How to Make $400 in 3 Days: 10 Realistic Ways

How to Make $400 in 3 Days

Do you want to make $400 in 3 days? Then you’re not alone. 

On this page, you’ll learn the best ways to make up to $400 dollars in 3 days, or 72 hours. 

However, making money this fast is not entirely risk free. 

You’d have to do a couple of things to get started and also learn new things along the line just to really be on the cutting edge of the success line here. 

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Truth be told, making money isn’t easy. 

Forget about everything you’ve heard about making money online and about the ease of it. 

If you want to make up to $400 in 3 days, I’ll tell you upfront that it takes much more than time. 

It takes patience and some ridiculous hard work. Upfront. 

Unless you want to make a few cents from the internet, it takes a lot to actually make real money online. 

Closing phase of that part is, be ready to work hard much more than you’re willing to work on your hobby. Let’s do some math. 

With $400 dollars in 3 days, that’s $4k dollars in 30 days or one month. 

In one year, that’s an estimated sum of $48,000 dollars. 

So basically, you’re looking to learn how to make $400 in 3 days, $4k a month or $48k a year. It’s pretty realistic if you’re not in haste. 

That said, here are 10 realistic ways to make $400 in 3 days, and they can make you this much money without delay. 

How to Make $400 in 3 Days: 10 Realistic Ways. 

1. Trade binary options. 

If you want to make $400 dollars in 3 days, then trading binary options is one of the best ways to go about this. 

Although in some countries, this isn’t supported. 

But then, it’s one of the ways to make up to $4k a month. 

Binary options is a risky trade. 

So if you must trade it, you’ll need to have not just the capital, but the heart of a trader. 

You bear the risks and whatever follows. 

Meanwhile, trading anything that has to do with charts online should be done with your spare money. 

This is because anything is likely to happen in the markets. 

Binary is risky. 

And sometimes, the brokers slip hundreds of orders just to liquidate accounts (and this is my honest review from past experiences). 

Yet, you can make money trading binary options if you know what to do and have a mix of consistently effective strategies. 

By incorporating risk management in whatever form, you’ll be able to avert massive losses and appear on the winning side of your trade entries mostly. 

If you’re ready to start trading binary options today, then you can start with any of these top brokers in the 2020s: 

While these are some of the best binary options brokers, you’ll need to learn to trade binary options the right way to even get started. 

Going into a venture like this without prior knowledge would top the list as the dumbest moves in the history of human existence. 

2. Crypto futures.   

Talking about making $400 in 3 days, you can get to this amount in a day just by trading the crypto futures market. 

A lot like binary options, but it gives you more breathing space. 

The crypto futures provides you with the option to amplify your risks and profits with the click of a button. 

The amplifying function on this trade is called “Leverage“. 

By doing this, you’re actually borrowing more funds from the exchange to secure a trade position. 

So you can leverage a trade (or an asset), and every asset has a limit to how much leverage you can turn on. 

Trading crypto futures is interesting. 

Much more than winning and losing, it teaches you to tame your own emotions and make the right decisions under tense conditions. 

Before launching out to trade the crypto futures market, you want to learn all you can about trading futures, and the best strategies to implement when trading. 

After that, you can sign up for free to trade crypto futures on:

Using the right strategy combined with a thorough understanding of how the crypto futures market works, you can easily make a profit of 10 to 50 percent trading most days in the week. 

If you want to make $400 in 3 days, this would mean trading with a fat capital. 

3. Interior decor. 

If you’re good at decorating interiors, then you can make $400 in 3 days doing this for people in need of it. 

You’ll need to come up with your own strategy to promote your services and really make a ton of money. 

That said, interior decor is for creative minds willing to explore and do it right. To get started as an interior decorator, you can go about it on two ends. 

Firstly, you can start up an interior decor firm and outsource the jobs you get to expert decorators around town. 

This is a more expensive approach as you’ll need to register your business with the appropriate committee. 

Secondly, you can simply be the middleman without having to register any interior decor firm. 

