How to Make $5,000 Dollars Fast as a Kid: 9 Proven Ways

How to Make $5,000 Dollars Fast as a Kid

If you’re looking for the best ways on how to make $5,000 dollars fast as a kid, then this article is the right one for you. 

There are lots of ways to make money as a kid, and although some other very juicy methods to make money in the real world are prohibited  just because you’re well below 18 years of age. 


With this ceiling, you’re left to explore the available strategies for making money that’s open to everyone else, even kids. 

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These aren’t magic tricks to make $5,000 dollars fast. 

They really work, and you just need to try them out for yourself. 

How to Make $5,000 Dollars Fast as a Kid: 9 Proven Ways. 

1. Ask for it if you’re rich from a rich home. 

One way to get $5,000 dollars fast as a kid is to ask for it or you’re from a rich home. 

Yes of course, you’ll get it. 

And if you’ve been a good kid all your life, for sure you’ll get whatever you ask for. 

Asking is just asking and there’s nothing more to it other than doing it politely. 

The worst that can happen is they’ll consider you a joker and say a big NO. 

No one’s beating you up because you asked for $5,000 dollars. 

And if you’ve got a good reason for asking, then you’ll have much higher odds of getting it; simply by asking. 

I’m not saying you should as your neighbors. 

You might get it 2% of the time. 

But if you’re rich, from a wealthy name, then $5k isn’t a lot of money. 

And you can get it by asking for it. 

If you weren’t born with a silver spoon, like me, then you can explore the other options on this list. 

2. Borrow it from your relative or friend. 

Okay, maybe asking might come off as a little too easy. 

You can borrow it then. 

But this time, you definitely need to have a reason to borrow $5k. 

And your relatives will be more than willing to give you if your reason makes a lot of sense. 

There’d be no need to formulate any story here. 

Just come plain, and you’d not be able to get a dime if your plan is porous, fractured, and abrasive. 

Maybe you’ve got plans to start something before you’re a teenager or you want to create something on the web that has a high ROI. 

You can ask your relatives, or friends to borrow you or invest with you. 

3. Stake a bet on sports. 

Betting online on sports is another way to make $5,000 dollars fast as a kid. 

Yes, the outcome isn’t 100% guaranteed, but you could make a ton of money from betting online. 

There’s also the possibility of making money and losing money instead. 

So, if you’re willing to take this route, be willing to lose and to win. You bet big, you win big. 

You bet small, you win small. 

There are also conditions where you can win big with small stakes. 

The bottom-line is, sports betting isn’t a guaranteed way to make money or make $5k as a kid, but it’s definitely a way through which this can happen. 

4. Trade futures. 

Futures trading is a unique way to make money online quickly even as a kid. 

You find a way to create a futures trading account and then you can buy assets at a future price. 

With small funds, it’s possible to win big in the futures market. 

For example, if you’ve got $100 dollars to trade the futures market, it’s possible to make big wins of up to $500 dollars, and much more. 

In very critical markets and using the futures leverage feature on trading exchanges, you can make up to $1,000 dollars with a $100 dollar trade. 

It’s very realistic, but it doesn’t happen every time. 

I know you’ve seen some crazy ways to make $5,000 dollars fast as a kid on this page, but this isn’t rocket science. 

You’ll need to understand how futures contracts trading works, what futures trading is and how to trade profitably and strategically. 

5. Build a crazy game app (ROI: bliss).

Building a game app is a nice way to make money. 

You can simply create this if you already have an idea as to what to create. 

If you’ve got no idea, then it’s your call to sit quietly while you meditate on the kind of app that can come off as addictive. 

Yes, it’s gotta be addictive for it to sell. 

Addictive stuff sells more, and your audience is scattered all over the place online. 

To make $5,000 fast as a kid with a crazy game app, heck, you’ll need money. 

In the hundreds of thousands. 

And the game isn’t just going to generate $5k and then stop functioning. 

It’s passive income, and a game that’s addictive can attract more users with minimal advertising/marketing efforts. 

6. Launch your own crypto exchange (cost: high). 

While it’ll cost you so much money to create a crypto exchange even as a kid, you’d be able to make $5,000 dollars in a couple of minutes from your business. 

Crypto-currency exchanges make millions of dollars every single day. 

Not every one of them though, only some mega players in the game like Binance,, Coinbase, Kraken, and co. 

Developing a crypto exchange will require you to have the knowledge of how crypto-currency works, how the Blockchain system works, and the concept of token generation to transfer crypto funds. 

There’s a lot more to learn. 

And this is a long term project to make millions of dollars. 

Not just $5k bucks. 

If you don’t have the money to make this work, then you can always try out other options on this list. 

7. Create a fundraiser. 

Fundraising is a way to raise funds for a specific project. 

Now, making up to $5,000 dollars is possible if you’re a kid looking for support to build something really cool or to support a movement. 

Or to initiate a campaign for the upliftment of something/people. 

Again, you can try this out to see how much money you can raise. 

You’ll need to learn how to structure a fundraising campaign so that you get the highest engagement with your fund-raiser. 

You can sign up with some of the popular fundraising platforms online to begin, including:

  • GoFundMe
  • Kickstarter
  • Indiegogo
  • Fundly
  • CrowdRise

If your reason for raising funds makes a lot of sense, then you could get up to $10,000 dollars and even a million dollars. 

But if you state that your capital or the amount of money you need is $5,000 dollars, you could get that too. 

Basically, you state the amount of money you need for your project, and people contribute in bits.

8. Binary options. 

If you want to learn how to make $5,000 fast as a kid, then learn about trading binary options. 

It’s a cool way to make money, but you have to learn to trade the markets first. 

Binary options are also short-term, so this means that it’s not a good idea to invest long-term. 

As a kid, of course you can trade and make money. But then, a lot of these brokers will only allow you to open an account with them if you’re 18+. 

So, maybe you’ll need the help of a guardian or some other relative to open and verify a trading account for you. 

Everything from the name to the account details would belong to the person in question. 

This is the only way to get through with trading binary options to make $5,000 dollars fast as a kid. 

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9. Create & sell NFTs. 

As a kid, you should’ve heard about the NFT (non-fungible tokens) movement on the internet by now. 

It’s widespread. 


It’s everywhere, and it’s definitely one of the ways you can make up to $5k fast. 

By flipping NFTs and trading them, you can generate a lot more money. 

And although this will not be passive income, getting $5,000 can happen by flipping NFTs. 

Another way to make a ton of money up to $5,000 fast as a kid is to create your own NFTs and sell them. 

Yes, there are a ton of tutorials on how to create NFTs on the internet

Create yours, put them in NFT marketplaces and sell them. 

Who knows… you might just become a millionaire overnight from the sale of your NFT. 

How to Make $5,000 Dollars Fast as a Kid: 9 Proven Ways – Final Words. 

Some of the real ways to make $5,000 dollars fast as a kid include launching your own crypto exchange, asking for $5k from your loved ones, parents or relatives if you’re from a rich home, borrowing it from a friend or relative, betting on sports, trading futures contracts, building an addictive game app, creating a fundraiser, trading binary options, and flipping (creating and selling) NFTs. 

These are realistic ways and although some of them will not work out. 

If you’re positive about the conditions for them to work out, they would. 

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