How to Make $500 Fast as a Kid: 9 Smart Ways that Work

How to Make $500 Fast as a Kid

If you want to learn how to make $500 fast as a kid, this blog post highlights 9 of the smartest ways that this can happen. 

As a kid, it’s easier to create wealth than when you’re approaching your 39s. 

You have a lot of time, and there’s no rush. 

But if you’re in haste and you need a quick $500 bucks, you’ll find out the realistic ways to get it here. 

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There’s no sign up bonus tip here. 

They’re all practical ways, and if you’re patient enough, you can make more than $500 dollars. 


Here are the best ways to make $500 bucks fast as a kid. 

How to Make $500 Fast as a Kid: 9 Smart Ways that Work. 

1. Sports betting. 

Right! Betting on sports is one of the ways on how to make $500 fast as a kid. 

Although it’s highly risky, you can earn over $500 dollars from a single bet on a sport you know. 

To be on the winning side when betting, get to know about the sports and the players in the game.

This is one of the ways to make sure you’re not betting based on your guts (which can be a total waste of time sometimes). 

Betting along the path of your instincts isn’t all that great. 

Just because it’s not instincts doesn’t make it right all the time. 

Spend some to educate yourself about the participating teams or party before betting. 

Another option to make a quick $500 bucks as a kid from betting is to follow betting signals from services that provide it online. 

You’ll be required to pay some fee just to access their packages, and services in full. 

2. Trade binary options. 

As a kid, you can trade binary options to make $500 dollars fast. 

This is a realistic way to make this happen and you’ll also need some trading capital to start with. 

Binary options on the internet is a short term form of tradable assets. 

With just $100 dollars, you can start trading the binary options market right away. 

But I must warn you; it’s probably one of the riskiest things to do online and that’s why it’s kinda banned in some countries. 

If you want to make money, $500 bucks, and you want to make it fast, then you must be willing to take risks. 

3. Trade foreign exchange. 

Just like binary options, it’s not fun to learn trading but it’s fun to make money. 

If you want to make $500 fast as a kid, then start trading Forex. 

If you’re a complete newbie, pay the sacrifice to learn how to trade it. 

And as a kid, it’s one skill you’ll need to build wealth for yourself in the future. 

Forex trading can make you rich. 

And if you really want to make a fortune off trading or you want to be rich without working a career job or taking menial tasks, educate yourself in areas like this; online trading. 

It’s free to learn, and you can always test out your skills in a demo account before investing for real. 

4. Sell your stuff online. 

Do you have toys, jewelry, gadgets? 

You can sell them online to make $500 dollars. 

If they’re really important to you and you can’t sell them just yet, or there’s nothing you have to sell for money, then you can go dumpster diving to find valuables that can be sold for much more money online. 

Take the next 24 hours to find these gems in junkyards and curbside garbage. 

It’ll be worth it in the end. If you’re lucky, you can find items that’ll sell for more than $500 dollars on the internet. 

And once you find them, list them on Amazon, Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, or eBay. 

5. Flip websites or domain names. 

Flipping websites or domain names is one of the ways to make quick money. 

Although you’ll need to have money and a basic web development/SEO skill to make this work. 

Buying and reselling domain names or websites isn’t as easy as I make it look when I type it in my device. 

The mechanisms to weigh the value of a domain name or website before buying are a bunch. 

This means you generally need to understand how to buy, when to buy websites/domain names and resell them for money. 

Typically, this takes about a week to happen. 

It takes at most a week for you to buy a website and resell it. 

Although it could happen in a single day if there’s a waiting buyer for the domain name or the website you purchased. 

Just a quick reminder; it’s not free to buy anything, you need money to make this work. 

6. Options trading. 

Options trading is different from binary options and it’s a more reliable market you can find on top brokers. 

The idea basically is to trade profitably to make $500 dollars fast. 

As a kid, you can start learning to trade options, and get familiar with some of the best trading strategies. 

Just like trading binary options and Forex, you’ll record losses especially if you’re a pretty newcomer in the system. 

Successful trading in any market is a mix of strategy, emotional discipline, and foresight. 

7. Trade crypto. 

Of all the markets, I personally prefer to trade the crypto market; particularly futures on crypto. 

The learning process takes time, so you might want to invest some time to learn it for yourself. 

Once you’re good at trading, you’ll find it easy to raise small accounts of $50 dollars to over $500 dollars in a couple of days (trading the futures contracts on crypto). 

I’ll reinstate here again that there’ll be losses. 

And if you’re desperate, you might as well become the first factor mitigating your trading success. 

As a kid, you can start learning to trade right now and become a better trader later. 

The prospects in trading crypto are high. 

Forget about a quick $500 dollars for the short-term need, you can start up a crypto trading firm, or an academy once you’re really good. 

There’s no limit to what you can do with the knowledge and experience. 

8. Ask for $500 dollars. 

If you’re not getting the money from all the attempts so far, then you can ask for it from your relatives, your guardian or a friend. 

You’ll get it if you’re desperately in need of it. 

Maybe you’ve not tried this one out yet. 

Or you’ve been thinking it’s quite some money. 

If you need five hundred dollars right away to splurge on some materialistic stuff, I’m 100% sure no one’s gonna put it in your hands. 

Well, you could work for the money. 

Working to get $500 dollars…

  • Yes, you can work for $500 dollars. Although you won’t be getting it all at once, there are some things you can do to get it in bits. They include writing for freelance employers on places like Fiverr, Upwork and even on There’s no age restriction, but some employers might not be willing to work with a kid (regardless of how cute you are). Other than writing, you can pretty much get paid to help someone on the marketplace do what they can’t do. 
  • Another thing you could do to make $500 dollars is mow lawns. Yes, lawn mowing is a great way to make money. To hit $500 bucks, you’d have to do this for at most two weeks. To get gigs and start working right away, search through, Craigslist, or Google jobs. 
  • Thirdly, you can run errands for money around your town utilizing services like Taskrabbit, and Flexjobs. These tasks aren’t the easiest tasks in the world, they’re in fact hectic. But you get the money you work for. 

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9. Borrow $500 dollars online. 

Against all odds, you can get $500 dollars fast as a kid by borrowing it online or loaning it from some financial institution. 

With a single Google search, you’ll be able to find websites to loan money from. 

You can borrow it from these companies online, from your friends or from your relatives. 

But then, you’ll be $500 dollars in debt as a kid. 

While $500 dollars isn’t a lot of money for the working class, indebting yourself from an early age is definitely not the right thing to do. 

Hence, I highly recommend you take out the time to build passive income slowly for yourself. 

I’ve written some articles about making money online and offline on this blog. 

And you can find a mix of helpful contents there to begin with. 

How to Make $500 Fast as a Kid: 9 Smart Ways that Work – Final Words. 

Making $500 dollars fast as a kid is possible. 

And some of the very best ways to make this happen include borrowing it online, asking for $500 dollars from friends or family relatives, flipping websites, betting on sports, trading the binary options market, flipping domain names, trading forex, trading crypto, and selling your stuff online. 

Good thing is, there’s every chance you’d make over $500 bucks with these methods if you exercise a little bit more patience. 

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