How to Live Off $15 Million Dollars: 13 Billionaire Ideas

You’re rich. If you’ve got $15 million right now, you’re rich. And you can’t be broke after reading this article. Right here, you get to learn about the best ways to live off $15 million dollars. With this money in your possession, you can become a billionaire in a couple of years from now (if you do things the right way). 

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You might have read all of these from someplace else, but I guarantee you’d make more than 20% your investment every single year from these ideas. Ready? Here are 13 billionaire ideas on how to live off $15 million dollars.

How to Live Off $15 Million Dollars: 13 Billionaire Ideas.  

1. Develop a ride-hailing app. 

With $15 million dollars, you’ll be able to develop a ride-hailing or ride-sharing app, and also promote it to dominate the market. It won’t be easy to dominate at the start because we’ve got Uber and Lyft at the top, and they’ve got billions to spend on marketing. With this in mind, you can become a rival and your app will generate passive income for you lifelong. 

Building a venture like this is definitely one way on how to live off $15 million dollars. You won’t be spending it, but rather, you’re investing it to make even more money. A ride-hailing app can generate millions of dollars if you integrate an effective promotion strategy after developing it. And you don’t need to be the one who writes the code. 

You have enough money to hire skilled minds to build every part of your app to life. Plus, the idea of the app and every single feature needs to be in your mind. Uniqueness is a competitive advantage. It will take time to think about a ride-hailing app with features that represent total uniqueness from what’s already out there. 

2. Buy landed properties. 

You can’t be wrong with this option. If you have the money, $15 million, if you have it right now, then you can acquire both income generating and non-income generating properties. By income generating properties, I mean businesses that are already in operation. And the non-income generating properties include landed properties with no structures. Just landed. Buy a ton of them and allow them to appreciate in value and cost. You don’t want to buy properties with every single money you’ve got. Maybe 30% of $15m will go a long way. 

Another idea around buying properties is to venture into house flipping. You buy a house worth $2 million dollars. You sell it at $3 or $3.5 million dollars. While it’ll take some time to actually get buyers, you’d be making hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions of dollars per transaction. 

3. Invest in the stock market. 

The stock market is there for you to invest long term into. So, with $15 million dollars, you can invest $500k in the stock market. It’s unwise to want to invest every single dime you have or even 10% of the money you’ve got. 

It’s not a really wise option. So, pick the best stocks to invest in and make your choice wisely. If you’ve got $15 million dollars, you’re not afraid to lose $500k. It’s not a sure loss and it could grow to more than 600% in the future. Make the move while you can. 

4. Manufacture bottled water. 

In the US today, there are a ton of bottled water companies. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t launch yours right away with $15 million. If you want to build your financial future beyond what you have right now, then you can invest a portion of this money into launching your own bottled water firm. People consume water every single day. In 2020 alone, in the US, 15 billion gallons of bottled water were consumed. 

So, tell me, do you think there’s no audience for this market? 

There is. Everyone is your target audience as long as they still drink water. If you want to live off $15 million dollars, this is one idea you shouldn’t skip over because you’ll need something that generates a ton of money for you passively and for a lifetime. My idea regarding the strategies to live off $15 million dollars isn’t to slowly burn down the money as the years roll aside. It’s to build systems that make you even more money with time. 

5. Have a crypto portfolio. 

Living off $15 million is possible if you also put some part of the money into the crypto world. You could invest in Bitcoin, and some other great alt coins with great potential. You don’t need to be an expert at trading the market to do this. You just buy the crypto assets and leave them to appreciate in price over time. 

Now, this is going to be a long-term investment. And depending on the coins that you acquire as part of your crypto investment portfolio, you can see gains of 1% to more than 10,000% on your portfolio dashboard. Some alts or major coins might give you a negative percentage; a loss. But if you have a ton of great coins, then the profits will neutralize every loss. 

7. Keep some money in bonds. 

Bonds aren’t my favorite way to make money but they’re less risky compared to a few options on this list, particularly the options having to do with trading the online markets. 

