How to Make $150 Dollars Fast Online & Offline in 11 Realistic Ways

How to Make $150 Dollars Fast

Want the most realistic ways to make $150 dollars fast online and in the real world? 

You’re on the right page of the web. 

Right here, I’ll unveil 11 best ways to make $150 dollars fast online and offline. 

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There are multiple ways to make money today. 

You can stay indoors without having to go anywhere, and make a ton of money. 

Alternatively, you can make money working outside jobs. 

In this post, you’ll get the realistic ways to make up to $150 fast. 

These ways won’t take you forever to start making money. 

And some of them won’t cost you a dime to start doing right away. 

Before moving on, here are a few questions you’ve probably been asking. 

But if you never asked these questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment box. 

And I’ll be quick to answer. 

How can I make $150 instantly?

If you want to make $150 dollars instantly, you can start trading the options market right now. 

But then you’ll need to have some money to begin with. 

Trading securities in the options market isn’t free. 

You put in money, trade, and make money. 

However, you must learn to trade if you don’t want your entire asset (or trading capital) to go down the drain.  

How can I make $100 a day on the Internet?

You have two options to explore here. 

Maybe more. 

The first is to build passive income streams like a blog and a YouTube channel which could take a lot of time. 

A second option is to work actively online by selling items, freelancing, and a last option is to work offline jobs like food delivery and other tasks which you can get through online platforms.  

How can I make $100 dollars instantly?

There’s really no clear or linear way to make $100 dollars instantly. 

You could by becoming a freelancer online on Fiverr, taking micro tasks on MTurk, Taskrabbit, and if you have a car, you can deliver items to people around your city through Uber Eats, Doordash, and Instacart

How can I get $200 fast?

Depending on how “FAST” you want to make $200 dollars, you can rent out your space on Neighbor

You can also rent an apartment you own on Airbnb and get paid every night. 

If you’ve got an RV (campervan or motorhome), you can also rent it out on RVShare to get $200 dollars fast. 

How can I get instant cash?

You can get instant cash by going to a bank and withdrawing cash from your account. 

If you’re talking about making instant cash, you can do that by taking surveys, playing games and watching videos on Swagbucks. 

It’s not going to be a lot of money, but you can make $100+ a month from hours of fun daily on Swagbucks. 

How to Make $150 Dollars Fast Online & Offline in 11 Realistic Ways.

1. Freelance writing. 

One of the most realistic ways on how to make $150 dollars fast online is to start out as a freelance writer. 

It’s totally free to get started. 

If you’re good at writing and possess god-level writing skills, you can land writing gigs for up to $700 dollars. 

It’s challenging for total beginners to get writing gigs on freelance marketplaces apparently because of low or no positive reviews. 

But that aside, you can get high-paying remote writing jobs with a simple Google search on Google Jobs, and

If you’re currently keeping a full-time job, you can make money off freelance writing on the side. 

You don’t need a college degree to become a freelance writer, and to get more writing gigs that pay, you’ll need to be consistent for a long time while slowly building your freelance writing profile on any marketplace of your choice. 

When it comes to freelance writing and freelancing in general, the best place to get started for beginners is Fiverr. 

There are millions of gigs on this platform just waiting for available freelancers to take up. 

2. Deliver food items. 

If you own a car, then you can make up to $150 dollars in a day working multiple hours as a food delivery agent for services in your city. 

Some of these delivery services include:

Services like Doordash, Uber Eats, Instacart, and GrubHub pay up to (and mostly more than) $18 an hour for you to deliver food items to different clients around the city. 

Working 9 hours a day will get you to $162 dollars. 

In most cases, you’ll get paid up to $25 dollars an hour. 

So, you may not have to work 9 hours before earning $150+. 

With delivery services like these, you can make money when you want to. 

If you work a full-time job, you can also work free hours to make more money. 

If you get 2 hours of free time a day, you could generate up to $36 dollars in that space of time. 

Or an extra $1,080/month. 

3. Drive for Uber. 

Want to make money quickly? 

Then you can if you already own a vehicle. 

Driving for Uber is a great way to start making money, but not passively. 

As an Uber driver, you get paid after every successful trip with a passenger. 

Earning an average of $0.40 per minute, I’ll take you 375 drive minutes to make $150 dollars. 

Quite fair. 

