How to Make $400 Fast as a Kid: 9 Best Ways

How to Make $400 Fast as a Kid

Are you a kid looking to make $400 fast? 

Or, you want to make $400 dollars and give it to your own kid for something else or a special need? 

Then you’re not alone. 

And to tell you the truth, thousands of parents (like you) or even kids (like you) are looking for the same thing you’re looking for. 

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On this page, you’ll get to learn how to make $400 fast as a kid in 9 real ways. 

Some of these ideas will suggest that you give something away to get what you want, more of them won’t. 

However, they’re all realistic. 

Pronto, here are 9 serious ways to make $400 dollars quickly as a kid. 

How to Make $400 Fast as a Kid: 9 Best Ways. 

1. Borrow it. 

Borrowing $400 is one of the ways to make $400 fast as a kid. 

It’s realistic. You could borrow it for something more productive that would yield even more money. 

Or, you could borrow the money to do something that’s urgent to you while you map out your plans to pay at a later date. 

And some of the places to borrow an amount of money like this include online loan companies and credit unions. 

However, if there’s some age restrictions with taking loans from credit unions or from online lenders, you can ask your parents or a guardian who’s of age to help you get this done (with the agreement of paying him/her the loan before repayment date). 

2. Trade stocks. 

As a kid, you’d have some challenges with trading stocks basically because of the age limitations. 

In this case, you can make $400 fast by asking someone, usually an adult, to assist you in the registration process. 

Or, you can ask them to open a stock trading account in their name while you work on it as yours. 

You can make a lot of money trading stocks. 

And you’d need to learn how to trade before giving up your wallet. It’s real money you’d be trading with. 

With this in mind, you want to make sure there’s no fluke with your trading strategy. 

3. Sell your clothes online. 

One quick way to also make $400 dollars as a kid is to sell your own clothes

Like, if there’s some used clothes that you’ve got and you have no use for anymore, you can sell them online for some quick money. 

You could make up to $400 dollars or less. 

Or more. 

It depends on the quality of the clothes that you’ve got, and quantity too. 

Making money by selling your clothes online isn’t a new deal neither is it a big deal. 

Once you’re done arranging the clothes you’d like to sell, you can freely list them on platforms like Etsy, Amazon, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark, OfferUp. 

And other platforms. 

4. Ask for $400 dollars. 

Other than borrowing $400 dollars as a kid or a teen, or even an adult (which makes more sense), you can simply ask. 

If you’ve got a really strong reason for which you need the money, you’d surprisingly get it. 

The people you can ask for money as a kid include your parents, guardians, relatives, neighbors, and friends. 

Again, if you’re from a rich home, or you’ve got some rich friends, then getting $400 dollars wouldn’t be much of an issue for you. 

People will naturally give to you just to support you if you’re in need of money for something really relevant. 

What if I’ve got no place to look for $400 dollars or no one’s willing to give me? 

Then, you can become a fundraiser and seek funds on a fundraising platform

If your idea or purpose for needing $400 makes sense, you’d get quick turn ups on your fundraising campaign. 

Some of the top places to initiate a fundraising campaign include: 

  • Patreon
  • Classy
  • GoFundMe
  • Crowdfunding
  • Indiegogo
  • Crowdrise
  • Kickstarter
  • Fundly
  • Handbid
  • Donorbox 

As a kid, you can go on to raise a fundraising campaign on any or more or all of these platforms. 

If you encounter any age restrictions during registration, the code through this is to ask anyone you know who’s an adult to help you with the process. 

For sure, you can generate over $400 dollars with a fundraising campaign. 

And the results from fundraising campaigns could surprise you. 

5. Start a lemonade stand. 

Learn to make lemonades in all or most flavors, and start a lemonade stand somewhere that’s not entirely hidden. 

The more visible your lemonade stand is, the more sales you’ll make. 

The code is to start a lemonade stand where people get to easily see you. 

Although it’s not free to start a lemonade stand, you’d make more than $400 dollars in the long-run. 

With just $10 dollars, you can get the lemonade business up and running. 

But I’d recommend starting with at least $50 bucks so that you’re able to make more profit in the long-run especially as you’re starting out. 

You don’t want to make $1 or $2 per day. 

That’s gonna take a while before you’re in profit of $400 dollars. 

However, the more money you invest into a lemonade stand or business, the more profit you should expect to make. 

And if you’re looking to make $400 bucks one-time, this probably isn’t for you. 

6. Trade crypto futures. 

Futures is an amplified form of trading. You make more money with less investment. 

Conversely, you lose more money with less investment, and more investment too. 

There’s a high possibility of making $400 dollars quickly as a kid if you’re good at trading the crypto futures market. 

It’s fairly interesting and you learn with every trade you initiate. 

The first step however is to master the art of trading to an extent. 

This will take you some time, but I can’t think of a better way to make money faster as a kid. And I mean faster

With a trading capital of $50 dollars and the right set of trading skills, you could grow your account to $400 in a week (trading futures on a crypto exchange). 

7. Freelance your skills.

If you’re a kid and you’ve got a skill, particularly a digital skill like writing, coding, designing graphics, editing, transcribing, or you’ve got two different languages, you can make $400 dollars quickly by offering freelance services. 

To get started, open a free freelancer account on Fiverr, and search for gigs that you can fill (or do). 

It’ll be a lot challenging to get gigs especially as you’re signing up as a kid. Clients barely want to work with kids. 

You could get lucky

And some early gigs could earn you $50 or less. 

So, going by $50/gig, you stand the chance to earn $400 dollars after 8 gigs consecutively. Could happen in a day. 

Could take weeks. Or days. But the point is; you can make $400 fast as a kid through freelancing. 

8. Try Adsense arbitrage. 

A ton of people generate so much money just doing this online. 

It’s definitely one way to make money online, and it’s not the cheapest option on this list. 

It’s all about starting a blog, monetizing it with Adsense (or Google Adsense), buying traffic to it and watching things play out your way. 

You make more money from the ads on your blog than you’d spend to acquire traffic. 

When it comes to buying traffic, it’s gotta be quality traffic for you to really see any significant revenue reporting. 

So, you could do this over and over again as a kid. It’s easy to talk about it, but it’s not that easy in reality. 

However, you’d have to learn the best ways to make this work out for you. 

It’s an exceptional way to make money online, but you need to know what’s working and what’s not working (so that you don’t end up wasting your little bucks on guesswork). 

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9. Sell your valuable items. 

We talked about selling your clothes to make a quick $400 dollars as a kid. 

But the thing is, you could sell more than just your clothes. 

If you’ve got some other items that you own as a kid, you can sell them to get whatever amount of money you’re looking to get. 

Whatever it is; your toys, shoes, and whatnot. 

You can sell them online on ecommerce marketplaces to make money. 

Now, you could make up to $400 dollars, more, or less than this. 

It just depends on what you’re selling and at what price you’re listing them online for sale. 

How to Make $400 Fast as a Kid: 8 Best Ways – Final Words. 

While there are other ways for you to make $400 fast as a kid, these are some real ways that actually work. Some of them come off as weird. 

I know. 

But then, you can get a quick $400 as a kid with these ideas. 

And for the sake of just summarizing everything in a sentence, some of the ways to make $400 fast as a kid include selling your valuables, traffic arbitrage, borrowing $400 from a family or some other sources, trading stocks online, selling your clothes, asking for the money, starting a lemonade stand, trading futures contracts in the crypto market, and freelancing. 

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