How to Make $150 in an Hour: 7 Real Ways

How to Make $150 in an Hour

Are you running with a course of action to make $150 dollars in an hour? 

Then this blog post is right for you. 

If you want to make $150 in an hour, I’ll hit you up straight with the truth, it takes time. 

Now the ways to do this on this blog post are realistic and you can really make a lot of money if you’re patient. 

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Talking about the hourly side of things, $150 dollars isn’t such a great income flowing in every hour. 

In a day, that’s about $3,600 dollars. 

In 30 days, you’re left with $108k. 

That’s a lot of money in a month, but then hundreds of thousands of people make this every single month. 

Sometimes passively. 

Earning $150 dollars an hour equates to a monthly income of $108k or $1.3 million dollars. 

If that’s true, then here are 7 ways on how to make $150 in an hour. 

How to Make $150 in an Hour: 7 Real Ways. 

1. Start a blog. 

Blogging is however one of the best ways to build passive income online today. 

Truth is, you can make $108k/month blogging, which equates to an easy $150/hour. 

But it’s a lot of work, a mix of brilliant strategy, and consistency. 

A jumble of different things to come out successful as a blogger. 

In the end, it’ll be worth it. In other words, don’t hope to start making $108k/month after a few months of blogging. 

It’s a possibility that comes with time. 

When it comes to blogging, there are a few things you need to get right before delving deep into it. 

You must:

  • Be ready to learn: It’s a business, so you’ll need to learn new things and new ways to grow a business. Just like every other business, learning on the job is permitted. You can fail a couple of times and still become successful with one blog. That said, be ready to learn more and never settle for less with a blog. 
  • Invest time: It takes time to start and run a blog. Unless you want to record success in a couple of years from now, then you need to invest the time it requires to run a blog. It takes time to write articles, even more time for them to start ranking. From an advanced SEO perspective, it takes time to build links, and more time for those links to count. 
  • Focus on a new/relative niche: If you want to make $150 an hour blogging, then you’ll need to offer value. And one of the best ways to offer value as a blogger is to focus on a niche you’re new in, or a niche that resonates with you. If you pick a niche you’re a total newbie in, it’ll be easy to learn about the niche if you’re passionate and more determined. Along the line, you’ll become an expert in a field you were once alien to. 
  • Become a creator: As a blogger, you’re a content creator. You need to be ready to create quality content frequently and regularly. Although you may not have to keep creating fresh content day after day, but it depends on what approach you adopt. 

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2. Launch an ecommerce store. 

Ecommerce business is a serious business. 

This would be super easy and profitable if you are a retailer or a wholesaler. 

You already have your inventory in stock. 

If you’re not anything like a retailer or a wholesaler, then you’d have to start planning from scratch. 

Biggest questions would be what you want to sell. 

Your ecommerce store would be the online version of your physical inventory and everything you’ve got in stock. 

You’ll have to take real pictures of your products and upload them with the prices to your store online. 

So it’s more work. 

And the more work comes when you have to ship products to customers abroad. 

3. Start dropshipping. 

If you want to make $150 an hour, then something like an ecommerce business could make that happen. 

Dropshipping isn’t exactly the same thing as ecommerce. 

It’s building an online store and in that, it’s ecommerce. 

But not having inventory and having nothing to do with shipping and packaging, in that, it’s a different business model. 

A little step above e-commerce but radical ecommerce makes all the money even in the background of a dropshipping business. 

So if you want to make money passively up to $108k a month, then dropshipping is a great business idea to explore. 

First things first, you want to know how dropshipping truly works before launching out to start it. 

4. Build a mobile app. 

Mobile softwares or apps as you know are money-spinning machines. 

Trust me, there’s a lot of money you can make with an app. 

A mobile app of your own can be monetized in whatever way you want it. 

And that’s because it’s yours. 

Running an app and making it viral is a lot of money itself. 

You’ll spend on promotion in whatever way. 

Influencer marketing and TV commercials are two of the best ways to promote a software. 

The most important part of owning a software isn’t the promotion, but promotion is a primal thing to do if you must get patrons. 

The most important part however is the architecture of the app itself. 

What would it be about and what would the user journey be like? 

What would an MVP look like? 

What service or form of delivery would it beckon on? 

What would be the use case? 

All of these questions are what makes up a complete and usable app everyone loves. 

With an app, you can make millions of dollars on autopilot. 

A good app that goes viral with millions of users. 

5. Real estate. 

Perhaps a very popular space, dealing in the real estate world can make you a lot of money. 

It could take several years to finally boast of an annual return in profit of over $1.3 million dollars, but then things could be easier if you already have a lot of money to engage in property flipping, buying properties for lease and whatnot. 

Going into real estate as a total newbie, you could make a few thousand dollars from your first deals, but not enough money to equate $150/hour. 

Again, you can get really lucky, and if you’re the social type, you probably have a lot of friends, connections you can leverage on to scale your real estate contracts. 

Some of the easiest things to do when it comes to real estate include standing as a middleman between property buyer and seller. 

If the deal goes through and they make a transaction, you get a commission. 

Depending on your policy, you can keep anywhere from 4% to 6% of the sales. 

Doing this over and over, you slowly build your portfolio of dealers in the real estate industry. 

6. Build a YouTube channel. 

Can a YouTube channel generate $150 dollars in an hour or $108k in a month? 

Of course it can, and some of the highest earning YouTubers generate over $5 million dollars from their channels. 

It’ll take some time to get there but then there’s a way to consistently build traction with your videos. 

Consistently create new video content that is better, more engaging, and with better catchy thumbnails. 

It’s a lot of work to create really good videos, but then it’s something you can always outsource. 

Making $150 in an hour is a lot of work even if popular YouTubers make it look a lot like a joke. 

Perhaps the very first thing you want to do is focus on a niche. 

A niche gives you direction so much so that you’re not confused after seeing the white page of your newly created YouTube channel. 

With a niche, you know what to produce, what products to recommend, what audience you’re creating content for, and what pattern of videos to create. 

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7. Start an offline business. 

With an offline business, the possibility of making up to $150 an hour is certain. 

This is because the more you scale your business, the more money you’ll make. 

And there’s no limit to how well you can scale your business. 

Take for example you run a restaurant business. 

It doesn’t take all the time in the world to grow this nature of business to $108k per month. 

In fact there are lots of businesses today, not online, making $100k+ every week. 

It’s basically about scaling the business. 

Once you’re able to start up a business, you want to make sure it’s getting more and more patrons every day and that a bad day in business doesn’t surface. 

Whatever business you start up right now, the reality is that it’ll cost you some money. 

And the more money to scale or promote or integrate a different dimension of uniqueness. 

How to Make $150 in an Hour: 7 Real Ways – Final Words. 

So if you want to make up to $150 dollars in an hour, you have the option to build a YouTube channel, start a blog, launch a dropshipping store, start an offline business, try out real estate, develop softwares, or start an ecommerce business. 

However, don’t expect to make $150 in an hour the very day, week, or month of starting your business. 

It takes time to build anything to the point where it generates a reasonable amount of money in an hour. 

Everything takes time unless you have the financial resources to scale within a short period of time. 

But even at that, it’s really expensive and not something you want to do at the early stage of a business. 

Offline or online.

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