How to Make $300 in an Hour: 9 Genuine Ways

How to Make $300 in an Hour

Do you want to learn how to make $300 in an hour? 

You’re not alone and you’re on the right page of the web. 

$300 dollars in an hour is quite a realistic figure. 

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And if you think it’s a lot of money, it’s not. 

Making this figure every hour literally means that you’ll be earning an average of $7,200 in a single day. 

While that’s not a lot of money for Elon Musk, I’m pretty sure it’ll transition your financial status, knock on wood. 

In a week, that’s $50,400 dollars. 

In a month, you’d have a total revenue of $201,600 or approximately $202k dollars. 

Earning this in the next 12 months leaves you with a gross income of $2,419,200 or $2.5 million dollars (estimated). 

Basically, any self-employed job or entrepreneurial business that generates up to $2.5 million dollars in a year makes more than $300 in an hour. 

With this in mind, here are 9 best ways to make $300 in an hour and much more in the 2020s. 

How to Make $300 in an Hour: 9 Genuine Ways. 

1. Start a blog that makes money. 

Blogging can get you to $300 dollars in an hour. But it definitely won’t happen overnight or in the next couple of weeks. 

A blog is a space on the web where you have the authority to post whatever you want and like. 

It’s your authority sphere, and you can do whatever you want with it. 

Going in the right direction, you want to make money with a blog. This way, you’d be blogging with money in mind. Much more like a business kind of way. 

To make money up to $200k a month blogging, you’ll need to focus on a few important things from the very onset of starting the blog. 

The first and most important thing is educating yourself as to how blogging works. 

And how it doesn’t. 

I can help you with pretty much every phase of starting a brand new blog that makes $300 an hour from scratch. 

How blogging works.  

Blogging is a business (if you take it as such and intend to make a living off it). 

It’s a medium through which you can get to millions of people roaming the web. 

Now to make money blogging, you need to put out content that makes money by recommending specific products or pulling in tons of traffic that can be monetized by ads. 

There are several ways blogging works, and you can create your own products and sell them to your visitors (or potential clients). 

Through your blog, you can get clients who’ll hire you to do some bidding for them. 

How blogging doesn’t work. 

There’s no ewallet on the web that starts counting cents the moment you launch a new blog. 

You don’t make money from slapping in random ads on your blog with no content. 

Blogging doesn’t work by spamming comment sessions of other different blogs, Facebook groups, forums and more in hopes of getting traffic and clicks on ads. 

It’s a business and that’s how it works. Like a business. 

Garbage in, garbage out. 

If you’re interested in building a blog that can generate up to $200k a month or $300 dollars every single hour, then here’s your master guide

2. Build an app. 

Granted, there are millions of apps on the internet today and a lot of them are pretty addictive. 

Much more than just being addictive, they’re multimillion and multi billion dollar apps, which means they generate millions of dollars every month. 

Some do this daily. 

Some hourly. 

And speaking of hourly, I mean e-commerce apps (more on this later). 

The point here is that you can make $300/hour or $202k a month by running an app. 

Your own app. 

What’s more? 

Having a software or app of your own can generate passive income for you if you monetize it the right way. 

It may not be up to $200k a month, but it’s still passive income no matter how small. 

I don’t own an app, but I’ll own one later. 

It’s not an app for me, but I know how good it feels to have something generating money for you even while you’re asleep. 

A lot goes into building an app – you’ve got to think creatively, work with programmers or software developers, UX designers and marketers (influencer, native, and digital marketers). 

It’s a lot of upfront investment, but it’ll take you to $300/hour and even more if you’re able to win the heart of every single user that crosses your app. 

3. Ecommerce. 

If you want to learn how to make $300 in an hour, starting an ecommerce business online is definitely one of the most realistic ways. 

The best part is that this is passive – you make money on autopilot while your ecommerce business flourishes on its own. 

It’s more challenging in practice. 

We’ll keep our fingers crossed and hope it’s less challenging. 

In starting an ecommerce business, you need to sell something. 

So, before starting a business like this, you’ll need to choose items to sell or sell a ton of items if you can shoulder the expenses. 

Again, you want to learn what it takes to run a successful e-commerce business so that your attention isn’t shattered in confusion the moment you set out to start. 

There’s packaging, shipping, website designing, organization and categorization, refunds & returns procedures, restocking, and payments to handle.

