How to Make $20,000 Dollars a Week in 9 Proven Ways

Want to make $20,000 dollars a week? It’s realistic. It happens, and it’s a lot of work. Tell you what? Making $20,000 dollars a week can happen depending on the amount of leverage you’ve got. If you’re a millionaire, then you can definitely make this amount of money every week by investing into different businesses or activities to make more money. With a ton of money in your bank account, you can make more. 

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But if you’re no millionaire, then this article is for you. Millionaires can also capitalize on these methods to make much more than $20,000 dollars a week. These methods aren’t the easiest ways to make money, and there are some really high risk approaches too to $20k/day. Here they are. 

How to Make $20,000 Dollars a Week in 9 Proven Ways. 

1. Start a niche blog. 

If you want to learn how to make $20,000 dollars a week, then blogging is definitely one of the ways to get there. It’s really cheap to start a blog, but it could take some insane amount of work and time to reach $20,000 dollars a week. Firstly, you pick a profitable niche and then a domain name. After that’s done, you research the best topics you can write about and rank for to get traffic. 

You’ll need hundreds of these keywords or topics. Once you’ve gotten them, start creating great content around these search queries. With 10 visitors a day, you can switch on the affiliate marketing revenue generation technique where you recommend products on your blog and send people to landing pages where they’re able to buy the products you recommended. With 300 people (or 10 daily visitors) coming to your blog, you should record some affiliate sales. From there, you can grow the ranking strength of your blog to appear on Google for some high value search terms. This is where the work is, and it could take up to half a decade and sometimes even more to start outranking bigger blogs in your niche. If you’ve not started blogging already, here’s a simple guide for you to start today. 

2. Launch a YouTube channel. 

If you’ve got some really great video editing skills, then you can start up a YouTube channel for free, post lots of videos, monetize your content, and make money. Yes, it’s that simple. But the difficulty to keep up with consistency even when nothing seems to be working out with the YouTube channel will make it look like you’re trying to push a literal mountain. 

First step, choose a niche you’d like your YouTube channel to be about. When that’s done, create the YouTube channel. It’s free. Don’t bother about startup costs. Acquire video editing tools. But if you can edit videos comfortably with your phone, the better (for a start). Next, research for dozens of topics people are searching for that’s not all that popular. 

Also throw in a bunch of popular topics but just know you’ll be putting up the best of the best video content about them online if you must thrive and get attention. Stay consistent. You can monetize your channel in multiple ways when you start getting more views, especially after hitting your first 1,000 subs. 

3. Start an ecommerce business. 

You’ve probably heard about Rakuten, read about Target, and ordered stuff from Amazon. These are e-commerce platforms worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Now, these e-commerce businesses generate $20,000 dollars in a matter of seconds. Not minutes. This means you have loads of hope. You’re starting a business like this to make money, and a lot of planning goes into place to make sure it’s profitable. 

You’ll need to buy your products if you’re starting out, get a warehouse or a room to stuff products, buy cheap and keep the products you’re dealing in, resolve shipping procedures, and capitalize on branded products packaging for deliveries. Won’t be easy. Won’t be cheap. But can get you to $20,000 a week over time. 

4. Start a boutique. 

Probably the most expensive on this list, but running a boutique can take you to the Bernard Arnault pedestal in a couple of years from now depending on what scaling strategies you adopte. Food is life, but fashion is pride. And without it, we’d all be living in animal skins. Damn. That’s still fashion. Truth is, one of the ways on how to make $20,000 dollars a week is starting a boutique business. 

It won’t come easy. You won’t make $20k the first day or first week. Or the first few months. But give it time. A lot goes into starting a physical business like this. Being the first you’d be starting, you don’t want to get it wrong with the location. It’s possible for businesses to survive in a remote vicinity. But with much struggle. And it doesn’t have to be that way. Get the perfect location. Launch your boutique. Scale up. 

