How to Make $100 in an Hour: 7 Best Ways that Work

Is $100 an hour a realistic thing? Of course it is. And if you’re in search of the best ways to make $100 in an hour, then this blog post is for you. $100 dollars an hour equals $2,400 dollars in a day. And in one month, that’s a whooping $72k dollars. 

That’s a big stack of money. But then, it’s even huge after accumulating this 12 times for all 12 months of the year. Leaving you a staggering $864k in one year. In a few years, you’d be a millionaire. 

If you want to make $100 dollars an hour, it’s quite realistic. And in this blog post, I’ll highlight 7 of the best ways to make $100 an hour (which equates to $72k a month or $864k a year) both passively and actively. 

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Before running off, here are a few questions I’d like to answer. And I’m sure you’ve probably asked them once in a while in your quest to make money and build wealth. 

How can I make a quick $100?

The best ways to make a quick $100 isn’t by looking for sign up bonuses or taking online surveys. However, you can trade the crypto futures market or options. 

If you’re not the financial market kind of soul, then you can make $100 bucks as a freelancer selling what you know how to do best on freelance marketplaces like Fiverr. Alternatively, you can deliver food for Doordash, Uber Eats, Instacart, and get paid hourly. 

How can I get money in 1 hour?

If you want to get money in the next hour, sign up for Swagbucks right now. You get paid watching videos, taking surveys, and playing games. However, this won’t make you rich. 

How can I make $100 a day on the Internet?

If you want to make $100 a day on the internet, build passive income streams. Some of the best passive income oriented online businesses that you can start up right now include blogging, affiliate marketing, and dropshipping. You can make a ton of money as a YouTuber too. And it’s free to get started with YouTube. 

How can I make $100 dollars free?

$100 dollars doesn’t go to anyone free. Realistically, you could get this as a sign up bonus. But it’ll not be of any use to you since you won’t be able to withdraw or spend it. 

You can make $100 dollars fast by running micro tasks, odd jobs, or gigs on Flexjobs, Mechanical Turk or Taskrabbit. Another way to make $100 dollars fast is to get freelance gigs online. 

How can I get $500 dollars today?

If you want to make $500 dollars today, open a trading account with TastyWorks and start trading different securities. Basically, you can trade stocks, futures, options, and all that. The point is, that’s one of the most realistic ways to make $500 dollars today. 

Another way to do this is by taking freelance gigs that pay as much as $500 dollars. You can get these gigs through cold pitching, but the odds of getting a client today (within the next 24 hours) are super high. 

How can I get $100 right now?

A great way to get $100 right now is to look up remote jobs that pay $100 bucks on Another option is to drive around town and take trips with Uber. You can also make $100 dollars right now with food and whatnot delivery apps like Uber Eats, Doordash, and Instacart. 

How can I get $100 dollars for free on PayPal?

You want to get $100 dollars for free on Paypal, maybe there’s a game out there that could pay you this much. But the odds are high. There’s no free money entering your PayPal account soon. You need to put in the work sadly. 

How can I make $50 dollars fast?

Making $50 dollars fast is a more realistic goal than making $1,000 dollars fast. To make a quick $50 bucks, you can make use of your car for some money. 

You can either deliver food items for Uber Eats or drive as an Uber driver to make $50 bucks. Other apps that’ll pay you to deliver items around town include Doordash, GrubHub, and Amazon Flex (paying up to $25 per hour). 

How to Make $100 in an Hour: 7 Best Ways that Work. 

1. Blogging (long term & passive income). 

With blogging, making $100 in an hour is quite possible. So you can start a blog and grow it to make $2,400 dollars everyday. This will definitely take some time. And by sometime I don’t mean 3 months or 6 months. It could take a long stretch of time to hit $2.4k daily earnings from a blog. But not a decade. 

However, making money with a brand new blog can happen in two to three months. But $100 in an hour blogging comes later. If you have the capacity to scale your blog, then it’s possible to quickly get to $100/hour with a blog. Blogging is a business. 

And if you don’t treat it as such, it could take years to get to $100/year (not an hour this time). If you’ve not started blogging just yet, you can start right here with this guide

2. Stock trading (mostly instant & active income). 

Stock trading as a daytrader also joins the list of the best ways to make $100 in an hour. If an hourly earning of $100 dollars is the goal, then a monthly trading profit of $80k+ beats the record. Now you’re not going to make $100/day trading stocks. It could be more. 

It could be less. And could be losses for some bad days. But if you’re able to make upwards of $72k trading stocks in a month, then that’s it. $100/hour dream come true. 

This can happen in two ways. It’s either you trade stocks as a day or swing trader to make $72k+ a month in profit or invest massively in the stock market to make a monthly profit north of $72k. First things first, get to know what the stock market is, how it works, and how to trade or invest in It. 

3. YouTube (long term & passive income).

Starting a YouTube channel is however one of the coolest passive income generating machines out there that doesn’t cost a dollar to start up. The cool thing about being a YouTuber or starting a YouTube channel is the option to put your face out there and get the world to know you for who you really are. 

Alternatively, you can create a YouTube cash cow and just grow it to make money passively without having to get yourself in front of the camera. 

4. Options trading (mostly instant & active income). 

Options trading can make you instant money, but you’ll also need to trade like peo to make $100 dollars every hour. Quite realistic if you take a look from the monthly angle. 

Making a decent $100k+ in a month from trading options contracts is a big deal. A realistic goal. But you’ll need to learn to trade options before envisioning this in all its glory. 

5. Real estate (long term & mostly active income). 

If you’re looking to make more than $100 dollars an hour, real estate can make this happen. You’re definitely not going to get paid $100 every hour now. But the accrued earnings from real property deals can amount to more than $100k/month. 

Despite being a realistic figure, it could take you a while to start making a full-time income from real estate, especially if you’re just starting out and have a weak portfolio of contacts. 

6. Dropshipping (long term & passive income). 

In the short run, dropshipping can make you passive income. It’s a great business model where you build a store on the operatives of another. While the supplier or background store does 80% of the work, you keep the profit from sales and focus on promotion. 

You don’t buy any product, you simply import them into your own dropshipping store. No inventory required, no shipping costs on your part. The background store handles all of that leaving you to worry about customer service at the forefront. 

Basically, you can make $100 in an hour or $2,400 a day with a dropshipping business. But then you’ll need a lot of customers perusing your store to buy products.  

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7. Course sales online (long term & passive income). 

Selling courses online can make you $100 in an hour. But that’s if your course becomes a bestselling course recommended by public figures and whatnot. 

It’s realistic to make $72k+ in a month from selling courses online through a personal platform like a blog, a YouTube channel, or on big high traffic course sales websites like Udemy or Coursera. 

How to Make $100 in an Hour: 7 Best Ways that Work – Final Words. 

The realistic thing about making $100 dollars in an hour is that you can hit the monthly $72k goal which is $100 in every hour without a recurrent $100 bucks entering your account in those hours. For example you can start a blog and grow it to $100k/year. 

You’ll earn money from ad networks and affiliate marketing or course sales, but you won’t be earning $100 bucks every hour. Working as a YouTuber to make $80k+ a month also beats the $100/hour mark. But then, no YouTuber makes $100/hour in the real sense of hourly income. Just a little more or less, but every hour doesn’t literally print $100 bucks. 

That’s the thing. A lot of people make $500/hour ($360k/month) and even $1k/hour ($720k/month), but it doesn’t come from a fixed hourly income of $500/hour or $1,000 an hour. Sometimes shattered and passive. Some other time, more consistent and active. 

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