How to Make $20k in a Day: 8 Realistic Ways

Heck, making $20k in a day? It’s really something to take seriously as it’s not the everyday norm for more than 90% of people living on earth today. If you want to learn how to make $20k in a day, you’re on the right page of the web. In this article, I’ll highlight 8 of the best ways to make $20k in a day. 

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Some of these ways will make you money, and take time to reach $20k daily. And by time, I mean years. Some other ideas still on this page will make you a lot of money faster too. It depends on how fast you want to make money and what you’re ready to do to make it happen. With that out of the way, here are 8 realistic ways on how to make $20k in a day. 

How to Make $20k in a Day: 8 Realistic Ways. 

1. Start an ecommerce business. 

Making $20k in a day is a realistic goal with an ecommerce business. But this is an expensive fit. To start up an ecommerce business doesn’t have to do with just the online world. There’s the physical side to it too. And by this, I mean packaging, storing, and shipping. Maintaining the inventory and getting a storage space for your products is one of many things if you’re dealing with physical items. 

But if you want to run an ecommerce business based on virtual or digital products, then you may not have to deal with a lot of physical procedures. Launching an ecommerce business takes time, even if you’ll be selling off virtual products. It’s one of the best ways to passively generate income online. And trust, millions of people buy stuff from the web every single day. Digital products included. 

2. Launch a betting software. 

Another realistic way on how to make $20k in a day is to launch a betting software. This can be a sports betting software or something else that allows people to bet real money. They’d have to create their accounts, deposit money into their accounts and then start betting. There’ll also be an algorithm to reward winners with cash. Of course, there will always be more losers. 

Before starting out something like this, you want to get to know the cost of everything. It’ll be expensive. Even more expensive to promote your betting software to the world. The more people get to sign up and bet using your software, the more money you’ll make. You can also generate steady income from ads other than the normal in-built monetization system. 

3. Create a crypto exchange. 

A lot of crypto exchanges generate billions of dollars in a single year. Take Binance CEO, Zhao, for example, who is worth over $30 billion dollars. That’s over $20k in 1.3 million days. Yeah. I’m not saying you’re going to become as wealthy as Zhao, but you could generate millions of dollars yearly just by starting small. It’s damn expensive to launch a crypto exchange, but once you’re able to do that and promote it, you’ll see how easy it is to make money with mobile/tech projects. Plus, you don’t have to be a programmer to develop a crypto exchange. But if you’re a programmer and you’re really good, it’ll cost you less money to build the exchange. 

If you’re as good as James Gosling, then you can certainly build your crypto exchange singlehandedly and make it however unique as you want it. It’s a lot of work. But trust me, there are programmers who can single-handedly build anything online. 

4. Trade stocks with a mega capital. 

If you want to make $20k in a day, then trading stocks is one of the most realistic ways to go about it. Not just trading stocks, but trading with a large amount of capital. Let’s say $500k. Then, $20,000 dollars would be about 4% of $500k (if I got the math right). This means that with a 4% increase in the price of stocks you trade, you’d make $20k. This is only if the market runs in your favor. If it doesn’t, then you’d be the one losing 4% to the market. However, it is pertinent that you learn to trade stocks before eventually trading with your real money. 

Another way to make up to $20k in a day even without having $500k or more than that is to trade the crypto futures contracts. This is a very lucrative market in the crypto world which can amplify your profit or loss. But then, learning to trade crypto however is the very first thing you want to do before trying any other thing out. 

5. Rob a bank. 

Robbing a bank can land you in some serious life threatening trouble, but then it’s one of the most realistic ways on how to make $20,000 dollars in a day. That said, if you want to rob a bank, you certainly can’t do this on your own. You’d have to plan and make other arrangements. It’s expensive to carry out this operation, and you don’t make $20k every other day unless you wreck the bank and leave with tens of millions of dollars. However, this is a no-no for me if you’re asking. 

It’s just one of the ways to go about making $20k in a day regardless of how crazy the idea is. Maybe banks are heavily guarded. So, you want to try lifting products worth more than $20k from shops. And by lifting, I mean forcefully. If you’re not the rogue, this won’t work. Even if you’re the rogue type, I’m not endorsing any criminal act here. It’s just a way out, and I’m shining a dim light on it. 

6. Hack bank accounts. 

Still very risky and illegal is hacking into bank accounts to make $20k in a day. This is a feasible idea, but you’d have to be extremely good at hacking for this to work. If you’re not half as good as you should be, then you can hire a team of hackers to make this work for you. Even with a team of hackers, it’s extremely difficult to bypass digital/cyber security systems in banks without leaving footprints. Yes, I’ve watched too many movies. They mostly get caught after messing up with something called a firewall. While this is a realistic thing to do to make up to $20,000 dollars in a day, you can do it and flee the continent. Or make it happen while you’re away from the continent. 

Maybe you should be somewhere in Madagascar or Antarctica where less than 7,000 people live. The idea basically is to hack into bank accounts in a country while you’re out of it. Every attempt you make to bypass the security of a country while you’re still in it will be futile as they’ll be able to locate your destination in a matter of minutes. And that’s if their tech guys aren’t the god-mode kind. 

7. Sell hard drugs. 

Another really illegal way to make a lot of money is to get into the drug trade. This is highly prohibited and risky. And could end your own life. Selling drugs isn’t something you want to do. But if you’re daring, you can make a lot of money. Bags of it. The first thing you want to do is to get a mentor. Not a role model, but a mentor. 

Someone who practically tells you what to do and how to do what to do. You’ll find one in the streets. Not the literal street, but in your city if you just go out and seek them. Plus, they’re mostly self-guarded with weapons just to counter contingencies appropriately. 

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8. Build an app. 

Definitely, you can generate much more than $20k in a day with a mobile app of your own. Now, this can come off as expensive because if your app must generate any cent at all, then it must be the popular one. Maybe not as popular as Candy Crush or Canva, but really popular to the point where it makes a lot of money. Plus, you don’t have to be a computer programmer to build an app of your own. 

You can outsource the task of developing it to coders while you supply them the raw idea as it is. Your job? Think. If you don’t think of an app that’ll stand relevant in the midst of other apps in the market, your app joins the hamster wheel of mobile apps with a few hundred or thousand downloads. And might never make it to the Apple store or Play store. 

How to Make $20k in a Day: 8 Realistic Ways – Final Words. 

To make $20k in a day, you can build your own app, sell hard drugs, start an ecommerce business, launch a betting software, create a crypto exchange, trade stocks with a mega capital at hand, break into a bank, and hack into social media accounts.

Now, there are more ways making $20k in a day could become a reality. There are more illegal ways, and more legal or proper ways too. Whichever way you choose to go, making $20,000 dollars in one day passive is not a totally unrealistic goal. 

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