How to Make $200 in an Hour: 7 Smart Ways

How to Make $200 in an Hour

If you want to learn how to make $200 in an hour, then you’re definitely reading a masterpiece guide to doing this. 

$200 an hour is a lot of money. 

Not a day this time, every hour that wallows away.

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So, would this make you a millionaire in one year? 

Yes it definitely would. 

Making $200 dollars in an hour amounts to $4,800 in a day. 

And in a month, you’d be $144k richer. 

In one year, that’s a whooping $1.7 million dollars. 

But how exactly can you make $200 dollars in an hour? 

Basically, any self-employed job that can earn you $200k in a month is already serving up in excess of $200 in an hour. 

Quite a bit of a personal question, but if you don’t mind, what would you do with $1.7 million dollars a year? 

In theory, there’s a lot you could do (until the money’s in your account before you come running to Google to search for what to do with $1.7 million dollars). 

Just saying. 

Without further craze, here are 7 realistic ways to make $200 in an hour. 

How to Make $200 in an Hour: 7 Smart Ways. 

1. Blogging (remotely). 

Can you make $200 in an hour blogging? 

The answer to this is a resounding YES

Blogging is a real business and if you think it’s one of those businesses that can’t really make you a millionaire, think again. 

It can. 

Whatever business you set out to start, there’s a millionaire in there and a hobbyist making cents also in the same arena of business. 

So yes, blogging is one of the ways on how to make $200 in an hour. 

If it’s a term you’ve never heard of, then I’ll explain. 

What’s a blog? 

A blog is a space on the web where you can upload just about anything. 

It’s your space. 

And you can also monetize it. 

A blog gives you the platform to speak to an audience in whatever voice you want. 

It’s basically a warehouse, your warehouse on the internet where anything can be stored. 

The best part is that little robots take your stuff in this warehouse and send it to people across the world within seconds. 

Making $200 in an hour with a blog. 

So if you want to make $200 in an hour with a blog, you’d have to go about it in a totally different way. 

Just because it’s your blog doesn’t mean you should take it for a hobby. 

To make life-changing money with a blog up to $200 hourly, you’ll need more writers on board, more promotion team, and whatnot. 

That’s going about things from a company standpoint. 

This means running a blog as a CEO, you’re the boss here with tens of writers or even hundreds of workers under your umbrella. 

This way, it’s easy to grow really fast and even make much more than $200 in an hour. 

If you don’t have the resources to hire a ton of writers and you want to go about this your way, all by yourself, then you’ll need to be extremely patient with the flow of things. 

First of all, you want to focus on a niche and really cover it. 

A niche that’s profitable like insurance or health, or education. 

You can merge up two or three niches as long as they’re related to some extent. 

Now, you want to focus on creating quality content that’s worth promoting and also create your own products that can be sold to the audience in your niche. 

With time and a bank of quality contents, you should be able to monetize your traffic and generate enough income to surpass the $200/hour or $4,800/day benchmark. 

To start a blog today, read up my complete guide to setting up your blog and growing it to generate passive income. 

2. Crypto day-trading.

However active as it is, crypto trading can make you $200 in an hour. 

It’s a self-employed job and you can do this from your home. 

Before rushing off to start trading, you need to learn the ropes. 

Learn how to trade crypto for what it is and how to minimize your risks. 

Crypto trading in itself won’t make you passive income. 

But there are investment trends in the crypto world and on crypto platforms that can generate fixed passive income steadily.   

3. Options trading. 

Instantaneously, you can make $200 bucks depending on how much you’re trading with. 

I won’t be disclosing a lot about options trading strategies and what methods I trade with to win 98% of the time. 

The point is, options trading is one of the self-employed jobs that pay $200 in an hour. 

You can start trading with as little as $100 bucks on a lot of brokers, and create a sell/buy order with as little as $1. 

But if you want to make $200 dollars in an hour, trading with $100 won’t get you there. 

The more money you get into the market with, the more profit you’re likely to make. 

4. Ecommerce. 

You know about Amazon and eBay? 

These are perfect examples of ecommerce platforms that make a lot of money

If you’re a retailer or you’re into the business of buying and selling, you can amplify your sales and business performance with an ecommerce store online to reach millions of people in every corner of the world. 

It’s one of the best ways to spontaneously boost sales and revenue. 

Similarly, you can start an ecommerce business just for digital products or products you own if you’re not into the buying/selling/retail world. 

If you’re an art creator, you can start an ecommerce business to showcase your work and reach customers from different parts of the world. 

Much more than just creating an ecommerce platform, you want to promote it with your last sweat to reach a lot of people. 

Logically, the more customers visit your store online, the more orders and sales you’ll record. 

Apparently, that’s the more money you’ll make. 

5. Software development. 

When it comes to entrepreneurship, software is at the forefront. 

As a software entrepreneur, you can make a lot of money if people easily get stuck with your software. 

It’s simple logic that requires a ton of money to replicate in the real world. 

Build an addictive software like a social media app or a game, and market it to millions of people. 

To make money, you want to make sure there’s an in-built monetization scheme running in the background. 

This way it’ll be easy to generate an excess of $200 dollars every hour in that phase (even as a minimum viable product). 

6. Real estate. 

If you want to make $200 in an hour as a self-employed, or $144k a month, real estate can get you there. 

It’s a holy grail for anyone interested in real properties and investing big time. 

To set things straight, real estate doesn’t pay hourly, but then it’s safe to say it can pay $200 in an hour because you can earn $200k+ a month as a realtor (which is about $278 in an hour). 

It’s also one of the self-employed jobs that you can get into without a single dollar. 

House flipping and development of real properties are some of the biggest activities in the real estate industry that can really twitch your financial status positively for life. 

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7. Dropshipping. 

Dropshipping is a business model I enjoy writing about. 

This is because it makes a lot of sense playing middleman to mega ecommerce stores online. 

Dropshipping is great because it doesn’t cost a lot of money, but can make you a lot of money. 

It’s simply creating your online store, and importing products from another real ecommerce store like Amazon. 

You make money by adding a markup to original product prices, and there’s a host of in-built plugins to get all the work done. 

Before starting a store, fraternize with the learning curve to dropshipping and get to know the best stores to dropship on

How to Make $200 in an Hour: 7 Smart Ways – Final Words. 

Still thinking about making $200 dollars in an hour? 

You can do that by trading the options market, day trading crypto, starting a blog, getting into real estate, launching a dropshipping store, developing a software of your own, and starting an ecommerce business. 

While there are more ways to make $200 in an hour offline and online or $144k+ in a month, these are some of the best self-employed jobs to try out in the 2020s to get there. 

As a note of motivation, warning and encouragement, you’re definitely not going to make $200/hour the first day, week, month, or first few months getting your hands dirty with these businesses and self-employed jobs. 

It takes time to build something substantial, so much so that it generates a lot of money north of a hundred grand monthly. 

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