How to Make $15,000 in a Week: 13 Authentic Methods (Online & Offline)

If you want to learn how to make $15,000 in a week, you’re not lost. And you’re not wandering for the impossible. Making $15,000 dollars in a week is possible. This is about $60k a month, and there are several ways for this to happen. 

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It might take some time for you to start making this amount of money, but if you have some sort of leverage like some money in the bank or if you’re rich, then things can happen quickly for you. With this said, here are 13 authentic ways to make $15,000 weekly online and offline. 

How to Make $15,000 in a Week: 13 Authentic Methods (Online & Offline).

1. Blogging.

If you want to learn how to make $15,000 in a week, then blogging is a way out. To start a blog costs just below $100 dollars, but it takes time to grow a blog to $15k/week or $60k/month. Some blogs never get to this point in their lifetime. 

And a very small percentage of bloggers make this consistently from their blog. You can if you adopt the right strategy to create and grow a blog. First, you start by focusing on a niche. This is the life topic of the blog. It’s what the blog is going to be about in the short and long run. You want to make sure that you’re picking the most profitable niche to blog on and you’re doing things the right way to get traffic from the first few weeks of launching. 

Blogging gives you freedom. It gives you the time to spend doing other things and time to spend with family too. It’s one of the best (and cheapest) ways to build passive income on the internet and you can create a blog right now without any hurdle. Whether you have a blog or you want to start one right now, this is the guide to see you through

2. Start a grocery store.

Starting a grocery store can be really expensive. But if you can bring the money to the table, then you won’t regret doing it. It’s a money maker especially if you launch it off from the right location. With a grocery store, you could earn much more than $15,000 dollars a week. 

If you want to make a lot of money, you’ll need to spend some more money to build stuff or develop stuff. In this case and depending on the size of the grocery store you’re looking to launch, making as much as $15k every single week in pure profits or $60k a month is realistic (unless your store is really really small). 

A grocery (or a retail store) will do the trick. Much more than reading about it on this page, there’s a lot you’ll need to put in place to start up a grocery store and run it. 

3. E-commerce. 

E-commerce happens online and it’s expensive to start it if you’ll be shipping your own products. But if you won’t, then it’s less expensive. You can launch an ecommerce business and promote it to reach millions of people. That’s how you can make enough sales to hit $60,000 dollars in a month. So, if you have 1 million visitors a day, expect 5% of this number to make a purchase. 

That’d be about 50,000 purchases/orders online. This will be a major challenge if you’re dealing with physical products. But if you run an ecommerce business for digital products, it’s a really easy deal as there’s no shipping involved. 

Furthermore, you can easily create an ecommerce platform for digital products without the knowledge of coding. Before starting, understand how it works and know the products you’d be dealing with online. Know your audience, the digital products, and have a promotion/marketing strategy. 

4. Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is relatively easy to start and it’s one of the best ways on how to make $15,000 in a week. You can do affiliate marketing right from your home and it’s strictly online. This is basically telling people about products online and when they click the button to buy it, you get a commission as the affiliate marketer. Now, it’s free to become an affiliate marketer for most digital products online, and even physical products. And while Amazon makes it easy for anyone to become an affiliate marketer, you may never be able to average $60k/month as an affiliate marketer with Amazon. 

Maybe, just maybe you’ll get your earnings to $5k with Amazon. There are other ways to do affiliate marketing if you want to make $15,000 dollars a week. And the best way is having a web magnet like a YouTube channel, blog or social media page, and promoting your products on these magnets to generate rapid sales. 

5. Start a bakery. 

Chef chef!

If you have a knack for cooking or you’ve got great baking skills, then you can start a bakery to make $15,000 dollars a week. A lot happens in the bakery, and you’ll need to niche down to a particular snack first before going broad. 

Of all the businesses on this list, a bakery is self-promoting. You don’t really need to do much and people will locate your enterprises wherever you site it. Secondly, you’ll need to know what you’re doing with the flavors. 

Wrong flavors = poor taste = low patronage. 

You know how to keep the patrons on your page; by getting it right with the flavors and by tasting like no other. Uniqueness in taste and packaging goes a long way to scale a business like this naturally. 

6. Real estate. 

In the real estate world, you can make $60,000+ dollars a month by flipping houses primarily. There are other ways to make this money in the real estate world, but the one that works really well for a lot of realtors is house flipping. You buy a house at $500k and resell it at $580k or $600k+ within a month. 

The ROI can be massive especially if you’re buying properties in commercial and residential units of the city. You’ll need to have the money to acquire a house if this must work. If you’ve got $10k or $20k, it could work but you wouldn’t be making $60k+ a month. Maybe you can make $60k in 6 months. More money to invest will boomerang higher profits.  