It’s quite a lot. 

And you’d have to do it in a way that stands you out from the competition. 

E-commerce is more than building a website for people to shop. 

They’re shopping indeed, how the products get to them and their behavior around what they get is your call. 

You handle inventory, and will figure out a way to sell products and make profit. 

Oh! There’s also intense marketing to reach customers and get them to know about your e-commerce store. 

Basically, e-commerce business would be more favorable if you’re already into retail or wholesale trade. 

If you have no prior experience, there’s no crime in learning from scratch. 

This is the kind of a self-employed job or business that can generate over $200k a month passively (if you’re able to outsource packaging, shipping, and delivery the right way). 

4. Dropshipping. 

Similar to ecommerce, dropshipping is less work but it may need a lot more work to scale up to the point where it generates $300 dollars in an hour. 

Dropshipping is the art of building a middleman ecommerce store that redirects sales to an original standalone ecommerce store. 

It’s less work because you don’t deal with inventory and you up your prices whichever way you want it. 

So here’s how dropshipping works: you build a store, link it to another store – an original ecommerce store, and import products from the ecommerce store. 

You add your own prices to these products and deal with customer service directly since you’ll be interfacing as the original store. 

On a basic level, you’re just a middleman between the customer and the ecommerce store. 

You bring the products to your own store, and promote them. 

This way, when customers click to order an item on your own store, the order is redirected to the ecommerce store. 

Before starting a dropshipping store, you need to focus on what works in the dropshipping industry. 

Choose a niche, and pick the best selling products in that niche to sell in your store. 

If you want to go mega and have a wide range of products from different niches in your store, it’s possible. 

But dropshipping isn’t a numbers game. 

Picking the best products in a niche to dropship is one of the surest ways to emerge a profitable dropshipping entrepreneur in the 2020s. 

Setting up your dropshipping store is only one of many phases of dropshipping. 

You have to worry about driving traffic to your store, customer returns & refunds, policy statements, and much more. 

With monster dropshipping guides to lead you through the entire process of starting and running a dropshipping business online, it shouldn’t be much of a burden. 

5. Start a laundromat. 

A laundromat is an expensive one off this list. But then, owning one of your own can make you a great deal of money. 

Laundromats are money-spinning businesses, and it’ll take you a jumble of strategies to really stand out. 

First of all, you need to know what it takes to start up a laundromat, and how much it’ll cost you. 

The average cost of starting one standard laundromat in the United States is $100k, but you could spend more. 

The bigger, the costlier. With a laundromat in your corner, it’s easy to make a ton of money up to $202k a month. 

All things in the right place, you want your laundromat to stand out from the crowd and garner patrons in a short time. 

Plus, you don’t want to make pennies off a laundromat that cost over a hundred grand to set up. 

The way out of this is to promote your business online, print flyers and share them around your community. 

Then, you can register your laundromat to make it more legally competent and genuine, get a business bank account for the laundromat, and incorporate home services delivery as part of your services. 

On the delivery end, you want to make sure you get the job done on time and don’t ruin clients’ clothes. 

Do well to appear genuine and remarkable on every end to beat the competition and easily muscle up to become a household name. 

6. Grocery store. 

If you’re still interested in learning how to make $300 in an hour, then consider starting a grocery store of your own. 

They’re almost irreplaceable, and no matter where they’re located, as long as humans live there, grocery stores serve an irreplaceable purpose. 

For the record, owning a grocery store can guarantee you steady income. 

As sweet as this may sound, they’re not very cheap to start up. 

The average cost of starting a grocery store in the US is about $25k for small-sized stores. 

Here’s a breakdown of the scale and possible average costs: 

  • Small scale: $25k – $50k
  • Medium scale: $100k – $300k
  • Large scale: $500k+

If you can foot the bills to start up even a small scale grocery store in the United States or the UK, then you can recoup your initial costs and become a millionaire in a few years as you grow big. 

Plus, grocery stores are costly to start up, and because of this, you’re less likely to have a ton of competitors in your space. 

Before starting a grocery store, you need to know about the inventory in detail. 

Get to know what it costs and takes to acquire the inventory, grocery store designs that blow minds, and you’ll need to hire salespeople to run the store. 

Whatever it is, grocery stores have a queue of staff for different functions especially if it’s a mega store. 

7. Fashion house. 

Some of the richest people in the world today are big into the fashion industry. 