Considering how you’re not running on water but gas, you’ll need a lot more than 375 minutes (or 6+ hours) a day to really make any substantial income. 

So let’s say you start working around 7am in the morning, you’ll have to work up to 1pm before making $150 dollars a day. 

In other words, you’d have to work 6 hours a day to make $4,500 a month ($150 dollars in 30 days). 

That’s still better than a 9 to 5 where you’d have to work more hours for less income. 

4. Sell on Etsy. 

On Etsy, you can sell anything. Granted, it’s competitive now with millions of users. 

But you can still break through by learning how to sell on Etsy the right way and skipping out a lot of mistakes as you trundle through. 

Get to know the bestselling products on Etsy, and the best things to sell to make more money. 

Interestingly, you can sell your own stuff and handmade crafts with a higher ROI. 

There are lots of tutorials out there to start learning to make money on Etsy creating your own products. 

5. Rent out your RV. 

Renting out your RV is perhaps one of the easiest ways to make $150 dollars fast online. 

You put up your RV for lease on Outdoorsy or RVShare and get paid when a customer rents it. 

It’s a way out to make more money instead of letting the RV rust in dust. 

While it’s a great idea, it could take some time to eventually get someone willing to hire your RV for a reasonable amount of money. 

This depends on the type and condition of your RV. 

The better and more cool it is, the more people will rush to hire it.  

6. Sell used clothes on Poshmark. 

Meanwhile, Poshmark is a great place to start earning if you want to learn how to make $150 dollars fast online. 

On the platform, you sell clothes that you can get from flea markets, thrift stores, and whatnot for cheaper. 

Mostly, you’ll find that items that sell on Poshmark are clothings. 

You can also sell your own clothes for money. 

7. Write résumés. 

Fortunately, millions of people don’t know how to write résumés even if they have to get a job with it and were taught a hundred times in college. 

If you’re good at drafting résumés, then you can start writing résumés as a professional freelance résumé writer on freelance marketplaces. 

A single résumé writing gig can earn you anywhere from $100 up to $500 bucks. 

8. Deliver items with Amazon Flex. 

Another way to make money with your vehicle is to deliver items  to different customers around town for Amazon Flex

Yes, that’s basically working for the giant e-commerce company in your city. 

You get paid per hour up to $25 dollars working for Amazon Flex, and that’s $150 dollars in 6 hours of work in a day. 

9. Rent a free space on Neighbor. 

Have a space filled in dust, an empty garage or a warehouse? 

Then you can make $150 dollars fast online by renting it out on Neighbor. 

It’s easy. 

And you can get paid more than $150 on Neighbor putting your space on rent. 

It depends on a few factors like size and location. 

10. Become an Airbnb host.

If there’s an apartment you own, you can get paid $150 fast online or get paid in cash by renting out your apartment to strangers in your local town/city. 

The more exotic your apartment is, the more money you’re likely to make from leasing it. 

Basically, the location of your apartment matters a lot too. 

If it’s under a rock where no one lives, it’ll be challenging to get patrons. 

But an apartment in a mega city with a commercial buzz can get patrons every night. 

It’s free to go on board with Airbnb. 

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11. Rent out your car on Turo to make $150 dollars fast. 

Yes! Lastly but certainly not the least on this list is to rent your car on Turo. 

You can make $150 dollars fast, and Turo pays without delay. 

But then there’s a possibility of getting scammed on the platform. 

You want to learn all about renting out your precious car before giving those keys out. 

How to Make $150 Dollars Fast Online & Offline in 11 Realistic Ways – Final Words. 

If you’re still wondering how to make $150 dollars fast online and offline, then you can explore the options on this list. 

To make $150 dollars fast online, you can write résumés for people as a freelancer. 

You can also take freelance writing gigs that pay much more than $150 dollars on Fiverr. 

Alternatively, you can sell used clothes on Poshmark, sell stuff on Etsy, rent out your RV on RVShare, or a free space around your home on Neighbor. 

Additionally, you can host strangers on Airbnb. 

In the offline world, you can make $150 dollars fast by harnessing online platforms like Turo, Uber Eats, Doordash, and Uber. 

Well on Uber, you can make money if you already own a car. 

On Uber Eats and Doordash, you deliver food items to people around town and get paid per hour

These are some of the best ways to make $150 dollars fast online and offline. 

But if you want to make real passive income, then checkout this post on the best ways to make $10k+ a month in passive income.

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