How to Make $1,500 Fast: 9 Realistic Ways

If you want to learn how to make $1,500 fast, then this guide is yours. On this blog post are some of the most realistic ways to make money, and make it fast. So, if you want to make $1.5k fast, get ready to make some drastic moves. 

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However, the ideas on this article are highlighted here only for informational purposes alone. They’re 100% realistic, and while some of them can generate cash for you faster, they’re coated with risks (that you must be prepared to shoulder). Unless you want to slowly generate income and generate it passively, then, these are some of the real-world ways to make money up to $1,500 dollars fast. 

How to Make $1,500 Fast: 9 Realistic Ways. 

1. Borrow it from a friend. 

One way to make $1,500 quickly is to get it as a borrowed money from a friend of yours. And if you must get this from a friend, there’s gotta be a reason behind your need for the money. You see, people will give you what you want if you ask them. But then, this is another reason to surround yourself with very important people. 

Of course if your friends are rich, $1,500 dollars would be nothing for them to lend you. But if they’re not so rich and you have a cogent reason to borrow the money just because you need it fast, they could give it to you or help you borrow it from somewhere else. You can’t really rule out this possibility unless you’re an introvert with no friends or you live under a rock. 

2. Trade stocks. 

Stock trading definitely joins one of the best ways to make $1,500 dollars fast. However, you’ll need to spend some time learning to trade stocks. While it’s very profitable, it’s also very risky. And you’ll need to be careful here. If you don’t have enough money to trade stocks or you have no money at all, then you can borrow from a friend to start trading with. This is after you must have learned to trade the stock market to some really crazy dimension. Or to the point where you’re confident you won’t lose money. 

Stock trading, like other online markets, has its rudiments. The creators of the stock trading framework and the concepts from the beginning of things online already know it’s a market and losses are inevitable; that’s how people make gains too. Traders fall short for other traders to make profit. But you need to learn to trade stocks well enough that you’re not a part of the bandwagon of traders falling short in the market. 

3. Ask for $1,500 dollars. 

There’s every chance that you can get $1,500 dollars fast from your friends, family, and loved ones. If you’re from a rich family, then you can ask your guardians or some cousin for the money. You’ve got siblings, uncles, and parents (rich mom and dad)? Then the odds that you’ll get the money and maybe more money are high. Simply asking won’t get you the money. But asking because there’s a business plan on ground or there’s already something you’ve planned to do with the money is enough of a factor for them (your family) to give it to you. Not borrowing this time. Just giving you because, well, you’re family. 

Again, if you’re in a relationship, you can ask your partner for $1.5 grand. IMO, they’ll be more emotionally tied to dancing to your song; they’ll be willing to do anything you ask them. Just make sure you’re not the usurper just using them for their money. I don’t mean to ruin any relationships here, but soliciting for $1,500 dollars from a partner, especially a working class partner, is feasible. 

4. Lift items worth $1,500.

An illegal idea to get $1,500 dollars fast is to lift items worth the money. By doing this, you’d be going too far. Making money quick is great, but stealing is a no-no. However, to explore this idea, you need to visit a nearby store (which could be a grocery store or a store where valuables are sold). Afterwards, lift items skillfully that’ll be worth $1,500 bucks. If you want to do this, here’s two tips: 

  • Don’t go alone to stores/places. 
  • Visit stores with thin to no security systems

5. Phishing. 

Phishing is basically creating a website online that shadows another website or steals the appearance of another website. When people visit this fake website and they attempt to log in, then you steal their information and log into the original website using the stolen details. Why is this bad? It can traumatize people literally. 

So, if you want to make $1,500 fast, you can phish a website like PayPal or Walmart or some other ecommerce website. And get people to visit it. Naturally, they’d want to log in. Once they attempt to log in, then you steal their information. It’s already too late once they’ve typed their login details into the forms. Afterwards, you can start harvesting login details to access their original accounts and even shop using their card details. 

6. Loan it online. 

Right now, on the web, there are dozens of websites that you can borrow $1,500 from. All you have to do is to access them with the click of a button on Google, fill out some Verification checks and you get the money. You can get more money by loaning from online credit companies. If you don’t want to do stuff online, you can actually take a bank loan. 

Increase your debt size. And you can always repay later. For the fact that the bank allows you to borrow $100,000+ dollars in the US, it’s a great opportunity to create a good debt and invest with it. What you do with the money determines if it’s a good debt or a bad debt at the end of the day. 

7. Sell your valuables. 

Instead of taking a loan or asking friends and families to give you money, you can look to your own assets for money. Of course, you can sell your own jewelry to get $1,500 fast. It depends on what’s more important right now, but jewelry is a very critical investment with the tendency to appreciate in price especially if you’ve got only the original of them. So, if you don’t want to trade, or ask people for money, or do anything illegal to make money, consider selling your valuables; jewelry, gadgets, and even clothes. 

8. Trade binary options. 

While binary options is just as risky as stock trading, it’s short-term. This means that you get to make money quickly while trading binary options. However, there are several reasons it’s not an entirely good idea; and this is because you have a higher chance of losing your trading capital. Just before I forget, you can only trade binary options if you’ve got money. A lot of trading money. 

If you’ve got none, it’ll be a bad idea to take a loan just to trade. The bottom line is that you can trade the binary options market and make a pile of money. But risk applies. Every time. And you must be willing to learn all you can about trading the binary options market if you must make gains. 

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9. Airbnb apartment lease. 

An easy way on how to make $1,500 fast is to lease your apartment on Airbnb. It’s not exactly easy, and this is because you’ll need to actually have an apartment of your own first or an apartment that you manage before you’re eligible to apply to Airbnb with your apartment. If your apartment is well suited, then you can get paid around $200/night. 

Yes, you get paid nightly. And the most important thing is for your apartment to be in good and leasable condition. With $200/night, you only need about 8 nights to make $1,500+. And it’s realistic to aim for this figure even if you’re just starting out as an Airbnb host

How to Make $1,500 Fast: 9 Realistic Ways – Final Words. 

Making $1,500 fast isn’t one of the easiest things to do in the world. If it were, then there’d be billions of people (if not every single soul on the planet) making $1,500 dollars, and making it fast. 

To make this amount of money, some of the things you can do include loaning it online, selling your valuables (for more of less of what they’re worth), trading binary options, borrowing $1.5k from a friend, trading stocks, lifting items worth $1,500 dollars from grocery stores or fashion boutiques or some other stores, simply asking for it from a friend, your boss, or a family relative, leasing your apartment on Airbnb, and phishing (which is one of the illegal ways to make money online; literally stealing credit card details). All of these ways are realistic ways to get $1,500 quickly, and while some of them might work for you, some others won’t. 

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