How to Make $400 Last Two Weeks in 6 Ways

How to Make $400 Last Two Weeks

If you’re looking for the best ways on how to make $400 last two weeks, this is your blog. 

Right here on Potentstack, you’ll get the best and most realistic money tips. 

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Especially with less formalities. And in this blog post, I’ll show you how to live off $400 bucks for the next two weeks or 14 days. 

In a previous article, I covered how to live off or make $600 last two weeks

I’ve also covered how you can make $300 last two weeks

The same rules apply when you’re looking to make $400 dollars last for the next two weeks.

Worry less, here are 6 realistic ways to make this happen and even stretch your budget past the next two weeks. 

How to Make $400 Last Two Weeks in 6 Ways. 

1. Split the money. 

If you want to make $400 last two weeks, then you can split the money first to live on one half and keep the other half for the next few days. 

$400 dollars is not really a lot of money to split, but since you’re living off this for the next 14 days, it’ll be more than worth splitting it to survive on it. 

You want to take out $200 dollars first just to see how you can live off $200 dollars in the next few days.

You can check out this article on how to live off $200 dollars in two weeks to get started on this one. 

Once you’ve exhausted the first $200 dollars, then you have an extra $200 dollars to live off. 

Another idea is to split the money into ¾ of $400 dollars. 

Or simple, $300 dollars while keeping $100 dollars for a later week or couple of days. 

Conversely, you can split the money into $100 for the first week and then $300 the next week so you have a lot to live off in the last week. 

Taking the last idea seriously, you’ll be saving the best for last. 

Plus, you’re less likely to spend in the last week as you must’ve gotten accustomed to managing every penny wisely. 

2. Skip beer. 

My addiction was soda. 

But I’m working on that. 

Soda cost me a lot of money for the record. 

It wasn’t the best for my health too, and I didn’t really think it was much of a problem until I realized I’d do anything for a bottle of soda. 

That said, if you’re into beer and you’re looking to live off $400 dollars in the next two weeks, consider skipping beer for the next two weeks. 

I’m not asking you to completely stop taking beer, but for the next two weeks alone. 

It’ll be helpful, and even better if you can willingly stop taking it in forever. 

Want to learn how to make $400 last two weeks? 

Then cut down on things like beer and other forms of junk that eat into your finances big-time. 

3. Cook. 

On the voyage to managing your finances over the next two weeks, you can hone your culinary skills in the process while emerging at the end of the tunnel with a medal. 

If you’ll be skipping junk, this means you’ll need to actually cook; unless you’re considering starving for some days or for the next two weeks. 

If you’re not, cooking is your best shot and it’ll save you a ton of money. 

Maybe not a ton of money, but a ton of the $400 dollars that would’ve been spent at a restaurant. 

Other than just saving money while skipping junk meals, cooking apparently comes with more health benefits. 

Cooked food beats junk every time. 

Every hour. 

That said, cooking is one of the everyday things you can do to stay healthy while you scale through the next 14 days on $400 dollars. 

4. Drink tap water & hike to work. 

It costs money to get bottled water and also to get a taxi to work. 

Now that you’re trying to save and manage the little money you have at hand, consider going tap water and hiking to work. 

They’re both great activities, necessary ones that you can do to save up costs. 

Drinking tap water is great and it’s better than drinking bottled water. Tap water is natural, comes from a direct source.

While taking a taxi to work is also great, you’ll need to wake up really early if you’ll start hiking. It’s not going to last forever. 

Plus, successful people don’t really get a lot of sleep. On one end, you’re stretching your budget. 

On the other end, you’re training yourself and recalibrating your morning routines for a successful end. 

5. Borrow some more money. 

Yes, if all you have right now is $400 dollars, and you want to stretch it over the next two weeks, then you can borrow some money from friends, family, or a financial institution for the one you have at hand. 

Other than asking friends or family for money, you can take a loan from some of the best loan apps

If you’ve got a guardian or some rich neighbor, you can always ask them for some money either as tip money or loan (with or without a repayment date). 

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6. Set a spending limit. 

This is one of the most effective ways to live off $400 in two weeks. 

Setting a spending limit guides your expenditure to a successful end, but only if you’re keen with the limits. 

So this is giving yourself a spending target which could be a daily limit, per 3 days or weekly. 

Some of the ideas to set a spending limit if you want to make $400 last two weeks include: 

  • $200/week: $200 a week is a lot of money if you’re trying to stretch your finances. So, this means for the first week, you’re living off $200 dollars. The upper week, you stretch the remaining $200 dollars. It’s a great option to set a spending limit. If you’re not careful, you could lavish the $200 in the first 3 – 5 days. 
  • $28/day: This option comes with spending $28 dollars in a day. So, whatever you do, following this limit, you’re not to cross $28. That’s the benchmark. If you stay indoors or mind your business the whole time in the day, you may not spend up to half this amount. 
  • $57 in 2 days: In 2 days, you’re to spend a total of $57 dollars with this spending limit. So, you can manage through the first day while enjoying $57 on the second day. Or just spend nothing in two days; which is rarely possible. 
  • $84 in 4 days: With a spending limit of $84 dollars in 4 days, things can get really interesting. It’s a lot of money to stretch in 4 days. And that’s if you don’t get carried away while lavishing $50 the first day. You’ll be bent to stretch $34 in the next 3 days. 
  • $50 in 2 days: Instead of $57 in 2 days, let’s make this a round figure but on the lower end. With a $50 spending limit in 2 days, you’d have to live on $25/day (instead of $28). That’s fair. 
  • $150/week: If you’re able to spend $150 dollars in a week (or in 7 days), that’s $300 in two weeks. You’d have an extra $100 dollars to stretch for another 4 to 5 days. Or for another week. 
  • $80 in 4 days: Turning the tables around, instead of $84 dollars in 4 days, let’s leave it at $80 dollars instead. This equates to $20 in one day. Basically, you’ll be stretching your budget really below the original spending limits (which is a good thing). 
  • $133 in 5 days: $133 dollars in 5 days would amount to $399 dollars. That’s just $1 shy of $400. It’s a great spending limit, but in between the days, there’s a great chance you miss out on what spending limit you’re to hit in a day to keep the $133 in 5 days consistent. Here’s a tip from my math – $133 in 5 days zeroes down to $26.6/day. 

IMO, the best option on this list is the daily option of $28/day. 

This means spending $28 dollars every single day will help you spend wisely in the next two weeks if you’ve got $400 dollars in all. 

Other realistic and less careful options include $150/week and $200/week. 

With a daily careful spending limit, scaling over two weeks with $400 dollars would be much more realistic.  

How to Make $400 Last Two Weeks in 6 Ways – Final Words. 

Here you have it – the realistic ways to stretch your $400 budget to last the next two weeks. 

You can do quite a lot to save your money or wisely use it over the next 14 days. 

If you’re disciplined enough, then you can get through this. 

Some of the things you can do off this list include setting a spending limit, hiking to work, drinking tap water instead of buying sealed water, cooking instead of visiting the restaurant, choosing water over beer, and splitting the money to daily spending halves to last two weeks. 

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