How to Make £10,000 a Month in the UK: 12 Realistic Methods that Work

How to Make £10,000 a Month in the UK

Are you interested in making £10,000 a month in the UK? 

I mean, who wouldn’t?

Making money in the UK and every other place in the world today is made easy with the help of the internet. 

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Basically, this post highlights some of the best ways to make £10k a month in the UK online and offline; passively and actively. 

There’s also a chance that you can make more than £10k pounds a month in the United Kingdom with some of these methods. 

How to Make £10,000 a Month in the UK: 12 Realistic Methods that Work. 

1. Start a blog. 

Blogging is apparently one of the things I do everyday now. 

It’s fun, and it’s one of the ways to make £10k a month in the United Kingdom. 

You start by picking a niche, picking a name for your blog that’s not tied to your niche (just in case you want to switch your niche later), and find the right keywords to write about.

Then, create a keywords assembly based on the low competitors keywords in your niche, make attempts to build your blog ranking capacity, and monetize as early as you can. 

Some of the ways to make money from a blog include placing ads, affiliate marketing, course sales, sponsorships and sponsored contents, freelancing your services through the blog, and selling your products. 

If you don’t own a blog, the best time to have one is now. 

Blogging truly guarantees passive income, and I’ll share my blogging figures after publishing my 1,000th article. 

I’m still far away, but will get there soon. I hope you’ll be around to read it too. 

So, click here if you’re ready to start and make money from your blog right now. 

2. YouTube. 

Setting up a YouTube channel and working to grow it so that you’re getting thousands of views on your content is one of the ways to generate passive income of up to £10,000 a month in the UK. 

For sure, you can make over £200,000 pounds from a YouTube channel, you just need to be consistent with content creation. 

And pick the right niche that’s both profitable and matches your personality, experience, and knowledge. 

Picking a niche you’re a zombie in will result in burnout later along the line when you’re unable to create something fresh and unique. 

So, pick the right niche and be creative with your content creation; paddle everything through consistency. 

3. Forex trading.

Sitting on the list of the best ways on how to make £10,000 pounds a month in the UK is forex trading. 

It’s one of the best ways, but it’s certainly not the best for many, especially forex beginners. 

Forex or foreign exchange is a financial market online and the majority of traders today on the internet are forex traders. 

Yes, it’s a really huge market, and people make a lot of money trading forex. 

However, if you’re a newbie, then you’ll need to learn to trade the forex market. 

On the other hand, trading forex means that you’ll need to have some money set aside for this. 

And by money, I mean cash you’re not depending on or looking to spend anytime soon. Let’s call it spare money

This is because you want to be able to trade knowing that a loss will not leave you devastated. 

4. E-commerce. 

E-commerce is selling stuff online. 

You own your store and you don’t need to be a coder to have it set up. 

Stores like Amazon and eBay are the biggest in the industry, but you can rival them if you’ve got the resources to do so. 

They make millions every single day in sales. But you want to make £10k a month and that’s just fine. 

You start by picking a niche you’d like to sell on, and build your inventory. E-commerce isn’t only about selling online. 

There are other processes too.

From packaging the product to shipping it, a lot of planning and organization goes into play there. 

This is all you’ll need to figure out in the real world before setting up your e-commerce store as a replica of your inventory online. 

If you’d like to sell only digital products, it’s less work for you. 

5. Start a podcasting channel. 

Podcasting is growing to become one of the best ways to make money online passively. 

And while there are several ways to monetize and to build a podcast, consistency remains a prior tool for success. 

So, it’s up to you to learn about podcasting and podcast monetization. 

One of the ways to grow really fast as a podcast host is to delve into video podcast creation. 

Set up your podcast studio and bring in big names in your specific industry to discuss trending or controversial topics. 

As a podcast host, you can diversify into different other niches with time; every other niche. 

But grow with one and build a name for yourself. 

Making £10k pounds a month in the UK is realistic and attainable with a popular and monetizable podcasting channel. 

6. Social media influencer. 

If you’re famous online, then you can sell your fame to generate income in the UK. 

You don’t have to give up your social media account. 


All you’ll need to do once you’re famous and people see you as an influencer, then you’d have to think about the best ways to generate income off your fame. 

Some of the best ways include selling your own products, working with brands/individuals to post sponsored contents, promoting affiliate products and whatnot. 

Somehow, you’ll find more ways to make money when you become an influencer. 

