How to Make $350 Dollars Fast as a Kid: 9 Sure Ways

How to Make $350 Dollars Fast as a Kid

If you’re a kid or you’re a teenager and you’re wondering how to make $350 dollars fast as a kid or as a teenager, chances are that there are more teens and kids out there looking for exactly the same thing. 

Plus, you’re on the right page of the internet. 

In a couple of minutes, you’ll get to know the real ways to make $350 dollars fast as a kid. 

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They’re not easy ways. 


The easy way out doesn’t always work out at the end of the day. 

Hence, what you’re about to learn are practical ways to make money up to $350 dollars, and how to make it happen fast! 

Check them out here. 

How to Make $350 Dollars Fast as a Kid: 9 Sure Ways. 

1. Sell your stuff online. 

One of the realistic ways to make $350 dollars fast as a kid is to sell your stuff online. 

Whether you’ve got toys, gadgets, or clothes you no longer have use for (just because you’ve outgrown them), you can easily flip them online for money. 

As long as they’re not completely dead, you can sell them online to make a quick $350 bucks. 

And yes, the majority of the platforms you can sell them on have no age restriction.

This means that regardless of your age, you can make money selling online. 

Not all of them have no age limit for registration though. 

Some of the best places to sell your stuff as a kid in a bid to make $350 dollars fast include: 

There are a lot more but on these online stores, you’ll be able to sell and flip items for money. 

Certainly, if the items you’re listing are worth up to $350, you’ll get the money from sales.

2. Borrow it. 

As a kid, you’ve got friends. 

And unless you’re 5 or (less than), then it’d be challenging for you to borrow money from the people you call your friends. 

Most importantly, whatever you’re borrowing money for has got to be really important and lucrative. 

The more lucrative your idea is, the more likelihood there is that someone will borrow you $350 dollars as a kid. 

Meanwhile, the people you want to borrow money from other than your friends are your parents. 

Or your guardian. 

They could just grant you $350 bucks for free instead. 

This is another thing you could do; just ask. 

You can get $350 dollars fast as a kid by asking or borrowing.

Try out any of them. 

But playing games online won’t get you this very fast. 

3. Start a lemonade stand. 

Starting a lemonade stand is another option for you to explore if you want to make $350 dollars fast as a kid. 

It’s cheap to get started, but then, you only want to make sure you’re starting off from the right location. 

A lemonade stand can generate upwards of $350/week. 

And depending on the size of your lemonade stand, you could earn over $500/week. 

Even as a kid. 

So, learn how to start up a lemonade stand, how to make the best lemonades, and find yourself the perfect location to get started. 

Plus, if you’re cute like Anastasia Bezrukova, people would drive past your vicinity from far away just to see your face and buy from you. 

4. Wash cars to get $350 dollars fast. 

You’re a kid, there’s some strength in there. 

You can wash cars for a quick $350. 

And you don’t have to do it alone. 

You can wash for $10/car. 

Which means you’d be washing 35 cars to make $350 dollars. 

This could happen in a week if you’re washing cars all by yourself. 

That’s 5 cars in a day for you. 

But if you’ve got friends, then you can get more done within a couple of days. 

It’s realistic if you’re the social type, and you can start from your neighborhood. 

You just need a quick $350 bucks, so you can calculate how many times you’d need to do this to make up to this amount of money from the first gig. 

5. Trade stocks online. 

There’s usually no age restriction to trade the stock market. 

But then, you’d need to have some money in hand to start trading. 

You’re a kid, so you want to learn the best ways to trade and what stock to trade. 

Learning to trade stocks isn’t really the ultimate, learning to manage or minimize your risks is. 

So, there are multiple stocks online and the kind of stocks you want to trade are solid stocks with a higher propensity to boom in price. 

These are the kind of stocks that can’t disappear from the stock market overnight. 

Although anything can happen, trade stocks that have  below 5% delisting probability; the rate at which they can be delisted from the stock market overnight under the most ugly terrible circumstances. 

6. Trade the crypto futures. 

Futures trading in the crypto world will allow you to win big with a small capital for trading. 

As a kid, you can trade crypto futures and make a lot of money in a short period of time. 

Firstly, you’d need to understand how futures trading works. 

Plus, you’d be trading with some real money. 

And if you want to make $350 fast or in a day from trading futures in the crypto world, a less risky option is to trade with a lot of money. 

If you don’t have the capital to trade, take a good debt; borrow the money to trade. 

But before taking the step to borrow money, you’d need to master the art of trading. 

Although it’s impossible to master the art of trading

Just be really good at trading to the point where you’re not losing 80% of your trades. 

Learn till you’re good enough to win more than 90% of the trades you make. 

7. Trade binary options. 

As a kid, you can trade binary options to get $350 dollars fast. 

It’s easy to get started, but what’s not easy is taking trading decisions. 

Binary options is more or less a derivative market. 

It’s basically where you can speculate on rising or falling markets. 

So it’s either you’re longing or you’re shorting assets in binary options. 

These assets can be stocks markets like companies, crypto like Bitcoin or Ethereum, and currencies like EUR/USD. 

Moreso, you can make $350 fast if you’re good at trading binary options.

And while it’s not the easiest market to trade, it’s probably one that makes the quickest money due to its short-term nature. 

8. Bet online. 

Betting online as a kid is one of the realistic ways to make $350 dollars fast. 

It’s not risk free, and in fact, you stand the chance to lose your stake on any game. 

Unless you’re already very knowledgeable about the sport you’re looking to bet in and the parties or players you’re betting on, there’s a fat chance that you’ll not be very fortunate with your bet stakes. 

Betting can make you a millionaire. 

But then, you’d be increasing your risk for loss tremendously. 

It’s a game of risks. 

And if you’re willing and desperate enough, then you can make it happen for yourself. 

Keep betting, and learn the rudiments of betting online to emerge an overnight success.

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9. Perform freelance services. 

If you want to learn how to make $350 dollars fast as a kid, then you need to venture into freelancing. 

It’s one of the ways to make money online, and you don’t even have to pay a dime to get started. 

All you need to do is to have a skill. 

This skill could be writing, proofreading, performing virtual assistant services, coding (even as a kid), designing graphics, editing videos, transcribing (which can get boring sometimes), or creating background sounds. 

Whatever you’re good at doing as a kid or whatever virtual skill you have, even if it’s as basic as writing, you can get paid anywhere from $20/hour to do it. 

It’ll be challenging for you basically because you’re a kid. 


Clients want to make sure they’re working with the best freelancers who can handle their project. 

And even if you’re a genius kid, they’d still be skeptical. 

But then, keep applying to get gigs on freelance marketplaces and you’ll get a couple of them in your first week with the pay high enough to engulf your $350 dollar threshold. 

How to Make $350 Dollars Fast as a Kid: 9 Sure Ways – Final Words. 

Now that you know how to make $350 dollars fast as a kid or a teenager, what’s your choice going to be? 

Will you simply perform a freelance service, borrow it, bet online to get $350, trade binary options, start a lemonade stand, sell your own stuff online, trade futures on crypto or forex, or wash vehicles? 

IMO, focusing on the ventures that can guarantee you $350 dollars is the right way to go. 

If you have to trade online or bet on sports online, you’d be spending money rather than making it. 

If you don’t have the funds to bet or trade, there are other options to explore. 

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