How to Make $35 Fast in 7 Realistic Ways

How to Make $35 Fast

If you’re looking for some of the best ways to make $35k fast, then you’re looking to make a lot of money in a short time. 

I won’t say it’d be easy, but then, it’s doable. 

You can get $35k fast, and on this page, you’ll get to learn the best and realistic ways to make this happen. 

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Getting upwards of $35,000 dollars fast would mean you’d be willing to let some things go for another, or undertake some level of risk, or do something illegal. 

The reality is that $35k won’t come to you if you don’t do anything about getting it or make the necessary moves to get it. 

Without any further statement, here are 10 real but crazy (illegal and legal) ways to make $35k fast. 

How to Make $35k Fast in 10 Crazy & Realistic Ways. 

1. Mortgage your home. 

If you have a home, then you have a worthy collateral. 

You can mortgage your home for a loan and thereafter pay up the loan to redeem complete ownership of your property. 

If your house is worth more money than $35k, then you can get some more loans. 

Basically, you’re not getting a $35k loan just because you’ve got a house. 

The house has got to be worth the loan you’re looking to take. 

Again, if you don’t repay the loan at the given period, the mortgage can be foreclosed. 

This means you’ll lose your property alongside everything inside of it. 

So, there’d better be some breathtaking opportunity to invest into before mortgaging your house. 

Once a foreclosure is executed, there’s no going backwards. Just forward. 

2. Ask for it or borrow it from a friend/family. 

I’m an ardent believer of asking and receiving. If you ask for it, you could get it. 

If you’re from a rich home, then you could ask for just about anything. 

If you’re not from a rich home, then you can borrow it from a family member of a friend of yours who’s got money like Mark Cuban. 

To many people borrowing makes more sense, and $35k isn’t $35 dollars that anyone can give you. 

If you’ll be asking, there’s gotta be a real reason for asking. 

I mean, people will give you such an enormous amount of money if what you’ve got to do with it makes sense to them. 

Borrowing it is a different ballgame because you may need to show evidence of your plans to invest the money, but not necessarily. 

3. Break into a bank. 

Crazy, but realistic. You can get $35k fast by robbing a bank. 

Do people still rob banks today? I don’t think so. 

But if they do, it’s gotta be low security banks. Or, banks with low security systems. 

However, robbing a bank is one of the ways to make a quick $35,000 dollars. 

It takes a lot of work and you don’t rob a bank by smiling. 

Do you have the attitude? 

Or the equipment to organize such an operation? 

Do you have a team of like-minded people who are desperate enough to take the same step as you’re planning to? 

Making $35k and making it fast is nothing easy. 

And I know this might sound crazy to you, but there’s every chance you get life-changing money from this one try. 

Or, a life-changing punishment by the law.

4. Hack into softwares. 

If you’re good with hacking or coding, then this is for you. 

It’s illegal, and then you can get caught too. It’s punishable by law. 

The idea is to hack into softwares, financial softwares, and redirect the money they receive to your account or some secure location on the web only accessible by you. 

While this is going to be some really difficult task, it takes years and years of coding to get to this level of mastery where you’re able to think and act with your codes. 

It’s a whole new level of coding, and you can only make this happen by yourself. 

If you’ve got a coding guru for a friend, then you can both do something crazy to make $35k fast; whether it’s hacking or not. 

5. Cyber attack bank accounts. 

Can’t rob a bank physically right? 

Then you can go from another end; the cyber end. 

Hacking into bank accounts isn’t as easy as you must’ve thought or watched in movies. 

It’s more complex than that, and these banks have some of the best security wall coders alive. 

If you’re a coding guru, then you can figure out a loophole in the security systems to always make money. 

Alternatively, you can make use of techniques like phishing and vishing to collect credit card details of people, purchase items online using their details, and later flip the items to get money. 

Would this get you to $35k fast? 

Logically, yes it would.

6. Perform a crypto fraud. 

While it’s not the best idea on the list, it’s fraudulent and might put you in jail if you’re caught. 

IMHO, I would never have listed this here if I had the choice not to. 

But then, it’s one way to make $35,000 dollars fast. 

Crypto fraud has different faces and phases. 

The idea I’m demystifying right here is asking people to invest in a crypto project or some scheme online so that they get 2× to 3× their initial investment. 

It’s crazy right? 

But a lot of greedy people will fall for this. 

7. Trade crypto futures. 

Crypto futures trading is really awesome only if you’re good at trading. 

If you’re a master trader, then you can definitely make $35,000 dollars trading the crypto futures market. 

However, trading isn’t free. 

You’ll need to have some money in your trading account to get started. 

With a lot of money to trade, then you can trade a less volatile market in the crypto sphere like spot trading. 

This refers to the normal buying and selling of crypto assets or financial instruments including Forex, stocks, and bonds. 

Meanwhile, futures trading is amplified and there’s more risk of loss to its nature. 

You can make quick wins or quick losses while trading futures contracts. 

8. Start & scale an ecommerce business. 

Much more than starting an ecommerce business, you’ll need to scale it if your goal is to reach $35,000 dollars fast. 

Launching it is easy. 

It’ll cost you some money, but once you already know what kind of e-commerce website you’re looking to build, it’ll be easy. 

There are a ton of coders and web designers, and UX designers (thanks to Figma, Adobe XD, Sketch, and more) who can bring your idea to life in a couple of days. 

Once your ecommerce store is set up, you can scale by promoting it and frequently updating it to accommodate more traffic. 

While your goal is to make $35 grand fast, starting and scaling an e-commerce business/website can become a top (passive) income stream for you in the long run as long as you don’t crash the platform. 

9. Do drugs. 

There’s definitely a price to pay if you’re caught doing drugs, but you can certainly make mad money as a drug lord. 

Want $35 grand fast? 

Then you can get it from selling drugs. 

Not medical drugs to remedy ailments. 

But hard drugs. 

You’ve heard about coke? Not coca cola, but cocaine. 

Getting into stuff like this can bring millions of dollars. 

But then, you don’t want to know what happens when you’re caught with drugs. 

While I’m 100% against the use and trade of hard drugs, it’s certainly one of the ways to make money quickly, up to $35k. 

Call it a crazy idea, but I know one too many billionaires and millionaires who made it through the drug trade. 

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10. Borrow it. 

Lastly, you can borrow the money from the bank, credit unions, and online lenders. 

There are other places to borrow money from if you’ve got a great idea to nurture with the money. 

But you can definitely get $35,000 dollars as a loan from the bank, credit unions, finance companies, and online lenders. 

However, it’s a loan you’re taking. 

And there’s a repayment date for every loan. 

I’m uncertain if you can get up to $35k from online lenders, but banks and credit unions can give you this figure for a loan if you hit their eligibility standards to receive such a loan. 

How to Make $35k Fast in 10 Crazy & Realistic Ways – Final Words. 

To make $35k fast, you can start and scale an e-commerce business, mortgage your home, ask for it from a rich friend (or some family relative), sell drugs (and I mean hard drugs), trade crypto futures, perform a crypto fraud, loan it, hack into softwares, hack into bank accounts, and rob a bank (which is probably the most dreadful idea to make $35 grand quickly). 

Truth is, I’d stick with the options that don’t put me in jail when I get busted. 

You should too. 

These options include trading crypto, mortgaging your home, asking for it from a friend or someone else, borrowing it, or scaling an e-commerce business of your own. 

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