How to Make $20,000 in a Day: 8 Realistic Methods

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Is it possible to make $20,000 dollars in a day? The short answer is; Yes. It’s more than possible to make $20k dollars in one day. And there are many ways this can happen. I’m not saying you’ll wake up tomorrow with $20,000 dollars in your account. I’m also not saying there’s a secret strategy to making $20k every single day without work. Not at all. 

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It takes time and effort to get to this feat. And the people or businesses that make over $20k a day are ridiculously hard-working. And creative too. There’s no shortcut to making this kind of money. In one month, it’s $600k. Or $620k dollars for 31 day months. With this in mind, here are 8 realistic methods on how to make $20,000 in a day. 

How to Make $20,000 in a Day: 8 Realistic Methods. 

1. Start blogging.

Is it possible to make $20,000 in a day with blogging? The short and most accurate answer to this question is a big YES. You can. And it basically depends on how you choose to monetize your blog to make money. The first thing you want to do when thinking of starting a blog that makes $20,000 in a day is to choose the right niche. A niche however is an area of a blog’s concentration. Call it the focal point of a blog. It can be health, insurance, finance, business, gaming, entertainment, or parenting. Whatever area you choose to start a blog in, it must be a profitable area or niche. Every niche isn’t profitable. That so, you want to start out a blog on any of these favorable niches: 

  • Insurance
  • Finance 
  • Make money online 
  • Banking
  • Education
  • Parenting 
  • Gaming 
  • Tech & gadgets
  • Health 
  • Foods 
  • Real estate 

Note: You don’t blog about what you love if you want to make money up to $20,000 dollars in a single day when blogging. Instead, you love what you blog about. You start blogging about it and then you start loving it. Think of it as though you were starting a real business. You won’t like every product you sell. But you love the fact that you’re selling them to make money. 

Depending on the profitability of your niche, you can make tons of money with time if you’re consistently creating the best content in the industry. Anyway, it’s not all about creating the best content consistently, you’ll have to make sure you’re creating the best content around keywords or topics that you can rank for overtime. If you’re ready to start blogging today, checkout this guide. It’s pretty much all you need to get started with blogging

2. Build a mobile app. 

With a mobile app, you can definitely make $20,000 dollars in a day. But this won’t be easy. First of all, you’ll need to think up an idea for your app. Then, if you’re not good at writing codes, you’ll work directly with expert programmers who can bring your app to life. But that’s just the first or second phase of things. With that in place, you need more people to make use of your app. Think of promotion and running upgrades. It’ll cost you a ton of money, and you’ll need a team too to handle different activities like customer service and frequent upgrades. Now, if it’s not going to be an app like this, you’ll barely make a cent. Or you could make money if the app is mind-blowing but easy to run and maintain. 

Like an app that works with recent city news to disburse new business or tech ideas to people. Well, it’ll run on subscription and much more than disbursing these ideas, it tells you where to get started if you’ve got funds or got nothing. Unrealistic, right? But actually, this can be programmed. It’ll cost money and a lot of intellectual investment. 

More than just subscriptions, there are other ways to make money from a mobile app depending on the kind of app it is. The bottom line however is that making $20,000 dollars in a day or $600,000+ dollars a month is possible with a mobile app. We’ve got apps today that take in millions of dollars. And some do billions every month. 

3. Start a YouTube channel. 

To look at this, starting a YouTube channel is one of the best and cheapest ways on how to make $20,000 in a day. If you’re good at making videos, and you stay consistent, then a YouTube channel can generate upwards of $500k/month. This however isn’t going to happen in the next couple of days or weeks. Or even months. It takes some serious time. To build a YouTube channel from the ground. And the first thing you’ve gotta do is to select a niche for your YouTube channel. 

Quite similar to blogging, you need to create the best videos over a long period of time, say, 1 year before you can start seeing some reasonable spikes in views and engagement. 1 year isn’t the magic timeframe for just about any YouTube channel to sprout. If you leave your YouTube channel dormant for 1 year, it’ll be dormant after that 1 year timeframe. 

The work’s on you. And everything that happens will happen based on what approach you adopt and how aggressively active you get. To hit $20,000 in a day, you can monetize your YouTube channel with affiliate links other than just the usual YouTube partner program monetization, sell your own products, your own course, and ask for donations (which still works). 