7. AdSense traffic arbitrage.

Right now, AdSense arbitrage is one of the cool ways on how to make $15,000 dollars a week. It’s all about monetizing a blog with AdSense and buying traffic to the blog so that you’re able to make more with Google ads than you spend in buying traffic. 

So, it’s possible to buy traffic to a blog with just $50 dollars. And at the end of the day, you’re making $117 from AdSense ads and clicks on the ads on your blog. I know a couple of people making up to $58k (just $2k shy off $60k/month) with AdSense arbitrage. If you’re able to get the cheat code to do it profitably, then you’re good at making money at will. It’s a loophole really. 

8. Boutique. 

Just like owning a grocery store, a boutique takes a similar route. You spend a lot of money to launch it at a commercial site and people will troop in from time to time to make purchases and shop. 

It’s one way to make $15k a week, and depending on the size of your boutique, you can become a millionaire in just 1 year of running and scaling this business. Money makes it happen. After launching your boutique, you’d need to promote it online and offline to get more people to buy your stuff. The more products you have up on your stock, the more sales you’re gonna make. 

9. Assets rental.  

Acquiring rental assets is one of the ways to make up to $15 a week or more. Rental assets are equipment people rent to organize parties or ceremonies. They usually return it after a period of stipulated time agreed upon by the client and the property owner. 

So, if you have a large scale of rental assets, you’d be able to lease them for money nearly every single day. Or every other day people organize events. It’s your call to expand the business and make more money by making flyers and business cards for the sake of outdoor marketing

10. Digital marketing. 

Anything that has to do with promoting or gaining visibility online is digital marketing. This term employs different strategies to push a brand, an event, a business or a campaign online or on the internet. There are several branches of digital marketing including email marketing, SEO, social media marketing, influencer marketing, conversion optimization, copywriting and whatnot. So, you can focus on one and find clients to work with online to make money up to $60k a month. 

This is a challenging one because it’s realistic but you’ll find it difficult to get clients willing to pay so much money for your digital marketing services. Alternatively, you can make use of your digital marketing skill to build an online side hustle that generates money for you (which can go up to $60k a month) or create an epic and never-before-seen course on your digital marketing niche. 

The course is an information product, and it can really generate more than $60k a month if you’re good at what you teach and you’ve become an influencer in your space. 

11. Trade online. 

Trading online is a gift if you’re good at it. There’s no amount of money you can’t make from the financial market online. Let me place balance here; there’s also no ceiling to the amount of money you can lose if you’re not careful. 

However, there’s every need to learn about the online market before delving in that direction. The ideal strategy is to focus on one financial market before drifting to others. You can choose to focus on stocks, crypto or even forex. In my case, I started off with learning crypto before trying out binary options. Your story should be different. 

12. YouTube. 

On YouTube, people make money. Maybe not statistically $15k a week, but more than $60k/month because YouTube pays every single. So, you can start a YouTube channel free of charge and grow it over time to generate passive income for you. It doesn’t just happen by accident; you’ll need to have a strategy for growth. 

From choosing your niche to eventually developing content and optimizing it on YouTube before publishing, you need to have a strategy (particularly for getting topics and making your videos). You’ll thrive through consistency. Once you start gaining momentum on your channel, then you can unleash the possible monetisation techniques on your YouTube channel. 

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13. Podcasting. 

Lastly, you start a podcast of your own to make money. For this to work for you, you’ll need to understand what podcasting is and how to make it big as a podcast host. A lot of these podcast hosts generate well over $15,000 per week from their channels. 

If you’re an extrovert, then podcast hosting is for you. If you’re an introvert, then you’ll miss out on all the fun and this isn’t for you. Podcasting is verbal content creation; be it audio or video. And you get to invite other voices on your podcasts – this is one of the fastest ways to grow a podcast channel; working and organizing meetings with renowned/influential personalities in your niche. 

How to Make $15,000 in a Week: 13 Authentic Methods (Online & Offline) – Final Words.

To make $15,000 a week, you can do a lot of realistic stuff. Some of them, like trading the online markets, can print you money quickly (and they pour in more risk), while others take a little more time, maybe a while to make sense of every bit of effort you put in. 

In summary, some of the ways to make $15,000 in a week include podcasting, starting a YouTube channel, trading online, venturing into digital marketing, acquiring assets to rent out, opening a boutique or clothing store, AdSense traffic arbitrage, opening a bakery, blogging, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, and launching a grocery store. 

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