How to Make $30k in 6 Months: 9 Best Methods

While 6 months is a long time, you can make anything happen. Or maybe not. It depends on how badly you want things to happen. However, if you want to make $30k in 6 months, there are different ways to go about it. But this is going to be an easy walk for you if you already have some funds to scale things up, invest, or quickly take advantage of an opportunity. 

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With this in mind, the more money you have (90% of the time), the more money you’ll be able to make. And the more quickly you can make things happen. Going further, here are 9 best methods on how to make $30k in 6 months. 

How to Make $30k in 6 Months: 9 Best Methods. 

1. Flip websites. 

In the space of 6 months you can make $30k just by flipping websites. This will boil down to making a profit of $5,000 dollars monthly from flipping websites. This is basically all about buying and selling websites worth thousands of dollars. And you’ll need to have some money to make this work if you’ve got no money, then there’s no way this is going to work out for you. To make up to $5k/month flipping websites, then you need to have about $50k to buy websites worth tens of thousands of dollars. For example, you can buy a website at $35k and resell it after sourcing 300 new posts within a month. 

This time, you’d be reselling it for over $50k basically because there’s 300 new SEO-worthy posts and given the time, these blogs (if quality enough) can pull in more organic traffic to make a quarter more of the initial monthly revenue. Plus, it’ll cost you even some more money to get 300 new posts, and if one costs $20 dollars, you’d be spending $6k on content acquisition. 

2. Flip houses. 

Another realistic way to make $30k in 6 months is to flip houses. This is more about buying and selling houses to keep a profit off the sale. If you can acquire a property, and resell it within 6 months, then you can make a profit of $30k off the deal. This is realistic, and it’s nonsense at the same time. It’s possible to buy a house worth $110k and resell it for $150k. Keeping a real-time profit of $40k. It’s nonsense because you probably don’t have the money to even buy a house of $10k. 

Again, it’s unrealistic because you might not be able to sell the house with a $30k markup after 6 months (even if you eventually bought it for $110k). But then, house flipping in its different form can make you a lot of money. Notwithstanding, it remains one of the ways to make $30,000 dollars in the time span of 6 months. 

3. Start a laundromat. 

A laundromat serves the community, but for a fee. And if you’ve got a laundromat of your own, you can easily generate enough profit in the space of 6 months. Starting a laundromat isn’t very challenging, but probably very expensive. 

It’s also self-promotional; you don’t need to make so many marketing efforts to get patrons to your laundromat (provided you’re starting off from a favorable location). If you choose to make this happen in a really populated city, then it’s possible to make $30k even before 6 months. 

4. Launch and scale your own blog. 

While blogging takes time, you can make $30k dollars by scaling the growth of a blog. This is possible by running paid ads on Facebook particularly and using Pinterest. If you’ve got enough money to spend on ads and you do it the absolute right way, you will not be disappointed. As per monetizing your blog traffic, you can slap in affiliate links to the content you have on the blog and also apply to join an ad network like Ezoic. 

If the traffic from Facebook and Pinterest easily hits 60k, then you can join Mediavine. However, before walking this route, you want to make sure you’re learning about content marketing, promotion, social media marketing and also learning about the best ways to monetize a blog especially if it’s got inorganic traffic in spades. 

5. Affiliate marketing the right way. 

In the space of 6 months, you can definitely make $30k with affiliate (if done the right way). Learn about affiliate marketing and how to do it the exact perfect way. Of course, there’s always a way to do something right and to do it the wrong way. You’ll never truly know until you try both ways. In brief, affiliate marketing is the act of marketing or promoting products by other companies, and you get paid whenever people buy the products you promote. 

Every product isn’t the same cost or kind or quality. And to make $30k in 6 months, you can promote high value/cost affiliate products with high commission rates or high rewards. Plus, affiliate marketing is free to start. But doing it the right way might not be free. Entirely. 

6. E-commerce. 

With ecommerce, you can definitely make upwards of $30k in 6 months. This figure is what companies like Amazon and eBay, and a ton of other giant online stores generate in a couple of minutes. It’ll be expensive, but worthwhile. 

A lot goes into launching an ecommerce store, and if you have someone with years of experience in the ecommerce space, it’ll be easy for you to follow-up with every process. You might not need to operate a physical store if you’ve got an ecommerce business, but you could. It’ll mean more expenses, but more money too. 

7. Start a grocery store. 

A lot can happen in 6 months. And just because you’re on a quest to make $30k in this time before half the year is over, you could end up creating a business that serves you for years. One of such businesses is a grocery store. It’s evergreen, and people will never run out of the need to patronize one. Whether you’re starting small or mega with a grocery store, you’ll always make profit (unless you’re not keen on saving & budgeting). 

If you live in some of the most populated cities in the US like Dallas, New York, or Chicago, then starting a grocery store can generate over $100k in 6 months for you. Remember, it’s a place where people come to buy stuff and continue with their life. There’s no need to splurge on design; top the stock. 

8. Car dealership. 

Selling vehicles is a lucrative pursuit. And even if you won’t be selling vehicles every single day, you’d be making enough money to cover up for the famine days with just one sale. However, in 6 months, you can do 10 or more sales. Averaging 2 to 3 sales a month. On the high average, car dealership entrepreneurs record about 10 sales per month. That’s 60 sales in 6 months. With 10 (used) vehicles worth $10k per month and a profit margin of 10%, you’d be making $1,000 dollars per sale. Or $10k in profit per month. I recommend venturing into the sales of used vehicles as you’d be able to make more profit there against dealing as a retailer for new vehicles. In 6 months, that’s $60,000 dollars. 

So, in 6 months, you’d make car sales of $600k, going home with the profit of $60k (10% in wholesome). Now, the reality is that you’d be spending an enormous amount of money to start a business like this. It’s a car dealership. And as a retailer, you’re getting the cars with your funds. Unless you’re planning to start with 1 vehicle. 

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9. Publish a book. 

You’re great at writing and there’s something else you’re Pro at? Then you can publish a book to make $30k in 6 months. Today, there are tons of authors who publish books just because they know they’d make some more $100k+ from every book in their name. So, the more books they have in the marketplace, the more money they make. A bunch of the theories and stories in their books don’t apply to reality. But who cares? It’s authoritative as long as it’s their name on the author’s bar of the books. 

I’m not saying you should walk in the same footsteps. But then, you could. Strive to publish a good book even if it’ll take you three months to make it “perfect”. It’ll sell fast and at a higher cost if it’s ultra quality. 

How to Make $30k in 6 Months: 9 Best Methods – Final Words. 

Some real ways to make $30k in 6 months include publishing a book, starting an ecommerce business, flipping houses, flipping websites, getting into the business of promoting affiliate products, starting a grocery store of your own, car dealership, blogging (the right way and scaling it), and launching a laundromat. 

There are more ways. More risky, and more profitable ways. But there’s really no way to outline every single way in this blog post. In subsequent series of contents on this blog, you’ll learn much more about making money, and making it fast. 

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