How to Make $60 in an Hour: 8 Best Ways

Without bluffing, you can make $60 in an hour. And there are some of the best ways to do it without taking surveys or hoping on signup bonuses you can’t really withdraw. In this article, you’ll get to learn how to make $60 in an hour, and these ways to make this happen aren’t 100% guaranteed. 

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It’s totally up to you. You could make more than $60 dollars, and even less. What’s more is that you determine how much money you make in an hour using any of these hacks. That said, here are 8 sure ways to make $60 in an hour, no BS. 

How to Make $60 in an Hour: 8 Best Ways. 

1. Launch an ecommerce business. 

This is a bit on the expensive side, but it’s definitely one of the best ways on how to make $60 in an hour. You probably know about too many e-commerce websites by now. If you’re clueless, Amazon is a perfect example (and my favorite example). Yes, launching a business off the ground like Amazon can definitely make you a ton of money. But it won’t be easy to start it up in reality. 

There’s a lot that goes into launching an ecommerce business. You’ll need an inventory, maybe a store of your own, and staff to make different things happen. Plus, you’ll need to structure on ground that runs without your own participation. All of these things take time. There’s also marketing and promotion of your e-commerce website when it goes online. Not just a bit expensive, but really expensive. But then, an e-commerce business can transition your financial status; turning you into a multimillionaire from nothing. With the emergence of different online stores today, pretty much everything online is competitive. Heck, everything is competitive. 

2. Try blogging.

Blogging, like I’ll always preach, is one of the things I love to do. And that’s why this blog exists. Basically, I’m blogging because of the money. Trash relevance and all of that sermon about becoming a voice. The money drives my passion. At least, at this point of my life, I need the money much more than the voice. That said, blogging is one of the best ways to make $60 in an hour. 

When starting a blog like this one, you want to carefully pick a niche. Not a niche that’ll wear you out. But a niche that you can handle long term. If you’re into fashion or clothing, you may want to start a fashion blog. You can pick a niche based on what you’re into in real life. Or, what you studied in college. There are different ways to pick a niche that suits you, but after that is when the work really starts. With the competitive nature of blogging right now, you’ll need lots of content to thrive. 

You’re either going to have to pay someone to write tons of articles for you, or you do it yourself. With time, you can monetize your blog and start earning a ton of money. Now, this is easy to write. But in reality, it’s a lot of work to make people visit your website from day to day. A lot of upfront work. With lots of blogs on the internet, it’s pretty much challenging to see results in the first few months. But you could if you’re consistent. If you’ve not started a blog today, checkout this guide to get started

3. Start a YouTube channel. 

Launching a YouTube channel is totally free. But then, it takes time to make tons of money up to $50,000 a month. At this time, you’ve made more than $60 an hour. Hundreds, if not thousands, of YouTubers generate much more than $50,000 a month. And some even make up to $500k/month. Basically, you want to focus on a particular niche and produce the best videos in that niche. Even if you’re not the best video creator, you can pay freelancers to make videos for you. 

Another way around this is to create a YouTube cash cow. This kind of channel is a faceless channel. You must have seen videos running all over animation works and titles before. And they get millions of views on YouTube. These are examples of a faceless channel. 

People don’t get to know you because, well, you’re not having your face in front of the camera. With that said, you’re left with the option to put your face in the camera if you’re just starting out and you want to be known as a YouTuber. If you also intend monetizing your YouTube channel with affiliate links, then you’d just have to be yourself. 

4. Get into trading stocks. 

If you want to learn how to make $60 in an hour, then learning to trade stocks is definitely one of the best ways. With stock trading, you’re buying into the wealth or value of other real world companies. These companies exist in reality, and the rise and fall of their worth will reflect in their stocks. Again, stock trading isn’t free to get started with. You’ll need to invest your own money and trade with it. 

For this alone, you should learn all you can about the craft before rushing into it. While it can really be profitable, stock trading is no man’s bestie. Everybody, even the best traders still lose trading positions every once in a while. 

