How to Make $400 a Week from Home: 13 Thoroughly Realistic Methods

How to Make $400 a Week from Home

There are a lot of realistic ways on how to make $400 a week from home. 

And this article seeks to explore some of these methods. Plus, you’re not getting any magical hack here to get $400/week from your house or in your bedroom for doing nothing. 

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You’d be working and executing some activities to make this work. While $400 dollars isn’t a lot of money, it’s certainly some money to lay off bills with. $400 dollars in a week amounts really well to $1,600 dollars a month. 

The thing is, you could make more or less with these methods. It’s really up to your capacity to hustle more. 

Here we go. 

How to Make $400 a Week from Home: 13 Thoroughly Realistic Methods

Start Your Blog 

Blogging is one sure way on how to make $400 a week from home. You don’t need to have a degree to own a blog. And while blogging profitably comes with a fee (and at a price), you can do it from your home with or without a full-time day job. 

If you can commit well enough to your blog, there’s every possibility to generate income as much as $20,000 dollars every month within your first 18 months. With this in mind, making $400 a week from home is possible in your first couple of months. 

To start blogging, you’ll need to focus on a niche – this makes it easier to create content and build a loyal audience online to whom your niche resonates with. After choosing a niche, you’ll have to brainstorm a domain name and get hosting for your blog. 

You create content afterwards and that’s the meat of blogging; content creation. When you start getting traffic regardless of the size, you can monetize your blog in different ways. From picking a niche to monetizing your blog, this article  got you covered. 

Start a YouTube Channel 

It’s totally free to launch a YouTube channel. But then you can make tons of money off a successful one. Making $400 a week from home wouldn’t be a big deal if you focus on growing your YouTube channel by creating captivating high quality contents and getting to communicate with your audience through your videos. 

You’d have to focus on a niche just like you would with a blog. This is to maintain focus and not drift into too many unrelated topics. 

The moment you start getting subscribers, you can monetize your YouTube channel using affiliate marketing or by selling your own products. And after your first 1k subs, you can activate the YouTube partner program

Graphics Designing 

Do you know how to design graphics? 

Then you don’t need to have a 9 to 5 to make money with this skill. You can simply start off as a freelancer helping people with their different projects and getting paid to do so. 

You can make $400 a week from home doing this, and it’s free to become a freelancer too. You just need to be good at what you do. To get started as a freelance graphics designer, you can sign up on websites like Fiverr, 99designs, and Upwork. 

You can also get graphics design remote jobs on Indeed and Google Jobs that pay up to $30/hour. Today, there are hundreds of graphics designers who work from home and earn a living doing so. 

Editing & Proofreading 

Editing and proofreading are two important activities that add up to make for a complete and accurate document or content (in textual format). 

So, if you’re a good proofreader or editor, you can work from home to make $400 dollars a week as a freelancer. To get started, you’ll need to be good at what you do; editing and proofreading. 

If you’re good at one of them, you can work as a freelancer from home on websites like Upwork, Fiverr, and also find gigs that you can do on job boards like Indeed and Monster. Proofreading and editing are great skills if you have them, and you can keep learning and practising to polish your skills. 

Trade the Stock Market

Stock trading is popular and it’s something I talk about in almost every post I publish here on this blog. It’s definitely one of the ways to quickly become rich, but then you’ll need to acquire the knowledge of trading before you’d be able to make a single profit from trading the stock market

At first, you’ll find it a little challenging to learn because of the avalanche of terminologies, features and technicality of the strategies. 

Surely and eventually, you’ll break through by consistency in learning. So, if you want to make $400 dollars from home, you can do that by just trading stocks. You’ll also need to be ready to invest some money as your trading capital by the time you start trading. 

Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is another way to make $400 dollars a week from home but you’ll need to do it the right way to make a sizable income passively through it. Affiliate marketing is passive income. And there are thousands of people on the internet making up to 6 figures a year from affiliate marketing. 

So, starting fresh, you’ll first become an affiliate marketer by signing up on affiliate programs. Basically, you’ll be recommending products for different people on the internet. Once they buy the products, you get paid. 

It’ll pay more to focus on a niche product and channel every effort towards promoting that product to the right set of people on the internet. There are a couple of ways to do affiliate marketing profitably. And you’ll need to learn the ropes to make it big. 

Acquire Rental Assets 

Rental assets are real assets that can make you money from time to time once you have them. This is because people will come to you to rent them, and they return them after a given period of time. The first thing you can do is to find the best rental assets to acquire. These are the kind that people come to rent more frequently for different occasions. 

Some of them include lighting, camera, sound/music equipment, tent, chairs, table and more. Per unit, they’re not very expensive, but then you’ll be acquiring them in bulk so that you can lease them to different clients. 

Doing this from home is feasible as you don’t need to have an office. People will come to your apartment to lease them as long as you have a notice on the street about your business; making it easier for people to locate you. 

