How to Make $200 Million Dollars: 8 Legit & Realistic Strategies (No BS)

You’re definitely a big dreamer if you’re looking for the best ways on how to make $200 million dollars. There are several ways to make this happen. But if you’re already a millionaire, things can get easier for you already. Making $200m is no joke if you’re finding it hard to boast of $10k right now. Or if you’re not rich at all. Or if you’ve got no money. 

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You can make more money if you already have money. And it’s more challenging to make money when there’s nothing already. With this said, whether you’re a millionaire or not, here are 8 legit ways to make $200 million dollars. 

How to Make $200 Million Dollars: 8 Legit & Realistic Strategies (No BS). 

1. Build a web tool. 

Building and monetizing a web tool is one of the ways to make $200 million dollars without a doubt. It’s all about the idea that you can come up with. If you’re targeting a niche that’s evergreen, then you can think about remedying a challenge in that niche. Basically, the idea is for you to build a tool that’s either niche-specific or general. 

If it’s a general tool online, you’ll get more people to use it but you won’t be able to price it extremely high. But if it’s niche-specific, people will be willing to pay more for it because they’ll really need it. At the end of the day, making $200 million dollars will come from an insanely relevant tool that’s relatively new or poses as a top rival to other already existing tools on the web. Most of the money will come from subscriptions and sponsorships. 

The tool will be hosted on a website. So, you can also monetize the website with ads (by ad networks like Google AdSense or Ezoic), and direct ads (by selling spaces on the website to private advertisers). Depending on the level of traffic, you’d be able to general $100k+ a month in ad revenue and even more in private ads. But then, subs will make up 99% of the income. Or less. If you’re pricing the tool at $196/month and you manage to get 15,000 subscribers, that’s almost $3 million already in one month. 

This is an estimation for a niche-specific web tool. On the other hand, if you get 150,000 subscribers and you’re pricing at just $30 dollars per month, you’d get $4.5 million per month. Once you start earning like this, you’ll want to put in more money into promotion just to beat the competition and stand strong. From start to finish, a lot of work goes into building a web tool. And here are some of the most popular web tools on the web just to give you an idea: 

  • Landingi 
  • Woocommerce 
  • Total 
  • SemRush
  • Goodie 
  • StepForm 
  • Pixpa 
  • Fixrunner 
  • Usocial
  • FOXMetrics
  • Ahrefs 

These are basically niche-specific tools and they generate millions of dollars in revenue every single month. At least most of them do. So, if you want to make $200 million dollars, consider launching your own web-based tool. 

2. Diversify into tech development.

Majority of the tech companies you know about today are worth several billion dollars. And they generate hundreds of millions in yearly revenue too. So, if your goal is to make $200 million, then you should consider launching into the tech space. 

Come up with a possible challenge that’s global and devise a tech solution. Now your solution might not be the only one out there tackling this challenge, but you’ll make a lot of money if you’re even a top rival and a brand name in the industry. 

3. Launch a supermarket. 

People visit the supermarkets around the US every single day to shop and more. Basically to shop. So, if you can build your supermarket and market it, you’d be making a lot of money. I can’t say you’ll make $200 million in 12 months or 1 month of operating this venture, but I can tell you that if you’ve got the money to launch something as huge as McDonald’s, $200m would be a joke. 

A supermarket is a SuperMarket. It’s a market that’s extraordinary, and if it’s yours, every profit launches deep into your pockets. Let’s do some math here. If your supermarket makes a grand total of $314,000 dollars daily in sales (and yes it has to be a mega supermarket in the right location to generate a figure this juicy for daily counts), that’s about $9.4 million dollars a month. 

For the record, McDonald’s generates a daily revenue of over $63 million. So, $314k/day is smaller than a piece of cake here. In one year, you’re left with $113 million in gross. This means you’d make over $200m in 2 years with a supermarket like this. It’s really a grand business that’ll cost you a boatload of money to set up. 

4. Develop a crypto exchange. 

Right now, the twin co-founders of Gemini exchange, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, are worth $1.5 billion each. This is to tell you how much money is in the development of crypto exchanges. This is so because millions of people use them and billions of dollars flow through these crypto exchanges every single day. Think about it. 

However, it’s expensive to launch a crypto exchange like Gemini or Binance. You can start with developing your own crypto wallet first before diversifying into fabricating the online trading framework if you know how the crypto world and the world of Blockchain works. With the right marketing and internal framework, you’ll be able to generate $200m in a few months after a while of successfully managing and upgrading your crypto exchange.

5. Invest in building gaming apps. 

Gaming apps are addictive and a lot of people from around the world have them in their smartphones. Some of the top gaming apps or mobile games generate billions of dollars. You don’t have to be a programmer to make this a reality. If you can come up with a brilliant idea for a game, then your money can make programmers get to work. 

Plus, if it’s a really creative game like the world hasn’t seen, then get ready to pioneer a billion dollar gaming company. Games in mobile phones administer pleasure in different bits. They generate unbelievable revenue, and you can develop yours to make millions. 

6. Start investing in multiple startups.

You never know what startup will boom in asset value tomorrow. So, if you want to make $200 million dollars, you can either buy a startup or invest in one. You can acquire a startup and restructure it for success. Whatever you want to achieve is possible if you first have the right plan, the right mindset, and the right team. 

So, investing in startups isn’t a bad idea. Buying them to boost their performance and take them to the next level isn’t also a bad idea. If your goal is to make $200m, then it’ll take you time especially if you’re anchoring a startup with less than $1m in annual net revenue. 

7. Launch a fast-food restaurant. 

McDonald’s is a brand name in this niche. But then, you can make $200 million dollars from your own fast-food restaurant. If you’ve got the cash, you can launch your own off the ground in no time. You start by learning what it takes to open a fast-food restaurant and how to make it successful. It’ll be a crazy experience especially if you’ve done nothing like this before. 

In this case, you don’t just need the money, you need the right people to make your business a reality. Coupled with promotion, upscaling, and influencer marketing, you can take your fast-food restaurant from the grass root level to skyscraper heights. And I’m talking about something mega. Not a micro venture. 

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8. Car manufacturing.

Manufacturing vehicles is a gold mine but it would cost you millions of dollars to even get started with the process. You’ll need to have your own licenses too and a brand name. 

Other than the money, it’s time consuming and even takes a lot more time to have a team of engineers to anchor the manufacturing sessions. These are engineers with prior experience in manufacturing vehicles in other companies. So, you’ll need experts in every session. From marketing to organization and then to engineering, a strong team would make everything easy. 

Plus, if your brand appeals to the market, then you could become a billionaire; you’re definitely going to make more than $200 million dollars. Everything under this car manufacturing sub-point is littler and comparatively more infinitesimal compared to the tip of an iceberg of all you’ve got to do in reality. 

How to Make $200 Million Dollars: 8 Legit & Realistic Strategies (No BS) – Final Words.

Some of the ways to make $200 million dollars are really expensive. They’re generally expensive ideas with crazy high ROI. This means, you’d need to have money or take a loan to launch into any or most of these ideas. In summary, some legit but realistic ways to make $200 million dollars include venturing into car manufacturing, fast-food restaurant business development, manufacturing, supermarket development & entrepreneurship, web tool development, tech development, crypto exchange development, gaming, and investing into start-ups. Everything on this page might sound crazy to you. It’s not. Maybe you have the money; maybe you don’t. 

But I’m certain with 10% of the blood in my body that every idea here will make a little more sense to you if you’re financially enabled to some point versus if you’re working a 9 to 5 or don’t really have any penny. Money makes making money possible. 

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