How to Make $4,000 a Week: 10 Smart Ideas that Work

Are you in search of some of the most realistic ways on how to make $4,000 a week? You’re not just the only one in search, and there are ways this can happen. I mean, real ways. I’ll show you. I promise these aren’t some ways to generate more money for myself, they’re also not some ways to build affiliate structure off your guts. Making $4k a week is more than realistic, and you can make it happen for yourself. It’s not going to be easy honestly. And it could take some time to reach there especially if you’ve got zero leverage.

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In a month, you’re looking to make about $16,000 dollars. And in one year, you’re shooting for $192,000 dollars. It’s a lot of money considering how you’ll not be presenting any certificate or CV to secure any white collar job. With that stuck up in your mind, here are 10 smart ways to make $4,000 a week. 

How to Make $4,000 a Week: 10 Smart Ideas that Work. 

1. Blog. 

Blogging falls in as one of the most realistic ways to make $4,000 a week. You’re not going to make this amount of money the very moment you set out to start your blog. Nope. It doesn’t work that way. You’ll have to take some time to really see things fall in place. Generally, if you’re starting from scratch as a blogger, it’ll take anywhere from 6 to 18 months to see tremendous traffic. Consider the first 6 months a ghosting period where Google intentionally snubs your blog because there’s no trust yet. First things first, when starting a blog to make $4,000 dollars a week, choose a profitable blogging niche. The niche you choose will largely determine how much money you’re able to make in the long run. So, get the niche right first. It doesn’t have to be about the stuff you like. Just pick a niche that’s profitable. 

There are lots of articles about profitable blogging niches already. From there, you can pick a random name for your blog that’s not related to the niche. Create content afterwards long enough to get monetizable web traffic. This is the entire process in summary. But if you’re serious about making $4,000 dollars a week, you can make it happen with a blog; this beginner’s guide is all you need to get started. 

2. Amazon FBA. 

Amazon FBA is a program by Amazon where you can buy products in bulk and send the products to Amazon after paying a flat fee upfront or paying later. Amazon sells these products on your behalf and handles shipping too. You just stay and reap the profit off the sales. 

For example, you could spend $500 to buy products in bulk. Like 100 products worth $5 each (in bulk), and move them to Amazon. If the items sell for $8 dollars per unit (not in bulk), then you’d be able to recover $800 dollars from the entire deal. To make $4,000 a week, you’d have to really acquire a lot of products, in bulk. So, there’s a chance you get to spend $10k or $12k to reap a gross profit of $4k+ or more. Or less. 

3. Write codes for freelance clients. 

Writing codes for clients online can make you up to $4k a week or a cumulative $16,000 dollars a month. The thing is, it doesn’t just happen like that. You’d need to be good at writing codes first before you’re able to get any programming gig. Once you’re good as a programmer or you’re good at writing codes, you can sign up on any of the freelance marketplaces for programmers to find gigs that pay well. Depending on the kind of project you’d be working on, you can earn anywhere from $500 to $10,000 dollars (and sometimes more). 

If you’re lucky, you could earn five figures from a single gig. Another intangible asset you’d need to make lots of money as a freelance programmer is efficiency. The quicker you can get done with gigs, the quicker you can take more. 

4. Trade online. 

Online trading is without a doubt one of the ways to make $4,000 a week. You’ve got to be conversant with trading in general; which is an entirely different ballgame. When it comes to trading online, you can be sure to make money or lose it. One of two things will happen; you either lose or you win. Your focus wouldn’t be on losing unless you’re planning to lose. Plus, there are multiple markets to trade. 

You just need to be good at trading one of them and trade with a fat capital so that it’s easy to make more money with little price movements in your favor. While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to trading, you can definitely emerge profitable by learning from every trade you execute.  

5. Housing agency. 

Now, you might make a couple hundred dollars in commission as a house agent every month if you’re really active. For expensive apartments, you could earn a few thousand dollars. But to hit $16k in a month doing this, it’s unlikely. How then can you make $4k a week as a house agent? By going big. This means, in my own terms, going all out to find buyers for properties already listed for sale. 

You get more commission, and you build a strong network along the line. So, instead of sticking to the low ROI activity of finding houses for tenants to rent and getting paid a small agent fee, you can level up to become a broker between property buyers and sellers. 

6. House flipping.

If you’ve got a lot of money to invest, then you can buy houses and resell them for more money. You have to make sure you’re buying houses strategically; in favorable locations and in good shape where you don’t spend a lot of money renovating before selling out. So, in the US, in cities like Fort Worth, Sacramento, and San Antonio, you can get houses to buy for under $20k. 

Although there are still houses under $5k, reselling them won’t make you an extra $16k a month. So, if you want to make up to $16,000 dollars in a month (which is also $4k every week), you can buy expensive houses of $50k+ and resell them within a month after you must’ve done some renovations to up the worth. 

7. Freelance UX designing. 

Another way to make $4,000 a week is to work as a freelance UX designer. You’d be designing user interfaces for different web projects and so on. 

The thing is, you’d need to be really smart to keep getting more work from gigs you’ve done before. UX designing is indeed a high demand skill. And if you’re good at it, you can easily get gigs through the scope of a job board, freelance marketplaces, and by promoting your skill too (through paid ads) to the world. 

8. Website flipping. 

The idea of website flipping revolves around buying a website, upping the value and reselling it for more money. If you’re smart and you know how this works, you can generate a lot of money in the long run by just flipping websites. 

So, you can acquire a website that’s worth a lot of money, resell it and keep the change. Let’s say you’re able to buy a website for $70k, if you’re able to up the traffic within the space of one month, you’d be in profit after sales.

9. Photography. 

There are several ways to make money in the photography industry, and as a photographer. But I’ll be real with you, most of the ways or methods photographers make money won’t add up to $4,000 dollars every week. 

With the help of the internet, photographers can do other things in the photography niche without taking pictures, to make much more than $4k a week (or $16,000 dollars a month). Two of the most realistic ways you can make up to this staggering figure in a month are: 

  • YouTube: Launch a YouTube channel to review different products in the photography niche. With time you’ll be able to make a name for yourself and generate affiliate sales through your content. 
  • Blogging: Open a blog about photography, and you can slowly grow it into a photography academic with students enrolling to learn photography. There are other ways to monetize a blog like this one to generate passive income of about $50k/month. But it depends on the traffic levels. 
  • E-commerce: You can start up your own ecommerce store to sell photography equipment like different kinds of camera, lights, camera tripod and more. 

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10. Event planning. 

Event planning is one really interesting activity that you can do from time to time to make money. But making $16,000 dollars or $4k a week as an event planner comes with a level of seriousness and dedication to the craft/career. Yes, you’d have to suit up as a professional event planner and beef up your event planning portfolio to get some of the biggest clients. Start by setting up your profile on social media and by promoting your profile so that people get to see your services. And eventually put you on call to make a deal. 

Event planning is interesting if you’re an extrovert. You’d need to have everything in control, have the contacts of event talents like musicians, DJs, MCs, waitresses & waiters, chefs, and more, and their pricing so that you’re able to plan events with budget in mind. 

How to Make $4,000 a Week: 10 Smart Ideas that Work – Final Words. 

In the real world, some of the best ways to make $4,000 a week include event planning, photography, blogging for the money of it, doing Amazon FBA the exact right way, writing codes as a freelancer, flipping websites, design user experience and interface for websites and apps, trading online, finding the right apartments for prospective tenants, and flipping houses. 

They’re all some very possible ways to make $4k a week, and you just have to start with one. Some of them will definitely take more time to blossom versus others. 

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