How to Make $5,000 in 24 Hours: 10 Realistic Strategies that Work

Is it possible to make $5,000 in 24 hours? Yes it’s possible. And if you’re without cash or anything at all, it’ll be the greatest challenge you’ve met till now. Making $5,000 dollars in 24 hours is a reality if you have some form of financial leverage or you’re already in money. You’d make more money easily when you already have money. 

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On this page, you’ll get to learn how to make $5,000 in 24 hours either passively or with one-time shots. Here are the strategies and ideas that work till this day. 

How to Make $5,000 in 24 Hours: 10 Realistic Strategies that Work. 

1. Stake a bet on soccer. 

One sure way to make $5,000 in 24 hours is to stake on sports games, particularly soccer. It’s not a sure way to make $5,000 dollars in 24 hours, but it could happen. This is basically a gamble. So, there’s no way for you to tell the outcome of the game. 

There are agencies online that give you predictions. But still, they’re not 100% accurate. And a bunch of them can lead to a total fail. The most important part of this entire approach to make $5k in 24 hours is to have enough money to stake with. You stake with money to win more money. In my opinion, staking a lot of money on a single game might yield a higher percentage for a win. 

2. Fast-food restaurant. 

This is one really expensive investment, but it’s possible to make up to $5,000 in 24 hours in a day from a fast-food restaurant. I’m not talking about a roadside fast-food restaurant or a food truck. I mean stuff like Starbucks and Subway. And of course McDonald’s. 

You’re looking at millions of dollars in investment here. With something like this, something like McDonald’s, of your own, you’d be a millionaire. If not a billionaire. Other than having millions of dollars, a lot goes into launching a business like this. It takes time, financial resources, and human resources to make this a reality. 

3. Stock trading. 

The stock market is there for you. And with enough capital, you’d be able to make $5,000 dollars in 24 hours. You’re not going to make any money off the stock market if you’ve got no capital to trade. But before anything else, you’ll need to learn about stock trading. If you’re a newbie, you’re better off learning first using a demo account than rushing up to open a live trading account. 

It’s free to start learning to trade with the help of tutorials on YouTube and resources on the web. It’s also free to open a stock trading account. And you can do that right now. Some of the best stock brokers or exchanges that you can open an account with right now include: 

  • Charles Schwab
  • Fidelity 
  • TDAmeritrade
  • eToro
  • Webull 

There are other top stock trading platforms on the web to start trading on. Some (if not all) of these platforms for trading the stock market support a demo account for beginners to practice with before diving deep into the live account. You can only trade if you’re good at it. If you’re not, invest in yourself by learning the ropes. 

4. Crypto futures trading. 

Futures trading is another way to make $5,000 dollars in 24 hours. No jokes. This works. You just need a lot of money and an expert trading knowledge to hit this figure every single day. Honestly, I’ve had experiences with this kind of crypto trading. It’s a more amplified form of trading the crypto market. 

In the futures trading unit, you can make profit when the market dips and when the market soars in price. It’s easier to make $5,000 in 24 hours trading the crypto if you have a fat capital to trade with. Like having $500k to trade with. With a capital like this, 1% gives you $5k. If you’ve got $50,000 dollars to trade with, 10% profit from a single trade gives you $5k. 

You get the idea? It’s all about having more money to make even more money here. Don’t expect to make $5k in a day if you only have $5k to trade with. It could happen. It’s easy to get 100% profit in a day from trading the futures market. But you’d be bearing more risk. 

5. Forex trading. 

The Forex market is basically about trading a currency against the other. You’ll hear different success stories of how people got rich off Forex trading. You’ll also read about tragic forex trading stories on the web. They’re there. 

The thing is, you can decide to come out a winning trader or a losing trader. It depends on the accuracy of your strategy and how critical it is. Unlike the crypto market, forex closes and opens on different dates of the week. So, the market closes during weekends, but opens at 5pm, Sunday. The point is, you can make $5,000 dollars in 24 hours trading the Forex market. 💯 possible. 

6. Binary options trading. 

Risky. But it is possible. Making $5k in 24 hours or a single day is possible with trading binary options. Remember, it’s risky. But if you’re careful enough and you have a robust strategy to tackle the risks, then it’s possible. 

Firstly, you open a binary options trading account on Nadex (which is currently the only US regulated broker for binary options trading). Then, with the help of a demo account, you can learn to trade and get your strategies right. 

7. Create, launch, and promote your course. 

If you’re an influencer, then this is for you. You can make $5,000 in 24 hours by launching your course. It’s really possible if you’re someone thousands of people look up to and you’re a pro in a niche. If your course is valued at $200 dollars, 60 sales will get you to $12,000 dollars. 

This can happen in a single day if you have a loyal audience and they’re hungry for your resources. It’s easy to make money online and offline when you attain that “influencer” figure. You just need to either recommend stuff or create yours for sale. 

8. Start traffic arbitrage. 

Traffic arbitrage or AdSense arbitrage is buying traffic to a blog that’s already monetized with Google ads. You buy the traffic and make money off the ads on your blog. The first step is picking a profitable niche to do the on. This is because you want to make more money for every click on the ads on your blog. So, even before starting the blog or taking it live, pick a profitable blogging niche

Next, you write your first 40+ articles and apply to AdSense. Not just any articles. But articles that can actually rank and bring a ton of traffic your way. Next, you understand Facebook advertising and how to reach more audiences with a low budget. 

Then you watch the magic happen. The more money you spend on paid advertising for your blog content on Facebook, the more money you’ll make from the people clicking on ads and visiting different pages on your blog. And yes, it’s possible to make $5,000 in 24 hours doing this. 

9. Build a subscription-based software. 

This can be a tool or a mobile app or PC software. As long as people subscribe to it for something they need, there’s every chance you’ll make more money from reaching more people. It’s a numbers game from here if you already have a tool like this that people subscribe to, or you have a program, an academy, a product or service that people pay money in the form of subscriptions to access. 

The work is to create something as epic as this. It could take months. Afterwards, you can focus on reaching your audience. From the smallest businesses to the biggest ones, audience population and patronage makes the difference. 

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10. Launch a supermarket. 

Another expensive one off this list. But launching a supermarket is a sure way to make $5k in one day. If you have the funds to kick this up. That’s fine. Having the funds wouldn’t be enough. Developing a plan to knock out the competition and build a brand off your supermarket would be enough. That strategy would be comprehensive, covering the name (which should be easy to remember), the logo, the location, the interior, the inventory, marketing online, and more. 

Basically, there’s every possibility to make more than $5 grand in a day with a business like this. You’d be surprised. The reality of this is that you’re not ready to do something like this because of the unavailability of funds or you’re not just motivated enough to take this big a step. 

How to Make $5,000 in 24 Hours: 10 Realistic Strategies that Work – Final Words. 

So much for making money, you need to have money to really build for yourself wealth systems. In the real world, it’s possible to daydream of making up to $5k in 24 hours. It’s easy to daydream and hallucinate. But getting the work done will require you to be financially and intellectually endowed. 

Rounding off, you can make $5,000 in 24 hours by launching a supermarket, developing a subscription based software, create and promote your course that should sell for hundreds of dollars, doing traffic arbitrage with AdSense, playing the lottery (which is a one-time shot thing), forex trading, binary options trading, stock trading, crypto trading (with fat capital), opening a fast-food restaurant, and staking a bet on soccer games. 

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