How to Make $300 Fast as a Kid: 9 Genuine Ways

If you’re a kid or you want to help a kid out with the best ways to make $300 fast, then you’re at luck and on the right page of the web. Making $300 dollars fast isn’t something that’s really common. If it were, then everybody would be so rich right now. Making money especially quickly comes with some level of risk, and if you’re looking to learn how to make $300 fast as a kid, then be ready to make some really critical, realistic, and drastic moves. 

Nothing to worry about, not every hack on this list comes with the kind of risk that could make you puke from a stomach ache. Some of the hacks here cost nothing to start and are 100% risk free but then you might have to do them for some days working short hours or a couple of days (2 or 3) to make $300 dollars. 

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The risk-hangover jobs however could make your heart skip. They’ll fetch you $300 dollars fast as a kid but they’re risk injected. With the nature of the hacks in mind, here are 9 genuine and realistic ways on how to make $300 fast as a kid. 

How to Make $300 Fast as a Kid: 9 Genuine Ways. 

1. Pet-sitting. 

As a kid, you can sit pets to make $300 dollars fast. It’s all for the money, and if you love pets, then that’ll be like getting paid to do what you love. Get started right now by signing up and looking for pet-sitting gigs on or As a pet-sitter, you can get paid up to $45 an hour. That’s $135 for 3 hours of sitting pets. 

You’ll get to $300+ in just 3 days (72 hours) working for 3 hours a day. If you want, you can shrink the work hours into one whole day working 18 hours, or weeks. It depends on how fast you want to make $300. 

2. Sports betting. 

Sports betting is a form of gamble, and as a kid you can bet on the favorite sports you love. Basically, it’s all about knowing what you’re betting on versus blatantly betting without prior knowledge of your club’s ability. 

To mostly end up in the winning partition of things when it comes to sports betting, understand the historical track record of both clubs or players and the individual team members. 

It’ll do you a lot of good to know the strengths and weaknesses of the clubs or the sports you’re betting on if you must have a greater chance at winning. With enough passion for any sport, it’s easy to know what’s lacking and what’s in excess. This will inform your decisions when staking. 

3. Gambling online. 

If you want to learn the most realistic (and risky) ways to make $300 fast as a kid, then gambling is on the list. This is gambling online and playing virtual games. There are other forms of online gambling, but it takes a lot of money from your pocket if you end up an addict. Yes, betting can be addictive. And you don’t want to become an addict betting junkie.

While a lot of gambling sites are banned in the United States, you’ll find a few of them that you can gamble on from the US too. Plus, you can always make use of a virtual private network to access reliable gambling sites on the US ban list. I’m not mentioning any. 

4. Freelance writing. 

Writing as a kid is one of the best and most realistic ways to make up to $300 dollars fast. If you love writing, regardless of your niche, then you can make a good freelance writer. It’s a no-brainer. Plus, you don’t pay anything to get started as a freelance writer. 

Simply sign up on freelance marketplaces like Upwork and to start looking for freelance writing gigs that pay well. On these platforms, you can quickly apply for $500+ writing gigs. On the bright side, you can also search for remote writing jobs on or Google Jobs. These writing gigs won’t mostly take you 24 hours to get done, and you can work for multiple clients or freelance employers. 

Depending on what you charge as a freelance writer, you could make $300 dollars on your first day. This is possible with a higher per word rate. For example if you charge $0.5 per word as a freelance writer, you’ll be earning ¢5 cents for every word you write. This means getting paid $500 dollars for a 1,000-word article. Do the math for whatever word count, and $0.5 per word is really a good rate. 

5. Babysitting. 

Do you love babies? Then I’m throwing you a wonderful offer – babysit to make $300 dollars fast as a kid. If you want to become a babysitter for money, even as a kid, then you can check the gigs out on and 

On average, you could earn up to $17/hour babysitting. So to get to $300, you’d need about 18 hours of work as a babysitter. Now this time is something you can spread over a couple of days, say 3 hours a day in 6 days. And you’re at $300. As a kid, babysitting is something you’ll find fun. 

6. Car washing.

Another way to make $300 fast as a kid is to wash cars in your neighborhood. Depending on how you structure your car washing services, you can get paid up to $60 per hand-washing one vehicle. So to make $300 dollars, you’ll need more clients. This means getting people to know about your car washing business. 

You may need to knock on doors in your neighborhood and inform them about how well you can wash their cars. If you have to print flyers just to stir awareness, then it’ll be a very pivotal step. 

7. Lawn mowing.

Mow lawns for money. A lot of people can’t do this by themselves and there’s a good reason for this on their path. Meanwhile, you can mow lawns for up to $40 dollars an hour as a kid. Meanwhile, professional lawn mowers can make up to $200 an hour. 

It depends on how you position yourself to get the job done alongside a mutual agreement between you and the client. To get lawn mowing jobs, you can search through the job board, or sign up with

8. Make websites for people. 

A ton of people and firms are in search of professionals to help set up and get their website running. If you’re good at building websites as a kid, then you can make a quick $300 dollars doing this. It’s easy to get started and you have all the time in the world to learn to build websites now. 

With the swarm of courses and free tutorials online, you should become a pro website creator in a couple of months. To start creating websites for clients, you can become a freelance website developer or designer and sign up on Fiverr or Upwork to get website development/designing gigs. Some of these gigs can earn you up to $1,500+ dollars. 

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9. Lemonade stand. 

A common way to make money as a kid is to erect your own lemonade stand in space around your city. Usually, it’s best practice to get a space along the road to do this. 

People love lemonades. And to get a ton of customers queuing to get your flavor, you want to learn to make lemonades in all its most tasty flavors. What’s worth doing is worth doing well. And a single lemonade can go for as high as $5. 

But you want to make yours more tasty and sell for less. Say $3 dollars. Packaging is also an ingredient here to boost sales and income. 

How to Make $300 Fast as a Kid: 9 Genuine Ways – Final Words. 

With these ways to make $300 fast as a kid, there’s a certain level of surety that you can make money up to $2,000 dollars a month as a kid. Now some of these hacks like I mentioned before are seriously risky to get your hands dirty with, and others don’t cost a dime and are not risky. 

To make $300 bucks fast as a kid, you can start car washing, start a lemonade stand, build websites for people, mow lawns for money, write online for freelance clients as a freelance writer, sit pets, and gamble (with a high risk of losing, usually at 30%). But if you’re the lucky kid, you could rip them. 

Totally off, but if you want to make life-changing money even as a kid, you need to build passive income online or offline and steadily grow your passive income streams over time. 

Some of the best passive income generating machines you can build today include a blog, a YouTube channel, an online commerce business (like launching your own store), and affiliate marketing which you can run as a monetization strategy on any of the three aforementioned passive income streams. 

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