How to Make $5,000 in a Week: 14 Best Ways

Right in this article are 14 best ways on how to make $5,000 in a week. Now these are some of the things I personally do online to make money. And I’ve been into these for a couple of months now ever since I made my first cent with my blog. Truth is, you can make a ton of money off these working ways to make money, and in a single week, it’s really possible to triple $5,000 bucks. Not so fast. 

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While this is possible, it takes time. I mean, there’s no quick way to make it work in the next 1 hour. But then, you can make it work while providing value, taking risks and beckoning on consistency. 

How to Make $5,000 in a Week: 14 Best Ways. 

1. Start a blog. 

Launching a blog is one of the ways on how to make $5,000 in a week. I’m not by any means saying that you’re going to make $5k the very week you start blogging no. Truth is; blogging takes time. Depending on multiple factors like your monetization strategy and quality content publishing frequency, you can get to $5k per week sooner or after a long while. Firstly, choose a profitable niche. Everything you’ll be doing with your blog if you must make money profitable must hover around a profitable niche. 

If it’s not profitable, then you’ll struggle to make a lot of money. Maybe you’ll generate revenue from the blog, but it could take you 10× the effort to make a reasonable income sustainably. If you want to start a blog right now, check out this free guide to profitable blogging put together for you. 

2. Dropshipping. 

Dropshipping is a new but simplified model of e-commerce. You create an online store and connect it to other stores that actually sell products. You don’t sell, you’re just the middleman; more like a channel to the source. Whenever people visit your store, they’re able to order products and they’ll get it in your store’s name even if the products were originally shipped by another supplier. 

You only get to deal with customer refunds and returns; and customer complaints in general. So, with dropshipping, you can have an ecommerce business (more on this later) running on its own without your involvement. And yes, a dropshipping store can generate much more than $5,000 in a week for you if you do things the right way. 

3. Freelance writing. 

If by any chance you’re good at writing content, then you can work from home and make money actively as a freelancer. You don’t need to have any form of certificate to become a freelance writer. Just be good at writing and that’s it. 

From home, you can find remote jobs on Craigslist,, and on marketplaces like Upwork and Fiverr. At the beginning, you’ll find it difficult to get gigs. It’s pretty normal. With time and as you build your portfolio slowly, you’ll get more gigs. Working as a freelancer can get you to $20k a month. But don’t expect it to come quickly.

4. Programming. 

Programming is a really lucrative skill anyone can pick up. And I mean, anyone. So, if you’re a programmer, you can work as a freelancer for clients online. Yes, while everyone can pick up this skill, people just need you to get things done for them in the cyber world. And because this is one very high demand skill, you get paid handsomely. 

In a week, you can get multiple gigs paying over $3,000 dollars per gig. With efficiency, you can earn much more than $20,000 dollars a month (which equates to $5,000/week). To get started as a freelance programmer, sign up on virtual marketplaces like Toptal, Guru, and Upwork. You can also get jobs on; programming-related remote jobs. 

5. YouTube. 

Free of charge, you can start up a YouTube channel and grow it into making over $5k weekly. But this doesn’t come so easy. It takes a ton of upfront work. Firstly, you’d have to figure out a niche that you want to dwell in. That’s the niche you’ll create all of your videos around. 

Secondly, you’ll need to research the niche to know what’s trending and to know popular topics people aren’t making videos about. Also get to know the products in the niche that people are buying; you might want to make money recommending these products and getting affiliate revenue from product sales. 

6. Forex trading. 

While Forex trading isn’t the most risk free option here on how to make $5,000 dollars in a week, it’s certainly one way out. There’s every need to learn to trade before venturing into it. So basically, you want to learn a mix of strategies, risk management techniques and lots more just to make sure you don’t lose money the moment you start trading. Plus, there’s every need to trade with a lot of money too. 

This is because you’re more likely to make more gains with more money in the market. On the flip side, you’re definitely losing more money if you opened a position with fat cash. To start trading, sign up today on eToro. It’s definitely one of the best Forex trading platforms right now. 

7. Podcasting. 

More like hosting your own radio show, podcasting is a way to communicate with an audience online. But then, once there’s an audience, there’s a number of ways to monetize that attention you’re getting free of charge. And depending on the size of your audience and the monetization strategy you adopt, $5k/week is attainable. Firstly, settle in a niche and build momentum there. After that, build more momentum and reach out to other voices in your niche for cooperative content production. 

