How to Make $2,000 a Week in 13 Realistic Ways

How to Make $2,000 a Week

Do you want to learn how to make $2,000 a week? 

Then that’s a reality and in this post I’ll unveil 14 ways to get there. 

Making $2k a week means you’re getting paid a total sum of $8k a month. 

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And in one year, that’s about $96k dollars. Quite a lot of money. Just $4k shy of $100k in 6 figures. 

Realistically, a lot of people generate more than $100k in a single hour from their business ventures. 

Some other business magnates generate enough money in a day to sum up $2 million a week. 

Truth is, it takes time to build something to the point where it starts making $2k a week. 

You’ll need patience and since this blog is a realistic blog, I vouched to always share realistic tips here. 

With these ways to make $2,000 dollars a week, you can quickly scale up to making up to $10k a week and even $100k a month with some that guarantee passive income. 

All of these hacks can generate $2k plus. 

Some will do it passively, which is better by far. 

Others will make you money on your time actively. 

With these in mind, here are 13 most realistic ways on how to make $2,000 a week. 

How to Make $2,000 a Week in 13 Realistic Ways.

1. Build a blog. 

Launching a blog right out of the gate will definitely not get you to $2,000 a week. 

It’ll take some time, but as you consistently produce content and build your blog the right way, you can hit $2k a week. 

Now there are bloggers to make this in a single day. 

I can tell you firsthand, it took them years. Starting a blog today and slowly growing it is a realistic way to make $2,000 a week. 

Before starting a blog, you need to know what you’ll be blogging about. 

Unless you want to make nothing from your blogging efforts, choosing a niche right before starting your blog is one of the ways to quickly grow and not fidget in confusion while your blog is life. 

So, without wasting much time figuring out a niche, you can choose a niche from any of these profitable niches in the 2020s: 

  • Law
  • Insurance
  • Medicine/Health
  • Tech
  • Digital marketing
  • Finance
  • Parenting
  • Fitness 
  • Make money online
  • Personal development 
  • Crypto
  • Food
  • Business & entrepreneurship
  • DIY

For the record, these are some of the biggest and most profitable niches. 

Whatever you want to blog about should be centered around one or more of them. 

There are other profitable niches, but these ones stand out. 

They’ve got products you can sell to generate affiliate revenue and millions of folks are interested in topics around them. 

Once you’re able to tie your hobby or passion to any of these profitable niches, you can set up your blog in five minutes and start blogging the right way using this free guide

Like I mentioned before now, making money blogging takes time. 

2. Start a YouTube channel.

If you want to make $2,000 a week, then starting a YouTube channel about something you’re passionate about can get you there. 

It’ll take some time and you need to get the hand of things on launching a successful YouTube channel

Just like starting a blog, you need to settle for a niche with a YouTube channel. 

Pick a niche and create better video content consistently. 

On YouTube, you can make money from ads, by selling your own products, and promoting affiliate products. 

But how this happens is totally dependent on the approach you introduce. 

Naturally, the more views you get, the more money you’re likely to generate on YouTube. 

So, you want to focus on creating better video content every time that engages your users and retains their attention. 

This sends a signal to YouTube that your video is top-notch and should be seen by more people. 

3. Freelance writing. 

If you’re good at writing, you can make up to $2,000 dollars a week taking freelance writing gigs on freelance marketplaces like:

On these freelance marketplaces, you can get writing gigs that pay up to $400 dollars. 

While it’s totally free to get started on most of them as a freelance writer, it can be a little challenging to get your maiden gig as a beginner. 

Once you start taking writing gigs and your portfolio ameliorates from a beginner portfolio to a  more experienced one, it’ll become easier to get gigs. 

On a second note, you can get high paying remote jobs on Indeed or Google Jobs that can earn you up to $2k a week. 

Remote jobs like the ones on job boards don’t require you to leave your home. 

You can work from anywhere as long as it’s a remote job. 

As a freelance writer, you can get paid up to $0.1 per word or $40/hour.

4. Trading online. 

Trading the financial and crypto markets can be really profitable if you know how to do it. 

First things first, you need to learn to trade and master everything you can about trading online. 

Whether it’s stocks, options, crypto, indices, you just need to learn the art first. 

The best investment you can initiate is self-learning at this point. 

With perfect knowledge, then you can double or triple any amount of capital you have at hand by trading online. 

5. Rent your RV.  

If you’ve got an RV, then you can rent it out especially if you’re not using it actively. 

On Outdoorsy, you can lease your RV and get up to $1,500 dollars. 

It doesn’t come in handy to get clients willing to rent an RV on Outdoorsy, but the first step is to list your RV for lease. 

You can also list your RV for lease on RVShare, and how much you’ll be paid depends a lot on the type of RV you’re listing.  

6. Flip websites. 

If you can learn the ropes pretty quickly, flipping websites can become a self-employed job that you can live off. 

This is all about buying websites and selling them online at a higher price. 

Just like flipping houses for money, flipping websites takes the same curve in concept. 

Buy them cheap, work on them a little to be worth more than they were, and then resell them to get a 10% or up to 30% profit. 

Wouldn’t be bad to buy a website at $14k and resell it at $27k after two months. 

That’s realistic, with a gross profit of $13k after sales. 

7. Deal in real estate. 

Making $2,000 a week is a realistic target with real estate. 