Buying bonds means you’re lending money to other parties (people or companies), and you get paid back with interest. It’s less risky, less profitable, but it’s definitely one investment that you’ll need to have under your belt. It doesn’t hurt to have a portfolio of bonds, and the more bonds you buy, the higher your interest. 

8. Build hotels in Africa. 

Africa is a place where investments thrive. This is true. It’s my cave. Hometown. However, if you have $15 million, then you have more than enough money to build hotels in Africa. And hotels are probably some of the best investments anyone can establish in Africa. 

Call it third world, or tier 3, the continent holds a buying population; they buy stuff and test stuff like crazy. You don’t have to live there. You don’t also have to be the only one carrying out every part of the establishment. There are agencies, professionals available to make that a reality for you. 

9. Launch your own casinos. 

You can generate as much as $300k from a single casino every month. It depends on how you decide to build it, and where. Living off $15 million dollars, you’ll need to take some part of that money to build systems like this one, the casino, that prints money for you every single day. 

Let’s do some math. With $300k monthly, you already have $3.6 million a year. And it wouldn’t cost you up to $3 million dollars to launch one of the top-notch casinos in your city. Trust me. You can get this up and running with $500k or less. 

10. Launch and promote a fashion brand.

Of course you’d be able to launch and promote your own fashion brand in the US in a bid to live off $15 million dollars. From this money, $5 million will go a long way to creating a multi billion dollar fashion brand from scratch. 

If you’re even considering this at all, then you want to start from one kind of product first before branching into others. You can start with your own t-shirts, and later branch into manufacturing your shoes, wristwatches (later in time), hoodies, and more. A t-shirt brand is a lot of money if you own it, especially if you’ve become a brand name already. 

11. Start an online publishing business. 

An online publishing business is one of the most lucrative online businesses for passive income. It’s also one of the ways on how to live off $15 million dollars. 

How so? 

An online publishing business is no other than starting a blog to post content regularly. I’m not talking about a blog like this one you’re reading right now. No. I mean a blog like Forbes with a board of directors, editors, several writers, and more. With 1% of $15 million, you’d be able to launch an online publishing business fast. 

You’ll be forcing a blog to grow faster than normal by publishing large volumes of high quality content every single day for months. Like 60 top-notch 2,000-word articles every single day. Even in 30 days you’ll see surprising results. Not random articles though, but articles in a series of interrelated broad (or mega) niches. 

12. Invest into adult entertainment.

Crazy but people literally make several thousands of dollars every single day off this business. You can run your own website for adult content and promote it to get crazy traffic. Basically, there’s no way you won’t make more than $100,000 dollars a month off an adult website if you already have $15 million dollars in your pocket. It wouldn’t cost you $10k to start, manage and promote a website like this. 

And millions of people will rush to view stuff every single day. If you only monetize this website with ads and nothing more, $100k/month is sure with over 300 million views a month. You can have several websites like this and not even be the one to start and manage them. Money makes it easy to execute.

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13. Buy franchises. 

You can buy a number of franchises for $15 million. If you don’t want to launch your own venture from scratch in a bid to live off $15 million, then you can buy a franchise or more. 

There’s no policy regulating against the acquisition of multiple franchises. It depends on what you want. By doing this – buying a franchise – you’ll be riding on the success of another well-known company. Some of the best franchises to buy right now in the United States include: 

There are others. And the thing is, you can afford multiple of them right now. I’ll recommend buying into franchises in the food sector. Food and drinks. People can’t survive without them. 

How to Live Off $15 Million Dollars: 13 Billionaire Ideas – Final Words. 

Taking the very last bit of words here, you can live off $15 million dollars by investing your money and slowly getting back every bit of ROI you deserve. With $15 million, you can invest in more than one of these ideas. 

For the sake of summary, they include buying franchises (which might cost over $2 million for several of them), investing a bit of the money into the adult empire, developing a ride-hailing app of your own, buying landed properties for posterity, stock market investment, crypto portfolio investment, launching and promoting your fashion brand, investing some money in treasury bills, building hotels in Africa, starting a bottled water manufacturing company, launching a casino or more, and buying government bonds (with a part of the money, maybe 0.5%). 

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