Just a nominal business and outsource jobs to other experts while you keep the profit. 

With the third option, you can learn the art of interior decoration. 

It’ll take some time and you’ll need to be passionate about it to stand out. 

After taking out the time to learn the basics and nuances of interior decor, promote your services online, tell it to friends and explore more strategies online and offline to gain exposure. 

4. Freelance writing. 

With a single freelance writing gig, you can make $400 dollars in the next 3 days. 

Won’t be easy especially if you’re new to the world of freelance writing. 

But we’ll keep our fingers crossed. 

Freelance writing is an art. 

And it doesn’t cost a dime to get started. 

As a freelance writer, you can work for multiple clients simultaneously and get paid upon the completion of a writing gig. 

Writing gigs for freelance writers can come as a gift pack to renowned freelance writers and can make them a lot of money. 

But if you’re not so famous of a writer, you can start by signing up on any of these freelance marketplaces:

These are some of the most reliable and highest paying freelance marketplaces – they’ve got more clients searching for the services of freelancers. 

As a freelance writer, you can make up to $400 dollars for a single piece of writing project. 

Some clients opt to pay per hour, and others per word. 

If you’re getting paid $0.05 per word for a 2,000-word piece of article, then you’d be making $100 bucks. But that’s on the low end. 

The per word revenue for freelance writers ranges from $0.02 to $1. 

We’ve calculated for $0.05 and that’s $100 bucks for 2,000 words of content. 

With $1 dollar, you’d be earning a staggering $2k for a 2,000-word piece. The higher the per-word rate, the higher your earnings. 

5. Software development.

If you’re great at designing and developing softwares, then you can do this for people and get paid as a freelancer. 

Software development can make you up to $1,500+ in a couple of days depending on how fast you are at coding things up. 

Okay that’s fast. 

But before becoming a software developer on the freelancing end, you must be proficient in one or more programming languages. 

Markup languages are must-learns. 

This is because you don’t want to ruin some client’s code and have them leave you a negative review on your freelance profile. 

On the scale, freelance software developers earn anywhere from $30 to $120 per hour. 

So it’s a good call if you want to make $400 in 3 days. 

To get started, it’s totally free. 

Breathe out. 

Simply sign up on any of these top-notch freelance marketplaces for software developer and web designers: 

If you’re good at what you do, you should start getting freelance gigs in no time. 

Plus, the more versatile you are, the more gig opportunities you’re open to in the gig economy especially as it relates to software development. 

6. Laundromat. 

Starting a laundromat is a bit on the expensive side. 

But if you want to learn how to make $400 in 3 days, then owning a laundromat of your own is definitely one of the most realistic ways. 

With a laundromat, it’s possible to generate much more than $400 a day. 

And about the cost of starting a laundromat, it’ll take about $25k on the low end. 

Medium and large scale laundromats cost way more money to start up. 

That said, starting a laundromat is one of many necessary procedures to transition it from brand new to successful. 

First of all, the location counts. 

It’s a physical or an offline business, so it really matters where it’s located. 

On a second note, the interior design, marketing and services delivery matters too. 

Without marketing, no one gets to know about it. 

So if you want to make $400 bucks with a laundromat, push it out there and give it your best shot. 

You don’t really have to start one if you don’t have the money to raise it. 

It’s just one way to make $400 in 3 days. Or $48k in a year.  

7. Proofreading. 

Proofreading is more like reading through an already written document to sieve errors. 

Grammatical bugs. 

If you have a keen eye for grammar accuracy, then you can proofread as a freelancer to make $400 dollars in 3 days. 

It’s an easy task. 

Plus, you can get a ton of freelance proofreading gigs on Freelance marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork, and on Google Jobs. 

Doing freelance proofreading gigs, you can earn up to $0.24 per word. 

That’s about $500 bucks for a 2,000-word article. You could earn more. 

Different clients come with different budget sizes, and you can negotiate for higher rates. 

Just like any other freelancing gig, getting proofreading jobs online especially on freelance marketplaces can be challenging. 

But as you build your portfolio and gain experience in the field, it gets easier. 