Want to make money? 

Fashion is a great industry to launch right into. 

Speaking of earning $300 in an hour, running a fashion store, more like a boutique, can get you to $200k a month depending on the size of your boutique. 

More realistic is setting up a fashion brand like Hermes, Nike or Gucci. 

This could turn you into a millionaire in a couple of years. 

But then it won’t happen overnight, a couple of years. 

Running a fashion brand, there’s every need to get creative in a bid to stand out from the competition. 

One of the ways to get creative with a fashion brand is coming up with new designs and fashion patterns. 

However, influencer marketing is one of the quick ways to get whatever you have to offer in front of the right audience. 

This is because you’re taking your business right to where they are – social media. 

That said, running a fashion brand is much more than just designing clothes your own way. 

There’s a long list of procedures involved in putting a fashion brand people will love and pay for out there. 

8. Affiliate marketing. 

With affiliate marketing, it’s easy to make money while you’re at sleep.

It’s probably the cheapest option on this list, and it doesn’t cost a dime to get started. 

As long as you’ve got family and friends who shop online, you can become an affiliate marketer by sharing your Amazon affiliate link so that whenever they order an item using your link on Amazon, you get a commission. 

The more sales people create using your link, the more money in commissions you’ll make. $300 an hour or $216k a month is a dreadful but realistic goal with affiliate marketing. 

Okay I take it back. Maybe I went too fast with this one. 

Affiliate marketing is cheap to start and can make you a lot of money. 

And by cheap, I mean $0 cheap. 

It works like this; you recommend products to people using a unique link to wherever the product can be bought, you get a commission when people buy the product. 

Other than Amazon, tons of companies run affiliate programs, giving interested people or marketers the chance to make money while recommending products through whatever medium. 

When it comes to affiliate marketing, two things work the most: a blog and a YouTube channel. 

You can start an affiliate blog to recommend products in the form of review and list (transactional) posts, and create in-depth product videos on YouTube. 

What doesn’t work but consumes a lot of energy is trying to force people on forums and social media to buy a product they don’t need and don’t care to have. 

It’s a business model too, and it works when you first deliver value on a platter of gold. 

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9. Real estate. 

While real estate doesn’t dump $300 bucks into your account every single hour, the profit from flipping houses or reselling properties can amount to over $500k in a month – which is more than twice $300 an hour ($216k/month). 

Other than just flipping houses and reselling properties, there are other ways to make money in the real estate industry. 

A common one that doesn’t really require you to spend lots of money initially is crowdfunding. 

Basically, you join in with a pool of investors to acquire or secure a real estate project. 

Annually, you’re in profit and it really depends on how much money you invested. 

With as little as $500 bucks, you can become a real estate investor with Fundrise

If you don’t have $500 bucks to try out Fundrise, then you can throw in as little as $10 dollars. 

Here’s a breakdown of the plans on Fundrise:

  • Starter: $10 
  • Basic: $1,000 
  • Core: $5,000 
  • Advanced: $10,000 

One thing to note however is that you’ll make more money with more money invested. 

So if you start with $10 dollars, you’re definitely not going to make more than $10 dollars (or 100%) the next quarter of the year. 

If you want to make $300/hour with Fundrise, that’s like $606k the next 3 months. 

Given that this is roughly 3% profit on your investment in the last three months with Fundrise, you’d need to invest $20.2 million dollars. 

That’s huge. 

But then, this is more realistic by renovating and reselling properties, and even pairing distressed properties with buyers. 

How to Make $300 in an Hour: 9 Genuine Ways – Final Words. 

To make $300 in an hour, you can start up a laundromat, a grocery store, a fashion house, a business blog, start doing affiliate marketing the right way, get into real estate, start a dropshipping or e-commerce business, and develop your own softwares (or client softwares). 

All of these self-employed businesses can get you to $300 in an hour. However, you don’t want to rush the process. 

Everything takes time, and don’t expect to start earning $300 in an hour the next minute you start up these businesses.

For the offline self-employed jobs, expect to experience a spike after months unless you’re able to scale really fast – which would mean spending some extra money. 

Maybe a lot of it. 

In the online world, you’ll need to keep at consistency unless you’re also looking to scale pretty fast to where you want to be. 

It’ll take time to start earning $2.5 million dollars a year from any sort of business. 

But the first step is to get started. 

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