How to Make $30k a Month: 11 Realistic Methods

While making $30k a month doesn’t come easy, it certainly wouldn’t be much of a problem for you if you understand how money works and how to make it come to you. According to Robert Kiyosaki, money is debt

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How true or untrue that is, I’m not sure. But one thing is certain, if you must become rich and you don’t have the qualifications and currency in terms of developing your chain of association to secure some of the highest paying jobs, then you’ve got to become a self-employed millionaire. With that said, here are 11 realistic ways on how to make $30k a month. 

How to Make $30k a Month: 11 Realistic Methods. 

1. Start a blog. 

A blog is one way to reach out to an audience online. It’s also one of the best ways to share your thoughts and become an authority in pretty much any field of interest. But then, you can monetize a blog and make it spill money for you. One way to really make a blog profitable is to focus on a niche or an area of interest like tech, health, gaming, food, and even lifestyle. 

There are more niche or areas to focus on to start a profitable blog. After you’re done thinking about the best niche you’d like to start off on, launch your blog online with a domain name and create great content. With time (and in a matter of months), you can start monetizing your blog with ads. But then, from the very first day, you can monetize your blog with affiliate links to start generating affiliate revenue earlier. Indeed, blogging can take you from $0 to over $30,000 dollars a month. 

2. Start affiliate marketing. 

Like I hinted on in the first point here, blogging, affiliate marketing is simply getting commissions off the sales of products you recommend. You sign up to become an affiliate marketer or partner for a product, then you then promote the product to people online to make sales. Affiliate marketing can guarantee passive income just like blogging, but it takes time to build an affiliate marketing machine on the internet to constantly generate revenue. 

Forget about posting links everywhere just to generate sales. This could work, but it’s a pill for minimal results. To make lots of money up to $30k a month off affiliate marketing, build a web magnet like a YouTube channel or a blog to receive a decent monthly traffic. Just then, you can start promoting affiliate products to your audience. 

3. Podcasting.

Podcasting is more like hosting a radio channel online with a web address. So, you can have your own podcasting channel on the web and monetize it by promoting campaigns and products in your podcasts. You can also make product reviews, compare products and make a list of “best” or “cheap” products in your niche. It’s utilizing affiliate marketing to monetize podcast contents. And it works great. Podcasting joins the list of the self-employed jobs in the United States and pretty much anywhere else that can earn you up to $30k/month. 

4. Copywriting. 

If you’re good at copywriting, then you can come in contact with really influential producers or manufacturers, and eventually become their in-house copywriter who writes a sales speech for every product they produce or for commercials to promote the products. As a copywriter, you write convincing copies. This is really important in boosting sales, conversation, and performance. With the right sales copy or speech that’s super convincing, people will open their wallets to acquire whatever you’re recommending for them. 

Copywriters generally work as freelancers, and they make a lot of money as they can double as a freelance copywriter, editor, proofreader, and content writer. Plus, they get paid per hour. So, it’s commonplace for copywriters to earn an average of $4,500 dollars per month. This is only an average, and some high value copywriters earn much more than this, and up to $30k or $40k per month. 

5. YouTube. 

YouTube is one of the best places to show the world what you’ve got and still make money. It’s really easy to get started, but you must know what it takes to build a successful YouTube channel like that of MrBeast  and PewDiePie. There’s more to YouTube than just uploading videos. Your videos need to be very captivating. On top of that, you must use catchy thumbnails just to make people click on the videos you upload. 

This will backfire if you use catchy thumbnails on crappy videos. Put out the best quality videos out there and focus on covering a particular niche. Promote products in that niche and leave affiliate links for people to buy the products you recommend to them. It’s one of the ways to earn big on YouTube before applying to run Google/YouTube ads on your channel. 

6. House flipping. 

House flipping is definitely one of the best ways on how to make $30k a month. You must have a lot of money to get into this deal. Firstly, you buy a house, renovate it and resell it for profit. That’s all about house flipping, but then there are tidbits of information you need to acquire so that you’re shadowboxing to know what works and what doesn’t in the house flipping industry (which is also the real estate industry). 

Basically, you can make much more than jush $30k a month if you’re flipping really expensive houses worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. But if you don’t have the kind of money to buy 6-figure properties, you can get your hands dirty starting small and flipping cheap houses. 

7. Barbering. 

You’re great at grooming hair as a barber? Then you’re good to go. This is for you. As a barber, you can generate $30k a month if you cut hair for $100 dollars, and you’re able to get just 10 clients a day. Now is possible if you’re willing to go big, hire more hands, and rent a store with a lot of space. If you’re looking to take barbering as a side hustle while working some other real job, then generating $30k a month wouldn’t be obtainable. 

8. Fashion business. 

Every single month, there’s an avalanche of new designs flooding the web. Truth is, if you want to make a lot of money, provide value along the lines of man’s basic necessity. And fashion is one of them. Man can’t do anything about fashion. When he’s naked, he’s indoors. 

If you’re looking at earning $30,000 a month in the US, launching a fashion business is one way to go about it. Selling clothes, shoes, and down to wristwatches, your fashion business can grow exponentially with time if you’re consistent and quick to adapt to market demands. 

9. Launch a restaurant. 

Food is life, and this is inarguably true. A lot of people don’t really get the time to cook in their houses. Hence, the restaurant comes in here. Launching a restaurant business of your own in the right or perfect location will yield massive profits for you. If you’re able to raise the funds for this, then it’s probably one of the best ideas here. 

Plus, I don’t mean just about any restaurant; launch something that’s new. Bring something to the table in the restaurant/eatery industry. Your restaurant should stand out. 

10. Manufacture physical materials. 

When it comes to making money in several thousand dollars a month, manufacturing is easily one of the surest ways to make it happen. What to manufacture? There’s a long list. But then, you might want to consider venturing into the manufacturing of building materials, ceramics, or fabrics and linen. They’re both very significant physical products to manufacture and the market is way beyond massive. 

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11. Start a grocery store. 

Lastly, if you want to make $30k a month, then starting a grocery store is one of the ways to go about this. Of course it’s expensive to start one. It calls for startup capital and a host of other things including a warehouse and a good location. If you get everything right and the location wrong, you might struggle to get the business going. 

So, the first thing you want to do is to get a space close to the busy towns in the city. With a grocery store of standard size, then you’re definitely going to earn a lot of money, much more than $30,000 a month. Before getting started, you want to learn what it takes to start a grocery store and how to get it going with the business; what comes first before anything else and the legal documents you may need to sign. 

How to Make $30k a Month: 11 Realistic Methods – Final Words. 

In summary, you can make $30k a month by starting a blog (like this one you’re reading at the moment), starting a barbering business, starting a grocery store, becoming a programmer, venting into the fashion line of business, flipping houses, manufacturing physical materials, starting a restaurant, launching your own YouTube channel or a podcasting channel or both, and doing affiliate marketing. 

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