8. Copywriting. 

Copywriting is an art of compulsive writing. It’s capitalized to boost patronage and gain exposure basically. 

As a copywriter, you can get paid much more than a conventional writer. 

What’s left if you’re not one is to learn the art of copywriting before launching out to sell your skills on, Glassdoor, Ziprecruiter, Fiverr, Upwork, and other marketplaces. 

Copywriters have a broad scope or work. 

They can work for firms, individual clients and brand manufacturers to sell off products. 

With the sporadic increase in the creation of websites and web products, the job availability for copywriters and the need for their services to market and sell web-affiliated or virtual products is on the steady rise. 

From writing product descriptions for websites to crafting commercial captions for campaigns, events, and real-world products, a copywriter can earn as high as $200 per hour for a copywriting gig. 

Per word, copywriters charge anywhere from $0.1 to $1 dollar. 

Sitting on the middle line of $0.5, you’d earn $250 bucks for a short captivating 250-word copy. 

That’s a lot.  

9. Delivery services. 

Making $400 in 3 days would be easy if you owned a vehicle. 

Any kind of it. 

Even a VR, but then, that wouldn’t be particularly locomotory. 

With a car, you can run delivery services and make up to $18 (closely minimum) in an hour. Now, you don’t really do a lot to get started. 

There’s nothing excessively menial. You simply deliver products to different customers around town. 

Some of the platforms that’ll pay you up to $18 an hour to run delivery services in your city include:

Another way to make money with your vehicle (if you’ve got one), up to $400 bucks in 3 days, is to become a driver for Uber or Lyft

I pick Uber because they’ve got a more robust customer base; you’d be running more trips. 

With Uber, you’re set to make anywhere from $18 to $45 an hour. 

Depending on the trip. Working 5 hours a day, you should earn about $675 in 3 days (going by the $45/hour income). 

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10. Ebook & course sales. 

When it comes to making money at all, you can sell information to rake in a lot in the long run. 

Activities like authoring a book in the real world can get an author to thousands of dollars a month. 

With the help of the internet, it’s easier to self-publish a book and sell it in the form of a course online. 

Now, the book you create isn’t restricted to text and images alone. 

You can create a video course or just a course in whatever form and put it out there for interested people to buy it. 

Before creating a course, make sure you know what you’re doing. 

Create a course around something you’re not just passionate about, but something that you really know in-depth. 

It should be worth 5 or 10 times the price. If you’re going to sell it for $200 dollars, it should be worth $2,000 dollars. 

And by the worth, I mean the value of the content it contains. 

That said, here are some of the best places to sell your course online after creating it: 

Additionally, you can also create an Ebook and sell it on one or more of the following platforms online:

Selling ebooks and courses is one of the most realistic ways on how to make $400 in 3 days, and your information product (ebook or course) has got to be worth it. 

How to Make $400 in 3 Days: 10 Realistic Ways – Final Words. 

If you want to make $400 in 3 days, then you can deliver services for Amazon Flex, become a copywriter, proofread as a freelancer, become a landscaper or pick up local landscaping gigs, develop softwares for freelance clients, decorate interiors for clients around your city, deliver food items around the city, sell your course online, and trade binary options. 

While these are realistic ways to make $400 in 3 days, you can make more money in the next 72 hours with them. 

But the key would be to stick to one or two of them. 

You can’t start them all or hop from one to another in the next 72 hours. 

That’d be insane. Focus and bridle consistency into your hustle. 

Okay, so you want to focus on either a laundromat, freelancing proofreading, landscaping or one of the realistic ways that can really make you $400 in 3 days. 

In the long run, you’ll need to have passive income generating machines too that make you money on autopilot without your active involvement. 

Some of the best passive income ideas that still make people tons of money today are basically online businesses, and they include blogging, YouTube, and ecommerce. 

My favorite? 

I’ll choose blogging every time because it’s easy to start, cheap, and it’s less demanding to grow, especially with a guide like this that unveils the best ways to really grow a blog from scratch. 

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