How to Make $600 a Day: 10 Evergreen Methods (Both Active & Passive)

Do you want to learn how to make $600 a day? You’re not alone right now and I can guarantee you that it’s totally a reality. You’re not thinking too big either. Common people.make as much as this without having to be super smart or having to be in possession of a success totem. You can make $600 dollars in a day and even make much more. The truth is, it won’t be easy. And you might not get there overnight. It takes time to make as much money as this. $600/day balloons to $18,600 dollars in a 31-day month. 

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It equates to $223,200 in a year. That’s some good money you can live off for life. If you’re willing, I am too. Here are 10 evergreen methods to make $600 dollars in a day online and offline.  

How to Make $600 a Day: 10 Evergreen Methods (Both Active & Passive).

1. Crypto.

You want to learn how to make $600 a day? Then crypto trading is one of the many ways this can happen. Firstly, you’ll need to understand what crypto is and how to trade the crypto market profitably. 

There are tons of strategies out there, but then, there’s every need to cherry-pick the ones that can salvage your trades in the most critical conditions. Moving on, you can become an instant millionaire from trading crypto and this is due to the unbelievable volatility of the market. 

If you’re an expert already, then everything you’ve read so far would probably make more sense to you. Overall, you’ll need a lot of money to trade the crypto market if you want to make $600 every single day. You either have up to 5 figures or more, or you get skillful at trading the futures market with a 3 or 4 figure capital. 

2. Ride-hailing. 

You could make $600 a day one-time with ride-hailing. This only works if you already own a car. But if you don’t own a car of your own, you’re free to explore the other ideas on this post or you could make use of your parents/guardians vehicle. 

Basically, you’ll be working for services like Uber, Lyft and whatnot in the US. If you’re early to rise, then you can hit the road with the goal to make $600 dollars that day. It could happen by chance. You could get some really good days, but making $600 dollars every day from driving people around is almost impossible. It could come one-time if you’re serious about it. 

3. Landscaping. 

Another way to make $600 dollars in a day is to anchor mega landscaping gigs. If you’re a pro already at landscaping, then this is for you. If you know nothing about it but you’d like to, it’s not too late to start learning about landscaping. It’s a lucrative activity and you must have an eye for esthetics for you to go far in the biz. 

However, every landscaper isn’t making as high as $600/day. Realistically, you don’t get gigs everyday as a landscaper. It comes once in a while, you can only make so much if you’re a renowned pro. 

4. Blogging (passive). 

Blogging is easily passive income. It won’t feel and be like that the very first few weeks after you launch your blog. It takes time to see results with a new blog. With that said, you can make $600 a day with a blog if you’re consistent and have some smart monetization strategies in place. 

Not personally, but I know a few bloggers who make much more than $18k a month from their blogs. They’re far from being some of the top earning bloggers in the world. So, you start by picking a niche you’d like to blog around. That’s the single most important factor that gets to determine the overall success of your blog in the long haul. 

5. Affiliate marketing (passive). 

Yet another passive income conduit to make $600 a day is affiliate marketing. This is when you promote products that you don’t own to other people who are potential buyers. 

Then, you get paid when people buy the products. And you’re not paid if no one buys the products. The good thing about affiliate marketing is that you don’t need to pay anything to get started but you can make as much as $100k/month if you do it the absolute right way. And no, affiliate marketing isn’t about dropping spam affiliate links everywhere on the web. It’s all about value creation through content and that’s how you get to make sales. 

6. Software development.

Create your own software and watch it grow into a money printing machine. You don’t need to become a programmer first, you just need to have the capital to develop and promote it. If you have the idea for an app or a software, PC or mobile, then you can definitely get programmers who are more than willing to code your idea into an app. So, the first step isn’t to learn how to program. It’s to first cook up a brilliant app idea. 

Once your app is live, even as an MVP, you can monetize it to generate passive income. Depending on the traffic it’ll receive, mobile apps can generate anywhere from $1 to $1m dollars daily. Yes, $1m dollars. Fewer than the top 1% of apps generate such income. 

7. Barbering.

Can you cut hair? If you can, then this is for you. I run a barbershop and it’s one of the sources of passive income that I have right now. You can start yours too to make $600/day. And you don’t have to be the one there even if you’re one of the most talented barbers; take a look at the business side of things to excel. So, get the right location, set up your salon, recruit good barbers, and do the promotion online to attract faraway clients. 

If you have two staff and they cut 10 clients each at $50/client, that’s $1,000 dollars in a day. You can get 20+ people to your barbering store if you start off from the right location. But things can get more challenging if your barbershop isn’t well situated. 

8. Car detailing. 

While there are millions of cars running to and fro in your city, a lot of vehicle owners either don’t have the time to clean their cars, or they don’t have the strength. They’d rather pay for someone else to do it. And that’s where you come in. You can make up to $600 dollars a day by starting your own car detailing service while you hire staff to do the job. In the United States, you’d get paid about $14/hour for rendering this service. 

So, if you’re situated in a commercial location and you’re able to promote your services by sharing flyers and setting up your services to show up for loxal search on Google, you could earn up to $600/day assuming you’ve got around 8 staff and your auto detailing shop is jammed 24/7. 

9. House flipping. 

Flipping houses is one of the many ways realtors make a lot of money. And depending on the house you flip, you could generate over $18k/month. Let’s say you have a property worth $120k under your management and ready for the flipping, if you’re able to sell it at $150k, that’s a mark-up of $30,000 dollars (which is definitely more than $18,000 a month or $600 a day). 

House flipping has its ups and downs. And you don’t get to make juicy house flipping deals like this every time. There’s a way to grow big in the industry even if you’re just starting out. It’s just about learning on-the-job as you build your portfolio as a realtor or a property developer. 

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10. Stock trading. 

Stock trading is one of the ways to create quick wealth that could be overnight. It’s one way to make $600 a day, but it’s not 100% guaranteed unless you have so much money, like 6 figures, to trade the market. Even at that, it’s still a little risky because you could lose money on some bad days. However, the very first step to making money from stock trading is to learn how to trade the stock market. 

Once you’re done with that, you can keep developing and fine-tuning your trading strategies to accommodate and absorb risks while scooping profits for you. It takes much more than money to make money trading stocks; experience is an asset. 

Just in case you want to get started with learning to trade the stock market, there are tons of resources on the internet to help you with this. You might not need to buy any course to learn anything spectacular. It’s a market and there’s no cheat code to trading it for profit 100% of the time. 

How to Make $600 a Day: 10 Evergreen Methods (Both Active & Passive) – Final Words. 

In summary, you can make $600 a day by trading the stock market, flipping houses (which could make you over $18k in a month), car detailing, trading crypto, ride-hailing with your car, barbering, developing a software of your own, starting a blog, affiliate marketing, starting a podcasting channel, growing a YouTube channel. If you’re aggressive, there’s every possibility for you to make more money. 

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