How to Make $20,000 Fast in 12 Realistic Ways

What are the best ways to make $20,000 fast? I’m sure you’re wondering how this is possible or how to make this money really quickly. There’s good news. And the good news is that making $20k is a possibility. A quick possibility. While this isn’t the easiest thing to do right now, it’ll cost you something to make this amount of money in a short space of time. 

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I mean, if it wouldn’t cost anything, then a ton of people would be making $20k fast without a sweat. On this page, I’ll show you the most realistic ways to make $20,000 fast, but keep your fingers crossed as this list doesn’t contain the magic tips to making money without investing or letting anything go. 

How to Make $20,000 Fast in 12 Realistic Ways. 

1. Start an ecommerce business. 

There’s no guarantee that starting an e-commerce platform just like Amazon will make you $20,000 dollars the next day. But it’s a reality. There’s a way to get to $20k fast with an e-commerce platform. This time, you’ll need an enormous amount of capital to scale things up. 

While there are two ways to do this, making $20,000 fast with an e-commerce platform is a possibility if you have the money to speed things up and market your ecommerce business to the extreme. Taking a slower and less expensive path, it’ll take time to hit $20,000 fast with a new e-commerce platform without any large capital to market or scale. 

2. Sell items online. 

You can sell items online to hit $20,000 dollars fast. The idea is to learn how to do it in different ways and master the ropes. Once you’re good at selling items online, there’s no limit to how much you can make. You can sell items on Etsy, Amazon (FBA), and even start your own online store to sell products you create (physical or digital). 

Selling items online is one of the most realistic ways to make $20,000 fast. There are mega products that you can flip online to double your money, and if you’re looking at $20,000 dollars, you may need to flip a few costly items, websites included, to get there. And more about flipping items later in this post. 

3. Flip furniture online. 

While there are lots of things you can flip online to make money, furniture stands out. Before getting into this venture, you want to make sure you know exactly how flipping items online works. Once you’re done with the learning process, then you can start flipping items, furniture included. 

The idea of flipping furniture is to acquire them, fix them and resell them at a higher price. That’s the concept of flipping just about anything online for profit. It’s buying and selling, but to add more profit, you may need to spend a little something on renovation. 

4. Freelancing. 

Freelancing is one of the best ways to make $20,000 dollars fast. It’s free, and easy to get started. As a freelancer, you sell your skill to make money. By doing this, you work for multiple clients online to get paid. Whatever you’re good at, there’s a good chance someone is out there willing to pay for your services. 

So, if you’re a writer, programmer, or graphics designer, there are a ton of people who can’t do what you do and they’re willing to pay you to help them out. Freelancing is a realistic way to make money, but it’s a slower path to making $20,000 dollars fast. Unless you’re some guru with god-level expertise at what you do, there’s a good chance you’ll make a couple hundred dollars per freelance project. Or a couple thousand dollars. 

5. Rent your assets. 

Still looking for the best ways on how to make $20,000 fast? Then you can do this by renting out your assets. Whether it’s your vehicle or your apartment, an RV or a space in your house, you can rent them out for money. On Turo, you can rent your car out instead of having it parked in ice. You get paid when someone gets to hire and use it. It’s safe too. 

Thinking of renting your apartment? You can do that on Airbnb and get paid every night when your apartment leases. Depending on where you’re located, you can get paid up to $300/night. While this won’t get you to $20,000 fast, renting your apartment for a year on Airbnb (for about 100 times) can get you there if it’s really exquisite. 

If you have a free space, you can rent it out on Neighbor, but what will shoot you to $20k is renting out your entire apartment and becoming a landlord. On average, it costs $2,000+ to rent an apartment in the US

By becoming a landlord, It’s quick $20k a year if your client pays straight up for the entire year. Lastly, you can rent out your RV on Outdoorsy or RVShare if you have one. While no one is willing to hire an RV for $20k at the go, you can make a lot of money renting your RV from time to time. 

6. Buy/sell a business.

If you can cough up the money, buying or selling a business you own is one of the best ways to make $20,000 dollars fast. This means you’re either letting go of an asset (your business) or acquiring an asset (an established business) with the propensity to generate $20k fast. 

Businesses that can generate this amount of money within a month will be worth ten thousand dollars shy of millions. So it’s two ways; you’re either buying a business that can make you this figure fast (which is an expensive route), or you’re selling your business for $20k or more. 

