

2. Stocks. 

With $500 million dollars, you can buy a lot of stocks for the future, especially penny stocks. Plus, you’ll not be buying stocks with every cent you have on you. One to two percent of your money in the bank can be invested into stocks. It’s not very wise to invest $500m in the stock market unless you have 5 times this sum (or $3 billion somewhere else). 

Now, to invest in the stock market you’ll need to work with a stockbroker. If you’re not an expert trader or someone with a lot of intelligence about how the stock market works, you’ll get all the help you need on 

RagingBull is a platform for people to learn about the stock market, learn to trade profitable and learn to utilize strategies guru traders use. So, you want to check out the website right here before making your next big move into the stock market. 

Since you’ll be investing money, you want to make sure you’re buying penny stocks or strong stocks (or fortune 500 stocks) with the tendency to maintain consistent growth in the coming years. 

3. Annuities. 

Guaranteed and reasonable, annuities is a kind of investment that pays you for the rest of your life at specific intervals. So, you want to make sure you have a lot of money invested in annuities to guarantee yearly returns till you transition from planet earth to the afterlife. Again, you don’t need to invest your entire $500 million into annuities. 

$10 million dollars is a lot of money, and it’ll guarantee you consistent but fixed returns at an agreed timeframe. Investing in annuities is like getting paid a salary without having to do any work but invest underground. 

4. Real estate. 

It’s commonplace to invest in real estate with $500 million dollars. I mean, if you can afford a $295 million dollar mega mansion in the United States, then you can pretty much buy any other house and sell it for a higher bid later. 

Don’t look too far, real estate is a gold mine. All you have to do is buy and sell properties for profit. Acquire some of the most expensive buildings, rework them and sell them for twice or one-half the initial worth. That’s how real estate works. 

You don’t want to become a real estate agent who looks for the best apartments for clients. Heck no. With $500 million dollars, you’re going for the most profitable and high-profile option in any industry. 

In the real estate world, that’s gotta be house flipping – buying a house for $3 million, selling it $3.5 or $4 million. The higher the worth of property you acquire, the more money you’re going to make from selling it off. 

So, you can buy a property for $55 million, and sell it for $70 million or more. If you want to learn how to invest $500 million dollars, real estate is going nowhere and it’s one of the most realistic ways to invest real money in the 2020s. 

5. Software development. 

From softwares that connects people from all walks of life, to those that convert text to speech and much more, there’ll always be the need to build more useful softwares. 

You can invest $500 million dollars in building a software that eradicates challenging societal pain points. Of course you won’t be doing this for the charity. If done the right way, you could reap several billions and become the next Evan Spiegel in a matter of… 


…years or months with intimidating marketing strategies. 

Much more than just getting a programmer or a couple of them to build you a software, marketing and smart promotion strategies can skyrocket the popularity and exposure of your software. You’re definitely not building the software for yourself alone, but for people and probably millions of them. 

So after building a software, you want to make sure it gets to the hands of the people that should use it. That way, you’ll be making money from whatever monetization method you have in place. 

6. Fashion. 

Fashion isn’t fading away any time soon. In fact, it’s evolved over the last 6 centuries from where humans wore apparel and slightly underworked animal skins. Investing in fashion by launching your own fashion brand and signing top sports to promote your products would be a boss move. 

Okay, that said, you know fashion can make you a multi-billionaire. While this won’t happen overnight, having $500 million to launch and promote your fashion brand can make it happen so fast. 

Again, you don’t need to bother about buying materials and all of that. You can easily set up a team and a firm for your product manufacturing in a couple of days or weeks with money. 

There’s capital in place, everything else falls in line pretty easily. So, you want to think up a name for your brand, and a good design too. Once that’s done, you can always hire a smart team of experienced fashion designers, brand designers and more to manufacture the products. 

Next, you need to promote your products, collaborate with social media influencers to promote your products and become brand ambassadors. It’s one of the quickest ways to get your products out there, increase orders and revenue. 

7. Movie production firm. 

If you love movies like I do, then you can also invest your money into starting a movie house. Not the whole money though, maybe 1% of it. This way, you’ll be working with a bunch of experienced movie stars, producers, and screenwriters. $5 million makes the work pretty easy. 

And with such a capital, it’s easier to not only produce a good movie that’ll gross several hundred million dollars, but it’ll make promotion on any front easy. Working with the best facilities and all is guaranteed, and you’ll need much of these to stand out in the movie world nowadays outside having a great movie concept, storyline, and casts. So the first step is to get familiar with the procedures you need to follow to start up a film house or a movie production firm. 

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8. Tech development.

By developing a technological device, the world is going to tell your story forever. Not just that, they will pay you handsomely for your good work. Now, it’s easy to say this because you probably have this $500 million dollars somewhere. 

Conversely, it’s more challenging now than ever to innovate a tech device already existing or invent one that no one ever invented. It’s possible, but challenging. You just need to think of an idea, and build on it. Take for example, the drone industry today is worth over $13 billion

You don’t need to become another drone manufacturer, but you can think up a tech device similar or totally distinctive and develop it (not by yourself literally). 

How to Invest $500 Million Dollars: 8 Realistic Ways – Final Words.

There are a lot of other boring ways to invest $500 million dollars and get peanuts in return. You can explore them, but if you want to make a lot of money with what you already have, then you should try out any of the options on this list. 

Plus, it’s really obvious how any of them can really make you money. You don’t want to make a profit of $5k every month from a $10 million dollar investment right? It’s high time you started exploring these options then. Let me know what you think just below this line in the comments. 

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