How to Make $130 Dollars Fast: 11 Working Ways

This article is for you if you want to learn how to make $130 dollars fast. In the real world, making money usually takes time. But if you want to make this happen fast, there are a ton of ways to get it done. Legally. Yeah, legally, because there are ways to make money illegally too. 

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But then, we won’t be exploring those ways. Some of these ways to make $130 dollada fast can generate much more than just $130 bucks for you. As a baseline for this article, $130 bucks is conservative enough. Here are the methods that work. 

How to Make $130 Dollars Fast: 11 Working Ways. 

1. Airbnb. 

One quick and very realistic way on how to make $130 dollars fast is to lease your apartment on Airbnb. It’s possible you can get paid over $130 bucks if your apartment is really cool. On Airbnb, strangers from different cities around the world come to do the search for the best places to pass the night in the city. 

So, if you have some apartments or you have just one, you can make money with it by listing it out on Airbnb for lease. When a visit checks in, you squat with a friend for the night. Some visitors can book your apartment for days, and pay for as many days they’ll be staying over. You do the listing and you also get to attach the price or charges for the apartment. 

2. Trade stocks

By trading stocks, you can get $130 dollars fast. But not when you’re a complete newbie. At the end of the day, you might as well end up losing your trading capital or the money you planned on trading with just to get a quick $130. Stock trading is no child’s game. You’ll need to educate yourself and excel in it. Sadly, some of the best traders still fall victim to the market price movements. 

And it’s not entirely their fault. Stock trading has no loophole. This means you’ll definitely come across times where your best trading strategy with the highest win rate falls short of perfection and becomes vulnerable. The point is, if you’re good at trading stocks, you can make $130 dollars fast. 

3. Ask for it. 

Now, you’ve not really asked. Asking for $130 dollars is one of the ways to get it fast. You could ask your friends, your boss, your parents, and even pedestrians on the road (this isn’t begging). But basically, stick to asking the people you know and those that you can relate with on an informal basis. If the reason you need $130 dollars fast makes sense, you’ll get it. But if you want to spend it on soda, pizza and some milk shake, you’re probably not gonna get a penny. 

4. Borrow from a friend. 

The difference between borrowing and blatantly asking is the existence of a repayment date. When you borrow, you pay later. For this alone, your friends might be willing to borrow you $130 dollars fast. If they’re not greedy, they should. Unless you’re not on good terms with them. 

Other than your friends, you can borrow it from your boss at work, your neighbor or a colleague at work. If you want to make $130 dollars quickly, and you don’t work at any place or you’ve got no friends, check out the other ideas to get it. 

5. Crypto trading. 

Are you ready to take risks to make $130 dollars fast? If you are, then trading crypto is something you should really begin to consider. Making this amount of money in the crypto market means you’ll have to trade with a fatter capital (in most cases). Even with a robust trading capital, there’s nothing you’ll be able to do but lose your funds if you don’t learn to trade the crypto market profitably. 

First things first; understand the crypto terminologies, get to understand what crypto means, learn about the Blockchain technology, and a lot more. Afterwards, devise your working strategy with a high win rate, and test it out on demo accounts (or virtual accounts). Have a backup plan for every trade with risk management techniques and incorporate them (the risk management techniques) into your trades. This however will take a lot of time, from learning to practicing, and eventually trading the real markets. 

6. Cryptocurrency arbitrage. 

Crypto arbitrage is the act of buying crypto assets from one exchange at a certain price and selling it on another at a slightly higher price. You make your gains from selling the crypto assets at a slightly higher price than you bought them from the first exchange. 

The challenge is usually to find these coins that sell for different arbitrage profitable prices that you can buy and sell between exchanges. Once you crack the code, it’s cracked for a short time until the price drops to equilibrium on both exchanges. 

7. Binary options. 

Binary options is a risky way to make money online, but it’s one of the top and most realistic ways to make money online, and make money by compounding trading profits. It’s easy to get started, but you open up your mind to learn about the ethics of trading binary options, the risk factors, when to get into a trade, the best/reliable indicators, and much more. 

With just a single click of a button into the right trade, you could make over $130 in profits. Honestly, I make it look simple. But you’ll need to be armed with expert trading skills and funds to start trading with. Again, binary options are short-term. This means you can’t secure a long-term trade or investment in binary options. 

8. Sell your jewelry. 

Want to make $130 dollars fast? Then you can flip your jewelry online for money. Maybe they’re worth $2,000 dollars, but you could just sell a part of it to get what you want right now. It’s a really easy thing to do especially if you’re willing to sell it right now. Sign up on Amazon or Etsy and list it there for around $130 dollars. You’ll get a quick sale if it’s originally worth more, much more than that. 

Another way to make $130 fast if you don’t have a Jewelry is to look for cheap items at junkyards, church rummages, and thrift stores that you can buy for under $50 dollars, and flip for $200 dollars online. If you take the time out to find these items at these places, you could find a few of them.. 

9. Sell your skills. 

If you’re good at anything at all, the reality of this is that you can sell your skill online and get paid to do what you’re good at doing. This is called freelancing, and depending on what your skill strength is, you can definitely get paid up to $50/hour working as a freelancer. The better part of this is that freelancing is free to start up, and you just need to have a skill. Whether it’s copywriting, video editing, coding, designing graphics or writing. 

There’s someone out there willing to pay you for your services. To get started, sign up on freelance platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Flexjobs, and Freelancer. Working $50/hour, you’ll need 3 hours of work to beat $130 dollars. You’re not even trying, and this is because freelance jobs usually take more than 3 hours. Best case scenario? You get paid up to $500 dollars for a single gig. 

10. Mow lawns. 

Lawn mowing doesn’t take a lot of time. And if you’re good at doing this, then you can certainly generate $130 dollars fast. Basically, you can get lawn mowing gigs on freelance marketplaces like Fiverr, and Upwork. You can also check out Craigslist to see lawn mowing submissions in your city. If you’ve got a lot of experience as a lawn mower, you can definitely get paid up to $60/hour in the US. This means you’d need to work 3 hours to beat $130. 

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11. Drive for Uber. 

If you own a car, you can definitely get $130 dollars in a day, and maybe more than that just by ride-sharing with Uber. As a driver for Uber, you get paid for every trip. And as the biggest player in the ride-sharing industry, Uber almost always has clients online peering with drivers. Millions of drivers. 

In the United States, people working as Uber drivers generate up to $250/day. Some high earners take home about $500 dollars in a single day. The catch here is for you to have a car of your own; the kind that provides comfort to a good extent. 

How to Make $130 Dollars Fast: 11 Working Ways – Final Words. 

In conclusion, to make $130 dollars fast, you can mow lawns around your town for random people, drive for Uber as a ride-sharing agent, lease out your apartment on Airbnb, trade binary options, sell your skills as a freelancer on Fiverr, engage in crypto arbitrage, crypto trading, sell your expensive jewelry, trade stocks, borrow it from a friend, lastly, you can simply ask for $130 dollars from a friend, a loved one or a relative of yours. 

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