7. Sell your car. 

Own a car? Maybe you should sell it to make $20,000 dollars fast. If it’s worth a lot of money, then selling it out is one of the most realistic ways to make this figure fast. It can be challenging to get someone to buy your used vehicle sometimes, but partnering with auto dealers is one way to get it into the market faster. 

Another option to consider if you’re thinking of selling your car to make $20,000 fast is to look up sites like Carvana, the Facebook Marketplace, CarGurus, eBay Motors and Autotrader. On these sites, you can easily list your vehicle for sale, and quickly get it in the eyes of interested potential buyers. 

8. Dropshipping. 

You can make $20,000 fast with a dropshipping store. That’s the plain truth. Without having to spill a ton about dropshipping, it’s basically setting up a store and connecting it to another store. You don’t have to buy anything, you just pay for a dropshipping store plan and other tools to import products from suppliers like Alibaba, Doba, Megagoods, Modalyst, or SalesHoo

The marketing and customer services are your basic responsibilities. This means, you take up the task of promoting your store to get more sales, and also fixing customer service issues. 

9. Create your own course. 

If there’s something you’re exceptionally good at, you can create a course around it and have it uploaded on course sites like Udemy, Coursera, or Teachable for sale. Thousands of people want to learn how you do your stuff, and they’re more than willing to spend a couple hundred bucks on your course. 

If you can create multiple courses with top-notch quality, even better. One good thing about creating a course is that it doesn’t have to be all text. A much easier option is to create a video-based course that’s more engaging, practical and elaborate. Stick to a niche so it’s easy to build your brand, your name and an audience there. 

Forget the part where I typed “exceptionally good”. You don’t have to be a pro at something to create a course. With enough passion and research about the topic, you can come up with a great curriculum and build your course content well enough that it’s worth hundreds of dollars. 

While creating a course online is one of the most realistic ways to make $20,000 fast, there’s no guarantee that your course will gross so much especially with the avalanche of courses on a deluge of topics in diverse niches. Embark on thorough research to see what topics haven’t been fully covered. Plus, the topic must have enough searches per month – a good hint that you’ll get more sales on your course.  

10. Develop a mobile app. 

Developing a mobile app of your own is one of the best ways to make a lot of money. But then, it costs a lot of money to build an app from scratch, let alone market your app to reach millions of people. If you’re able to come up with an idea and then transform the idea into an app, even as an MVP, it’ll generate a lot of money. 

Depending on the monetization method you utilize and the number of users, you can generate a ton of money in four figures daily. Maybe it’s not going to be a mega success in the first year, but if you must build an app, it should be addictive enough to pull millions of downloads in a short while (with little marketing efforts). With an app like Canva or Adobe, you’re sure to make $20,000 fast within a couple of days. But these apps didn’t go viral instantly either. 

11. Trade futures. 

Trading the futures market is risky. But it can make you a lot of money if done the right way. Futures trading is interesting as you get to learn, unlearn and relearn. Truth is, to make $20,000 dollars fast trading the options market, you’ll need to have a lot of money at hand first. And leverage down in the market positions you open. 

By leveraging down, I mean borrowing less from the market to secure a position just so you have more equitable returns if things play out right with your trades. Conversely, you’ll lose more with a higher leverage. Trading futures to make two times $10k dollars is a realistic option. And it requires you having enough capital to trade with. 

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12. Binary options. 

One of the most realistic ways on how to make $20,000 fast is to trade binary options. When it comes to trading online, it’s risky. Although there are a lot of things to consider if you’re shooting for $20,000 dollars fast. Things like the trading capital, trading strategy, and the market volatility are three things to technically consider. 

If you’re good at trading online, then it’ll be easy to make $20,000 fast with a more robust trading capital. Depending on your trading approach and the amount of trading capital you have, you can get to $20k with just a few trades or a series of successful trades. 

Do some good research to trade with the best binary options brokers so you don’t lose your entire capital to joker online camouflaging as binary options brokers. Lastly, beckon on a tight risk management technique to serve as a backup for your capital just in case your trades don’t play out right.  

How to Make $20,000 Fast in 12 Realistic Ways – Final Words. 

Some of the most realistic ways to make $20,000 fast include selling your car, trading futures with a fat capital, trading binary options, starting a dropshipping store, developing a usable mobile app, selling your own course, and buying/selling a business. 

You can also make $20,000 fast with an e-commerce business (but not so fast as it takes time to build an ecommerce business from scratch), selling items online, flipping your furniture or used ones online, renting your assets, and going all into freelancing. Here you have them. Nothing goes for nothing. If you must make $20k fast, then you must be willing to buy, sell, create, or become the asset. 

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