4. Invest in real estate. 

If you invest in real estate, you’ll definitely make tons of money. But the kind of investment that you need to do here is massive, requiring lots of money. You’ll be flipping houses to make $600,000 dollars a month. While there are other activities to make over $20,000 in a day in profit, you’ll need tens of millions of dollars upfront to invest. And this is when you’re putting your money into crowdfunding platforms, but it’s not going to make you $20,000 dollars in a day. 

So, by flipping houses, you can definitely make a profit of over $20,000 dollars cumulatively; $600k. However, houses aren’t worth a pack of pizza 🍕 – this means you’d need an enormous amount of money to even get started on this one. We’re talking minimums of $25k. 

5. Develop a crypto exchange. 

If you want to make $20,000 in a day, then you can create a crypto exchange of your own. While this is a real and working way to make $20,000 dollars in a single day every other day, it’s outlandishly expensive to put together. First of all, you’ll need to design the crypto exchange in and out, which is a very complicated and elaborate process before attempting to bring it into reality by simply coding it. If you’re not a programmer, then you’ll need to work with Blockchain developers to make this happen; more cost. Let’s say your crypto exchange is live and running, no one’s going to visit it if you don’t put it out there and market it rapidly to give other exchanges a run for their money. 

Everything in one piece, it’s going to cost you millions. But then, this article isn’t about how to make $20,000 in a day without investing a dime. One thing however is certain, that by the time your crypto exchange is out there live and getting hundreds of thousands of users, $20,000/day is one figure you’ll hop over in revenue with ease. 

6. Start ecommerce. 

Of course with ecommerce, there’s no limit to how much money you can make if you’re successful with it. It’s also an expensive option, and it takes time to grow an ecommerce business whether it’s in the digital or physical products space. Before launching an ecommerce business, you’ll need to know exactly what kind of products you’ll be selling. The process of starting an ecommerce business isn’t the easiest in the world, and it involves planning on both digital and physical ends. By digital end, I mean designing the ecommerce platform and setting up the user journey in the website. There’s also the part where you upload product photos and list them (along with their individual copies and pricing). 

In the physical world, you’ll set up your shipping procedure and get conversant with it. That’s on the internal infrastructure. On the outside, you’ll promote your ecommerce business in whatever way. Generating as much as $20k/day with ecommerce is a realistic target. But you don’t have to aim at this target. Focus on delivering value, and the money will add up. 

7. Trade crypto.

Trading crypto, you can make profits of $20,000 dollars a day and above. But this isn’t going to happen with a capital of $200 dollars or $1,000 dollars. It could happen, but rarely. To make things easy even as a trader with the sharpest trading skills, trade with a lot of money; liquidity. 

For example, if you take a long position in Bitcoin at $10,000 dollars (Bitcoin is worth more at the time of this writing; this is just for the sake of illustration, textually) with $20,000 dollars, and Bitcoin appreciates by 13%, Bitcoin becomes $11,300. And your new balance or capital becomes $22,600 with a profit of $2,600. Now, that’s a 13% movement in the upward direction for Bitcoin. What happens if you trade with a larger amount, like $200k? You get a profit of $13,000 dollars (from the same upward 13% movement). The point is; you can make $20,000 dollars a day trading crypto with a lot more money even if you’re good at it and can grow a small account from $200 to $1 million. God mode.  

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8. Trade the stock market to make $20,000 in a day. 

Similar to crypto trading, stock trading is one of the ways to make $20,000 dollars a day. Just like you read in the crypto trading session, more money in your trading account can get you there. For this to happen, you’ll need to be good at trading and have a working strategy. 

Plus, there’s every need to integrate risk management into every position you secure. If you’re ready to start trading the stock market right now, then you can sign up on the best stock trading platform, Robinhood

How to Make $20,000 in a Day: 8 Realistic Methods – Final Words. 

The ways to make $20,000 in a day include starting a blog, trading crypto, starting an ecommerce business, trading the stock market, investing in real estate, building a mobile app, launching a YouTube channel, and developing a cryptocurrency exchange. All the ideas in this article are pretty realistic. Some are outlandishly expensive, and you’ll need a ton of money to even initiate them. Others aren’t so expensive on a mind-blowing end. While some of the methods will generate $20,000 in a day for you passively, some others won’t. The shot is yours to call. 

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