As long as you’re able to influence a few people and make them buy stuff you talk about, income is guaranteed. 

Secondly, have a niche-specific audience and be famous for something or an industry that’s got products and tools. 

7. Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is probably one of the cheapest ways to make £10,000 a month in the UK. 

It’s also one of the ways to build passive income online in the UK and anywhere else in the world. 

It’s not rocket science, and you can learn about it from resources on the internet. 

It’s basically about promoting people’s products and getting a commission for every successful order. 

The more people buy the products that you promote, the more money you’ll make as the affiliate marketer for the products. 

In the real world, it’s possible to generate as much as £50,000 pounds from affiliate marketing; it’s mostly passive income and you’ll have to do it the right way. 

8. UX designing. 

This is a very lucrative skill and a lot of people are in need of you if you’re good at designing UX or user experience.

This is the part of the web that people get to see. 

The entire concept of UX development is to increase web conversions. 

Companies and individual clients will be more than willing to work with you if you’ve got a skill like this. 

UX designing is also something that you’ll need to learn really well if you must make tons of money off it. 

So, if you’re a UX designer, making £10k a month in the UK is feasible. 

You start by working as a freelancer online and from there you’ll keep getting gigs regularly (with time). 

Get UX designing gigs on websites like Craigslist, Indeed, Fiverr, and Upwork. Free of charge. 

9. Real estate. 

There are several ways to make money in the real estate world, but my interest here is to start out with house flipping.

This means flipping houses or properties for profit. 

You buy, and then you resell. 

The reality is that you might not be able to sell properties every month, but you can make over £10k a month if you split the income into months. 

You’ll need to have some money to venture into real estate. 

For example, if you buy a property at £300k and you resell it at £400k after 5 months, that’s a profit of £100k. 

Or £20k/month in the last 5 months. 

It’s a really expensive business, but you can start out as a real estate agent representing property buyers and sellers and keeping a cut off of any transaction that crosses your table. 

10. Interior decor. 

Interior decoration joins the list of some of the best ways you can make up to £10,000 a month in the UK. 

If you already have prior experience, you just need to up your game and get interior decoration gigs. 

They won’t come often unless you take it seriously and channel more effort into not just looking for interior decoration gigs, but identifying as a professional interior decorator. 

You can start by starting an agency off this service; launching your own interior decoration agency to meet demands from your city to the state and to the country. 

Baby steps. 

11. Crypto trading. 

In the corner of your room or in your cubicle, you can start trading crypto or learning to trade crypto. 

Doing this from home isn’t passive income though, but it’s one of the best ways on how to make £10,000 a month in the UK. 

The thing is, you need to be a master at this to make money off the crypto market. 

Crypto trading is a risky venture if you’re pretty new at it. 

And it could take a while for you to garner experience and skills. 

However, Patience and passion (or P²) are two emotional assets you’ll need to grow and get better in this area. 

Another thing is, you’ll need to have some money to start trading. 

If you’re ready to get started now, the first step is to understand the crypto market and how it works. 

With all things being equal, the more money you have to trade, the more profit (or loss) you’ll make. 

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12. Digital marketing firm. 

Starting a digital marketing firm of your own in the UK will generate a lot of money for you. 

With businesses going online, business owners are constantly looking for services and experts to boost their online presence and increase their overall performance. 

This is where you come in, but the catch is you’ll need to learn about digital marketing yourself before starting a business in this line. 

Digital marketing on the surface of things is the act of promoting brands and products or websites on the internet while utilizing internet tools and hacks. 

Plus, it’s free to learn digital marketing now especially with the help of Google Digital Garage for intending and beginning digital marketers. 

For sure, running a digital marketing firm in the UK is one of the ways on how to make £10,000 pounds a month. 

You’ll start first by taking courses and acquiring digital and physical certificates to boost your credibility and authenticity. 

How to Make £10,000 a Month in the UK: 12 Realistic Methods that Work. 

In a nutshell and for the sake of summering everything in one paragraph, some of the ways to make £10,000 a month in the UK include launching a digital marketing firm, trading crypto, starting a blog of your own (like this one you’re reading right now), creating content for a YouTube channel you own, venturing into interior decoration, UX designing, affiliate marketing, tapping into the real estate industry, forex trading, podcasting, e-commerce, and influencer marketing on social media. 

With more than 90% of these methods to make £10k/month in the UK, you could make more (apparently with time).

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