5. Get into dropshipping. 

Dropshipping is e-commerce simplified. Although it can yield very promising returns, rarely $80,000 dollars a month. The implication of this is that you’ll need to work your a** out to get to $80,000 dollars a month or $20,000 dollars a week. With a dropshipping store, it’s possible to make $10,000 dollars a day in profit. It’s not all that easy to hit this feat. I mean, if it were, then everyone else would be doing it. Right? To start a dropshipping store, you’ll first need to decide what your store will be about; what to sell and the different policy pages you’ll need. 

I recommend writing every bit of information step by step on a piece of paper or a notebook so you don’t get tangled in confusion. That done? Move on to creating your store. This is easy with Alidropship, and you can connect your e-commerce store to AliExpress easily, seamlessly with Alidropship. In fact, Alidropship is built to make dropshipping with AliExpress seamless. It’s unbelievably cheap too. Click here to sign up now. 

6. Trade the stock market. 

Another way on how to make $20,000 dollars in a week is to trade the stock market. It’s a lot of fun and really interesting if you’re good at it. You get to see how your money piles up in the market for every winning trade you make. If you’re not a stock trading geek, then you want to hire a stock trader or put your money in the hands of one to get a certain percentage every week or month. 

And if you’re looking at $80,000 dollars a month in profit, your investment with a stock broker or a trading geek would be over a million dollars. Got the money? The best investment however is to invest in yourself. You only keep learning when you start trading. You get better everyday. 

7. Learn to trade crypto futures. 

Crypto futures contracts trading is quite different from the normal buying and selling of crypto assets. Although you still buy and sell, but in a different way. This time, you’re allowed to borrow money from the market to trade. You’re in profit exponentially and in loss exponentially depending on how much money you borrow or the leverage size of your trade positions. In the simplest terms, you lose faster and gain faster in the futures market. 

And you can amplify this with the leverage feature. Enlarging the size of your trading positions makes futures interesting. What else? You can trade against a crypto asset. For instance, people make money while bitcoin loses steam and depreciates in price/value. 

As opposed to the normal upward movement profit, you can short sell or short trade a crypto asset so that you’re in profit while the asset experiences a downward price momentum. Or bearish momentum. To make $20,000 dollars a week trading the crypto futures contracts, you’ll need to know exactly what it is and how to not lose at it. For starters, learn to trade crypto first before testing out the futures session. If you’re ready to start trading right now, sign up on Binance today. 

8. Flip houses. 

This is purely real estate, and you can definitely make money flipping houses. That’s if you get people to buy your properties every single week. It takes some time to generate $20,000 dollars a week consistently with flipping houses. This is because it takes even more time to renovate and sell off houses. But then, a monthly profit of $100,000+ from flipping houses will equate to over $20,000/week or $80k/month. If you’ve got the money, you can acquire some really crazy expensive property and resell it to get a 6 figure profit. 

Now, while this can happen maybe once or twice in two or three months, you’re slowly building a portfolio of contacts. People are getting to know what you do and how reliable you are. You can even start up a real estate agency and offer a long list of real estate services with professional real estate dealers in your payroll. 

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9. Trade binary options to make $20,000 dollars a week. 

While it’s really risky to trade the binary options market, you can do it and make up to $20,000 dollars a week. This is a risky deal, but then you can learn to trade profitably and mostly end up with winning trades. Once you’re good at trading the binary options market, you can trade any other financial market with charts and indicators. The first place to get started is on Pocketoption

It’s one of the best binary options brokers out there, and they’ve got a demo account with which you can test out some of the working strategies you’d like to trade with. Demo accounts aren’t real accounts. But to get the best out of trading binary options, treat demo accounts like you would a real account. 

How to Make $20,000 Dollars a Week in 9 Proven Ways – Final Words. 

Realistically, you can make $20,000 dollars a week trading the stock market, crypto futures, dropshipping, blogging on a niche, launching an ecommerce business, starting a fashion boutique, creating a YouTube channel, flipping houses, and trading binary options. Now, you’re not going to start making $20,000 dollars in a week so easily, it takes time. And with some of these strategies like trading binary options and the stock market, and even crypto futures, you want to be extra careful with your trading capital. Else, you could end up losing $20k dollars or a small percentage of it every single week. 

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