Open a Podcast 

Starting a podcast might be just the right thing to do if you like talking and you’re an extrovert. If you’re an empath or an introvert, then this may not be your thing. Podcasting is something that’s for the outspoken. 

And yes, you can make $400 dollars in a week from home with a podcasting channel of your own. You stick to a niche and provide valuable content consistently through your podcasts.

Much more than just talking on the podcast, you’ll need to know who your audience are and develop a medium of communication between you, the podcaster and your audience. 

Maybe you’ll make it easy for them to contact you or host a one-on-one meeting with you when they need to. Whatever it is, learning to grow a podcast from scratch is pertinent to the growth of s podcast beforehand. And there are several ways to monetize a podcast once you start getting traction. 


Drop-shipping is another way to make $400 a week from home. It’s not free money here. You’d be investing your time into creating an online store and importing products. 

While drop-shipping can be profitable, it’s upfront work. But it’s nothing with utmost complexity. Drop-shipping is basically e-commerce brokerage. You create a store, connect it with another store, import products from that store to your store, add markup to the products you import. 

When people visit your store and place an order, the orders go straight to the other ecommerce store and the clients get what they order in your name. There’s more to drop-shipping than everything you just read in the past few lines. Get to understand the entire business and how to succeed before plunging right into it. 

Online Tutoring 

Teaching on the internet can make you money. People do it to make some extra cash in their spare time even while they keep a full-time job. You can too. And you’d make more if you don’t want to leave your home or you want to commit to it full-time. 

Online tutoring pays. Websites like Chegg, Tutor, Wyzant, and Preply will pay you per session to teach. It’s possible to bag around $18/hour teaching online. If you do 4 hours a day, that’s easily $72 dollars in a day.

You could make $400/week if you spend more hours tutoring on multiple platforms. Yes, it’s possible. You could work for long hours teaching people from different parts of the world. 

The longer you tutor online, the more money you’d earn. So, if you want $400 dollars a week tutoring online from home, then you can do the maths to see how many hours you’ll need to work and how many online tutoring platforms you might need to sign up on. 

Start with a platform and if the weekly pay over the hours you’re willing to work doesn’t balloon to $400/week, check out other platforms or join multiple tutoring websites

Print-on-demand Clothes Sales

There are websites that enable you to create designs for sale. You simply sign up with them and you’re given free tools with which you can create t-shirt designs and upload them to your store (still on the website). 

Other visitors can browse through your store and if they like what they see and they place an order, the website prints the design and sends it to them. You make money from every single sale as the designer and the company/website keeps a cut. You also tag the prices based on what you feel the designs should be worth. 

Moderate prices across your digital inventory will contribute to more sales. So, this is how it works; you want to design hundreds or thousands of products and upload them to your store so that visitors get to buy a design from the bulk in your digital store. 

Making $5,000/month (which clearly flies over $400/week) from home isn’t a big deal with an inventory of thousands of relevant, creative, and quality designs. To make quick sales, you can promote your store or products from your store on social media. 

Freelance Writing 

Writing is a gift if you’re good at it. And you can make $400 bucks from your home in a week once you’re able to tap into the prospects of being a good writer. For this point, we’d be talking about how freelance writing can make you money. 

In this regard, all you need to do is to be a good writer. If you have the skill and you’re good, then you can work for people online as a freelancer. It’s free to start a career as a freelance writer. You’re not paying a dime. You simply sign up on Fiverr or Upwork to start getting writing gigs. 

For a start, a common challenge you’ll face off would be a difficulty in getting your first writing gigs. You’ll definitely get them if you’re patient enough, charge moderately, and apply for gigs with captivating proposals.

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Online Trading 

Still wondering how to make $400 a week from home? 

You can trade online. It’s not the most guaranteed way to make $4 hundred dollars a week from home, but it’s a sure way to make money quickly. 

With the online markets, you can become an overnight millionaire assuming you have a portfolio of assets that appreciate in value over the course of time. So, with markets like crypto, forex, and stocks, you can stay in your room while you print money online just by trading. It’s not as easy as I make it seem. 

But it’s doable if you’re willing to learn about the online financial markets and how to trade profitably most of the time. The common hoax is the existence of strategies that give you a win 100% of the time. 

How to Make $400 a Week from Home: 13 Thoroughly Realistic Methods – Summary 

In complete summary, if you want to make $400 a week from home, you can start a drop-shipping business or hustle, do freelance writing, open and scale a print-on-demand business on platforms like CafePress, tutor online, start a blog of your own, design graphics, trade the stock market, crypto trading, rental assets venture, podcasting, YouTube money, editing & proofreading, and affiliate marketing (which is one lucrative stuff). 

However, there are more ways to make $400/week from home. 

But these are some of the top and most valid. 

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