5. Trade binary options. 

A quick way to make money is to trade the binary options market. Just by trading with a sure strategy, you can make up to $60 in a sitting. You could make more, or lose more. It depends on how good you are at trading binary options. Things can get a little confusing especially if you’re new to the game. But then, there’s more than enough tutorials online to get you in the right track before every trading live on any binary options broker. 

For starters, you can make good use of a demo account before you’re good enough to start trading live on a real account. 

6. Trade crypto. 

Before trying out this path, you want to make sure you’re good at trading the markets. Crypto is profitable. So profitable that you can make $60 in an hour with the right trades. If you’re a complete newbie, the best option for you would be to invest enough time into learning to trade the Crypto markets. 

Another thing is to fully understand the concept of risk management, futures, and trading indicators. Price action included. When it comes to crypto trading, it’s not free. You’re trading with your real money and this means you’ll need to be extremely careful, strategic, and strictly have your emotions in check. Unlike some passive income streams in this article, Crypto trading won’t make you $60 in every single hour. But it could make you $60 within an hour of trading if the market runs in your favor. 

7. Try traffic arbitrage. 

Another way to make $60 in an hour is to embark on traffic arbitrage. This simply means buying web traffic and monetizing it to get your capital back. The capital is what you spend to acquire the web traffic. So, for example you can start a viral blog and drive paid traffic to your blog with the strategy to make money from ads. 

If you spend $500 dollars on adverts, you should be able to drive enough web traffic to your blog so much so that you’re earning more than $500 dollars back. This could happen in an hour. And with time, you may not need to always buy traffic anymore. The cycle could flow automatically while omitting the need to buy traffic. 

This is easy in theory. Plus, traffic arbitrage isn’t free to start. You’ll need money to invest into buying traffic and much more, money to start up a blog. It could work with any other platform, but making use of blogs is one of the surest ways. 

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8. Start dropshipping. 

Dropshipping is one of the best options to try out if you want to learn how to make $60 in an hour. If this term is completely new in your ears, it’s a business concept on the internet that has been around for some time. And a ton of people are taking in lots of money from it just by doing it right. Yes, you could do it the wrong way. 

First of all, you build an online store and afterwards, you import product photos from an e-commerce store like AliExpress. There’s a tool to connect your online store to AliExpress or some other e-commerce platform like AliExpress. Once you’re done with the setup, whoever visits your online store and places an order, the order is redirected to AliExpress or some other e-commerce store or supplier. You’re playing the role of a middleman with a dropshipping store, and the more people visit your store, the higher chance you have to make more money. More traffic equals more money. 

The big question is how you make money if the orders are redirected to another store. Basically, there’s a tool for everything. So, you can tweak the prices on your online dropshipping store, make it more expensive but not excessively. And then when people pay for products in your store, the original cost of the product is what the dropshipping supplier keeps. For example, if a product is worth $70 dollars on Amazon, you can make it $79 or $80 on your dropshipping store. This way, you get to keep $9 – $10 off every sale of this particular product on your dropshipping store online. The rule is to up the price of every product you import from another e-commerce website or dropshipping supplier. 

If you don’t up the prices, there’s absolutely no way you’re making money from your dropshipping store unless you’re willing to monetize the traffic with ads or sell affiliate products on your store. Running a dropshipping store, you can definitely make $60 in an hour with time as your store gains massive web traffic and processes hundreds of orders in a single day. By the time you start making $50k a month dropshipping, you would’ve surpassed the $60/hr benchmark. 

How to Make $60 in an Hour: 8 Best Ways – Final Words. 

With these 8 ways, you can definitely make $60 in an hour. If you decide to start a dropshipping store, you’re not going to make $60 the next hour, but with time it could happen. Same goes with starting a YouTube channel, launching a blog or an ecommerce website. If $60 in an hour equates to $1,440 in a day, then you can definitely make much more than that with a blog, a dropshipping store, a YouTube channel, traffic arbitrage, stock trading, crypto trading, and binary options trading. 

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