How to Make $200 a Week as a Kid: 10 Best Ways 

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Are you looking for the best ways on how to make $200 a week as a kid? Then you’re just right one the perfect page of the web. As a kid, there are quite a few things you can do to make money mostly in the online world. 

Yes, there are lots of age restrictions and all that especially if you’re looking to start a business or make money offline. There’s a long list of the things you can’t do in the offline world just because you’re not the golden 18 yet. Kids need money too. 

And it’s not a bad idea to be a kid millionaire. Every kid wants to make their parents and siblings live the best life, and I know you crave the same thing too. With $200 dollars a week, that’s about $800 dollars every month, and in one year you have about $9,600. 

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While this isn’t a dream income for many adults, it definitely makes a lot of sense and helps you as a kid. That said, here are 10 best ways on how to make $200 a week as a kid. 

How to Make $200 a Week as a Kid: 10 Best Ways. 

1. Grow a brand new blog. 

And I’m saying a brand new blog basically because you may not have the capital to buy an already established blog. If you’re asking what a blog is, don’t worry I’ve got you. A blog is what you’re reading right now. 

It’s a website or a space on the web that’s regularly updated. Now, blogging can make you a lot of money. And it’s the kind of an income machine that can generate income for you passively. Even while you’re deep asleep. 

Your blog runs in the background of things and little robots put whatever is on your blog in front of thousands of people (if not millions). To start a blog just like this one and start growing it to make money passively in the long run, checkout this free guide

2. Start a YouTube channel. 

This is long term but as a kid, you’ve got all the time to nurture a YouTube channel until it becomes a money-making machine on autopilot. It doesn’t cost anything to become a YouTuber. It’s totally free, and making money on YouTube doesn’t happen overnight. It doesn’t happen in 90 days either. 

Patience however is one of the ingredients for success. Plus, building a YouTube channel can be fun if you’re trying to get yourself out there. You’re an adorable kid. So it’ll be easy to get subscribers.  

3. Pet-sitting. 

Are you a pet lover? Then you can make up to $200 dollars a week sitting or walking pets in your city. It’s not difficult to get started and you don’t pay a dime. Pets love kids too, so it’ll be an easy one for you and the pets.

Meanwhile, you can make much more than $200 dollars a week as a kid if you’re serious about making money and are willing to work for long hours. Pet-sitters get paid a minimum of $20 dollars per hour. That’s working 10 hours a week or 2 hours per day to make $200 dollars every week from pet-sitting. 

4. Take surveys online.  

Taking surveys won’t make you rich in one night as a kid. But if you go aggressive and take surveys for a long stretch of time, you could earn $200 dollars in a week. Aside from taking surveys, you can play games, watch videos on Swagbucks. 

There are other platforms that pay real money to take surveys, but Swagbucks tops the list. Even at that, you’re not getting paid $5 dollars every now and then for surveys. It’s cents. Plus, it takes time to get done with a survey. Taking surveys is a way to get to $200 dollars a week and that’s if you’re always indoors. And prefer it that way. 

5. Sell your toys online.

Thanks to Etsy and Facebook Marketplace, you can sell your used toys on these platforms to make money back as a kid. It’s flipping your toys for cash. And who knows, you might sell them for a little more or less the price you bought them in the first place. 

About flipping items, you can sell other items you own other than your toys to make $200 a week as a kid. Be it your shoes, bags, and whatnot, there’s a high demand for usable items in the online world. If you’ve got nothing to sell, then you can focus on buying cheap and selling high by visiting flea markets in your city to see what you can flip for more money online. 

6. Design t-shirts. 

Luckily, you can design t-shirts as a kid and still make a lot of money. This time, you’d be doing it without spending a dime. On Teespring, Redbubble, and Amazon’s Merch, you can create your own virtual list of designed t-shirts, more like an online showroom, for customers to order from. 

The more designs you have in your store for all seasons of the year and holidays ever, the better. When customers create an order or place an order on your store, Teespring or whatever company you’re designing with prints the design and t-shirt as it is and ships. Good part is that you fix the prices. 

Although there’s a minimum price threshold.  You just need to get your design valuation right and moderate. 

7. Create online sources. 

Yes there are other kids and even adults looking to learn the things you know now little genius. So, create a course around your most polished area of specialization and teach people. Take the time, it’s worth it. 

Create the killer course and upload it to course websites like Udemy and Coursera. If your course becomes a bestseller, you’d make a fortune. If it doesn’t, you’d make a fortune assuming it’s of good quality and doesn’t have an overwhelming amount of already existing courses about the same topic. 

8. Start dropshipping. 

While dropshipping has been the talk of the day for some years now, it’s still really lucrative for an online business. Plus, there’s no age restrictions as to who’s eligible to start dropshipping. It’s a great business concept, and it mimics the model of e-commerce without dealing with physical products directly. 

You don’t package or house or even buy any product. Your dropshipping store acts as a middleman between buyers and sellers. All you do is redirect sales, deal with customers in your store and maintain your virtual dropshipping store. 

It’s not free to start a dropshipping store. It costs money to not only start, but to promote. But then if you’re able to start dropshipping the right way as a kid, you could make $200 every hour passively.  

9. Trade crypto. 

Want to make $200 dollars in a week as a kid, then one of the most realistic ways to get there is to trade crypto. You’ve got a lot of time to learn everything about crypto, the best trading strategies, and risk management techniques. 

That’s pretty much all you need to know before diving deep into the world of crypto. It’s interesting, and much more than learning strategies, emotional control is a big part of trading in the financial markets as so with any other business. 

To learn the right way to trade crypto (and other financial assets including stocks), go to Basically, Ragingbull is a platform for learners to meet with teachers or trading experts with legendary track records. 

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10. Freelance writing for websites to make $200 a week as a kid. 

Truth is, even as a kid you can make money freelance writing for multiple clients online. This is how it works – you sign up for a seller account on Fiverr and start searching for freelance writing gigs of your choice. 

You can also sign up for a free account on Upwork to get freelance writing gigs for free. You can make up to $80 dollars for a single writing gig and it’s mostly per word payment. So if you get a gig from a client willing to pay you $0.08 per word, that’s $160 dollars for a 2,000-word piece of content you create. 

Some clients pay way more than this. Paying $0.10 or $0.12 per word earns you $200 dollars or $240 dollars respectively. It’s challenging to find freelance clients on these platforms. It takes days sometimes. On the other hand of things, you can get remote writing jobs around you with a simple Google Job search or a search on 

How to Make $200 a Week as a Kid: 10 Best Ways – Final Words.

Making money as a kid doesn’t have to be difficult. And to make $200 bucks every week, you can trade crypto, start growing a brand new blog from scratch, launch a YouTube channel, start pet-sitting for money, take surveys online to make money, sell your toys online particularly on places like Etsy and Amazon, design t-shirts online, start dropshipping, and sell courses to beginners. 

Some of the best options on this list can generate steady passive income for you even as a kid. And the revenue generation limit for these passive income streams don’t seem to have a cap. 

That is, you can make as much money as you want as long as you keep growing or scaling your business. Especially the ones capable of resurfacing passive income in future. 

For some of these ideas like blogging, dropshipping, t-shirt designing, selling toys online, and YouTube, $200 dollars could take a while. But if you’re patient enough, you could make much more than $200 dollars a week. Maybe $300 a week or even $1,000 dollars an hour

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