How to Make $60 Dollars Fast as a Kid in 7 Ways

How to Make $60 Dollars Fast as a Kid

Do you want to learn how to make $60 dollars fast as a kid? 

Then you’re definitely on the right page of the internet. 

Right here in this article, you’ll get to learn the most realistic ways to make $60 dollars fast even as a kid. 

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Although most of these money-spinning hacks will work for pretty much anyone. 

As long as you’re human and you live on this earth, you can definitely get $60 dollars fast using these methods. 

These aren’t get-rich-quick schemes. 

But some of them are, however, just a few of them. 

With that said, here are some of the best ways to make $60 dollars fast as a kid in the real world. 

How to Make $60 Dollars Fast as a Kid in 7 Ways. 

1. Start a lemonade stand. 

If you want to learn how to make $60 dollars fast as a kid, then you can start up your own lemonade stand and start making money. 

It’s not as easy as I write it here, it’ll take some practice to eventually get good at making lemonades in the first place. 

Depending on your location, you can make $60 dollars faster or it could take you some more time. 

It’s not also totally free to start up a lemonade stand. 

It’ll cost money, but you can start up with just $10 dollars. 

That’s for real. 

With $10 bucks, you can set up your lemonade stand. 

Since you’re starting very small, it could take you some time to gather up $60 dollars in savings. 

This isn’t one of the quickest ways to make $60 dollars fast as a kid, but it’s certainly one of the most realistic ways to try out. 

2. Become a freelancer. 

As a kid, if you’re good at anything pertaining to the digital world, then you can definitely become a freelancer online and make $60 dollars fast. 

Whether you’re good at writing, coding, making voice overs, designing graphics, singing, translating languages, or editing videos, you can get paid as a freelancer working online. 

You don’t need to pay any money at all to become a freelancer. 

All that’s needed is for you to have the skill. 

Once you’ve got the skill, there are people on freelance platforms willing to pay you for your services. 

If you’re ready to make money fast as a kid freelancer, then you can sign up on any of these marketplaces for free: 

On these freelance marketplaces online, you can get paid as high as $500 per gig. 

So, other than the skill you currently have, you can hop into other gigs on these platforms and get paid if you do them well. 

If you have no skill at all, then you can play the role of a middleman and outsource gigs to freelancers you know in the real world who can help out with the gig. 

For example, if you’re not a coder or a programmer and you have a ton of friends who are into programming, then you can outsource programming gigs from these freelance marketplaces to them. 

If the client is willing to pay $1,500 dollars for a programming project, you can keep $500 dollars and sort the talent or your programmer friend with $1,000 dollars or less than that based on your level of relationship. 

Other than that, you can work for multiple clients if you’re a talented freelancer yourself. 

It’s quite challenging to get freelance gigs due to the avalanche of freelancers on the internet today. 

With that said, you want to make sure you’re consistently applying to get freelance gigs, and your rates on any of these platforms aren’t superfluous. 

They shouldn’t be too low either. Moderation is the key. 

Again, focus on one or two of these freelance platforms so that you’re able to steadily and slowly build a competent profile and work portfolio. 

3. Sell your items online. 

As a kid who’s looking to make $60 dollars fast, you can make this happen by selling your items on the internet. 

If you have something you can sell for $60 dollars, then why hesitate? 

Maybe you’re not the type who sells off their items. Or borrow them. 

But you need $60 dollars fast, and you can make it when you sell stuff online. 

Your own stuff. 

If you don’t want to sell your items online, that’s fine. 

You can flip items online to get $60 dollars. 

But this won’t be free because you’ll have to buy the items first, physically, before reselling them online to get profit. 

The internet is a different world. 

And so, there are tons of people looking to buy things online even at a more expensive rate. 

To get started, you can sign up for free on Etsy, or the Facebook Marketplace. 

There are other places to sell your stuff online, but then you’ll also need to check out flea markets and thrift stores to see products you can buy cheap and sell high online. 

4. Write for websites that pay. 

On the internet today, there are tons of websites willing to pay you for your effort if you’re a writer. 

They’re looking for more content, and hence, more writers. 

If you’re good at writing, then you can really make a ton of money writing online for these websites. 

You can get paid from $100+ if you’re really good. 

There are also websites in different niches like health, law, poetry, and lifestyle looking for great content. 

So, if you’re not a potent writer and you’re good in a writing space or niche, or you’re good at writing fiction stories, then you can also make money online writing for respective websites paying writers with your writing strength. 

If you’re a potent writer, the better. 

You can write for any website and get paid. 

Doing this, you can easily make $60 dollars fast as a kid. 

And you don’t need to have a degree to get started. 

Just check out the list of websites paying people to write for them, and apply or pitch them. 

Doing this in a month, you can generate more than $500 dollars. 

And that’s if you’re consistent. 

As a kid, building a career like this will definitely lead to future relevance. 

Writing for websites and getting paid as a kid is a big deal. 

And I’d you’re consistent, you could become one of the greatest writers in contemporary times

5. Ask for $60 dollars. 

A simple option is to ask for $60 dollars if you need it fast. 

Depending on what you’re looking to do with the money, you could get it from a friend or your parents. 

If you’re living with your cousin or some guardian, sure they can give you $60 dollars if you’ve been in your best behavior the whole time. 

If you don’t want to ask, you could borrow it from them too. 

This time, they’ll be more willing to give because they’ll get it back at a later date. 

Alternatively, you can borrow $60 dollars from US online loan companies. 

These are online websites and mobile apps that can loan you up to $60 dollars. 

And even more if you pass muster with the registration process who will require you to have some verification documents. 

Or some validity files. 

The bottom line is that you can get $60 dollars online or you can borrow it from a friend or your parents. 

If not borrowing, you can politely ask. 

It’s not $60,000 dollars. It’s just $60 dollars. 

Isn’t it? 

6. Lawn mowing. 

If you have the strength, then you can mow lawns for money. 

In the United States, you can get paid up to $70 dollars per hour mowing lawns. 

This is not something you want to be doing for a long time as you just need $60 dollars. 

But if you do this on the side, you can end up with a lot of money at the end of the week or the end of the month. 

It’s hourly you get paid, and you can work for as many hours as you want as long as you get the job done and you’re able to regularly get lawn mowing gigs around town. 

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7. Wash cars to get $60 dollars. 

If you want to make $60 dollars fast as a kid, then you can start out washing vehicles for money in your neighborhood. 

On average, it costs around $10 dollars to wash a car. 

On the high side, $30 dollars. 

But let’s say you do it for $10 dollars. 

You can wash up to 10 vehicles in a day to make $100 dollars. 

You’re a kid, so you’ll easily get fatigued. 

Doing this with your friends, you could wash 20 vehicles in a day. 

It’ll be fun and with time you can up your rates. 

With that being said, you can do this over the course of one week to save up $60 dollars. 

How to Make $60 Dollars Fast as a Kid in 7 Ways – Final Words. 

Still thinking about making $60 dollars fast as a kid? 

Then these are some of the best ways. 

There are other ways I didn’t outline right here in this article. 

But I’m sure you’ll find them in this article about making $300 fast as a kid

I also wrote about how to make $2,000 dollars fast as a kid, so go check them out. 

Meanwhile, if you want to make $60 dollars even as a teenager, you can mow lawns, write for websites that pay over $100 dollars to competent writers, wash cars in your neighborhood, freelance your skills for money (which is entirely free to get started), ask for $60 dollars from someone, or start your own lemonade stand. 

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