This will definitely open you up to a new set of audience as your co-author shares your work with his audience too. From starting a podcasting channel to creating the podcasts and to eventually monetizing them, there’s more than enough information on the web regarding this. 

8. Website flipping. 

While flipping websites is one of the many things you can do to make $5,000 in a week, there’s every probability it’s not going to work every week for you. Website flipping is all about buying websites and selling them for much more than you acquired them. So, if you buy a website at $15,640 and resell it within one week to make $5k profit. This is mostly not going to be the case unless you can work on a website and make it worth an extra $5k within the space of 7 days. 

But if you have a team of expert website content developers, then you can make this happen and earn up to $5 thousand dollars weekly from sales. Again, there’s every probability buyers won’t come your way within a week. Dealing with more expensive websites worth over $20,000 dollars will make you more money from instant reselling i.e buying them and selling them with a couple hundred dollars in price difference. 

9. Affiliate marketing. 

For the record, this is one of the ways to make money online without spending a dime. Yes, it’s possible. But it takes time. If you put in enough effort, you can make a fortune off affiliate marketing. And I’m talking about earning 6 figures a month just with your affiliate marketing projects. But it’s important that you start off from the right foot. Affiliate marketing isn’t spamming links on different forums. 

It’s providing real value by giving quality information so that it’s easy for people to make buying decisions. When you provide enough information about a product you’re an affiliate marketer for, people will buy the product and that’s how you make money through affiliate marketing. Give out value in exchange for the money. Prioritize value. 

10. House flipping. 

While flipping houses is one of the top options to make $5,000 dollars weekly, it’s expensive to go into. This is simply the buying and reselling of houses or real estate properties for profit. Yes, you buy a house at $40k and resell at $55k after a month of renovation or reconstruction. 

That’s a $15k gross profit that you can split into three weeks of passive $5k income. But then, dealing with bigger structures worth more money up to $200k will earn you a lot more profit after reselling. It’s expensive, and you might want to try out other options right on this page if you can’t shell out the money for this. 

11. Options trading. 

High risk, but rewarding. Options trading is one of the ways on how to make $5k a week (actively). If you don’t trade the options market, you don’t make a dime. Ultimately, you’ll need to keep trading to make profit up to $5 grand a week. If you’re a complete beginner trader, the first thing you want to do is to learn how to trade the options market extensively. 

It’s not rocket science, but it can take you a while to learn the ropes. Once you’re able to trade the options market, you wouldn’t be a complete beginner in trading other financial markets as they share similar fundamentals. 

12. Barbering. 

You’re good with the clippers? Honestly, it’s a great skill to acquire. And once you’re good at barbering, you can earn up to $250 a day grooming hairs. Firstly, you need a space to start off your craft. With the perfect location, you’re good to go. In every business, you need the location. And if you don’t have the cash to start up a standard barbering salon, you can simply start out in your living room or some space in your apartment. 

Going this way, you’d beckon on promoting your services online to your friends and family for them to actually patronize you. Grooming for $50/client, that’s $250/day with 5 clients. 

13. E-commerce. 

E-commerce can actually earn you much more than $5,000 in a week. And that’s realistic because people are getting more lazy with the help of the internet. You can shop online. Virtually, and have everything delivered to your doorstep. That’s the space e-commerce is covering right away. 

And it’s not going anywhere. So, you can start your e-commerce business or website and build it to the point where you’re earning $5k weekly. I’ll warn you though, it takes a lot to start an ecommerce business. From designing the website to acquiring products and shipping, it’s a lot to take in.

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14. Course sales. 

Last on the list is course sales. Yes, with the sales of courses, you can make up to $5,000 in a week. Whose courses? Yours. Yeah, you can create a good course about pretty much anything and have it published online for people to buy. As I write this, there are tons of people looking to learn stuff online; particularly to acquire a high demand skill. 

So, if you’re skilled in anything pertaining to creating online projects, foods, music, and tech, the market craving your knowledge is massive. 

How to Make $5,000 in a Week: 14 Best Ways – Final Words. 

We’ve come to the end of this article and I’m glad you’ve read through. As a summary, you can make $5,000 in a week by selling courses online; your own courses born out of originality and value, starting a barbershop, starting a blog of your own, trading options, venturing into the ecommerce space, dropshipping, freelance writing, programming for clients online (or building a web tool of your own), flipping houses, flipping websites, growing a YouTube channel, and marketing affiliate products online. 

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