You’re not getting paid weekly, and it could take months to get your first deal. 

But the realized profit from a successful real estate deal can transition your financial status. 

Against popular belief, becoming a dealer in the real estate industry doesn’t cost a lot of money. 

This is because there are several ways to make money as a real estate agent or dealer. 

The easiest way is to rent out your apartment or any vacant apartment you manage on Airbnb

This way, you get paid daily for every night visitors spend in your apartment. 

Another way is to invest in crowdfunding with Fundrise (a top-notch crowdfunding platform). 

This way, you get paid dividends quarterly. 

And the more money you invest, the more profit you’re likely to realize in the next quarter of the year. 

The common way to get started as a real estate agent offline is to be the middleman between a property seller and a buyer. 

With any successful deal, you can keep anywhere from 5 to 10 percent of the deal as a middleman. 

Helping residents locate their next home around the city is another way to play middleman and keep the agency fee.  

8. Launch a laundromat. 

With a laundromat in your corner, you can definitely generate upwards of $2,000 dollars a week (if not a day). 

The bottom line is that you can make a lot of money with a standard laundromat if you can fork out the money to start yours. 

On average, it costs up to $70k to start a medium scale laundromat. 

On the high end, $500k can go into starting a large scale laundromat with several machines and workers. 

This is the kind of business that really makes the money. 

But it’s expensive to kickstart basically because of costs. 

9. Start a car wash. 

The good thing about this economy of drivers and vehicle owners is that not every one of them can wash their vehicle themselves. 

Taking this advantage, you can start a car wash somewhere in your city. 

It’ll cost you money, but then it’s profitable enough to make you $2,000 a week and recoup your investment. 

Much more than starting a car wash, promotion is relevant in this case. 

Run local adverts online and print flyers just to spread the word about your new business. 

The more people get to know about your car wash, the more clients you’ll get. 

One thing that’ll keep them coming to your place and not take a left turn the other way to your competitors’ is personal relationship. 

You’ll need to build this with as many clients as you can. 

10. Barbing salon. 

If you’re good at grooming hair as a barber, you can make $2,000 a week from starting a barbing salon or promoting your services online while focusing on home services alone before you’re able to start up a standard barbing salon in the city. 

That’s a rush, but the idea is; barbing pays. 

I’m a barber myself. 

And I love the work of art a lot. It’s creative, and rewarding. 

Now it’s pretty expensive to start a standard barber salon in the UK and the US, but you can start by performing home services just to raise enough money to set up a clean barber shop. 

Packaging, location, and a satisfying service delivery all add up to foster the progress of any business. 

11. Website development. 

Anything web design pays big time. 

And if you want to learn how to make $2,000 a week, then consider becoming a web developer. 

As a skilled web developer, you can make much more than $2,000 a week working online for multiple clients as a freelance web developer. 

Alternatively, you can get remote jobs on Indeed and some of the top job boards operative in your city. 

There’s Glassdoor, Ziprecruiter, and others. 

People crave and desire the services of good website developers to bring life to their online businesses. 

Another way to make money as a web developer if you’re really good is to build your web tool that requires a premium subscription to perform. 

This way, it’s easier to generate passive income day after day. 

12. Sell items online. 

Just the way you can sell your stuff at different centers and physical marketplaces offline, you can do the same online and make a ton of money. 

But this time, you’ll be doing it more carefully. 

See what’s in stock at flea markets and thrift stores, and then see how much they’re sold online. 

For example, you can flip your used furniture or used clothes online for more money. 

Okay, they don’t have to be yours, thanks to thrift stores. 

You can look up what’s hot online and buy them cheaply from thrift stores or flea markets. 

Once that’s done, sell them online for profit.

With a markup. 

Some of the best places to sell your stuff online are:

Flipping items for money is one of many things a lot of people do to make a living. 

There’s a learning curve too, and you need to calculate a few things like expenditure and costs just to avoid running into a loss at the end of the bargain. 

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13. Amazon FBA. 

With the Amazon FBA program, you can buy products in bulk, ship them to Amazon and let Amazon do the rest for you. 

So basically, you can buy products at a low rate from a different supplier like Target or Walmart, and sell them on Amazon at a higher rate. 

With this, $2,000 dollars a week in revenue is realistic. 

It’s super easy in theory, but you need to learn the ropes and everything you can about the Amazon FBA program to really become a successful FBA seller. 

With hundreds and thousands of suppliers on the FBA program, it’s becoming more and more stringent to easily make sales in surplus. 

But it’s a possibility. 

You just need to start first to see how things play out. 

We’ll keep our fingers crossed.  

How to Make $2,000 a Week in 13 REALISTIC Ways – Final Words. 

Ideally, you can make money passively and actively. 

If you want to make $2,000 dollars a week, then you can do that actively and passively. 

This means you trade less time for more money to make $2k a week (passively), or trade your time for money proportionally (and actively) to make $2k a week. 

On the passive scale, you can get into Fulfillment By Amazon, start a blog, create a YouTube channel, launch a laundromat, a barbing salon or beauty center, or a car wash center.

Actively, you can become a freelance writer taking gigs for up to $700 dollars, build websites for clients, flip items online, flip websites, host strangers on Airbnb, rent your RV, and get into real estate. 

You can’t do everything simultaneously. 

At best, you want to focus on one or two of them for maximum results. 

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