How to Make $650 in 60 Minutes: 9 Best Ways

If you’re on a dire search for how to make $650 in 60 minutes, you’re not lost. In this blog post, you’ll learn the most realistic ways to do just that. Now $650 dollars in 69 minutes is a lot of money. It’s even better if we’re talking passive income that never stops flowing in. 

While there are a lot of businesses or self-employed jobs that can generate $650+ dollars in one hour, it doesn’t happen overnight however unless you’re willing to explore riskier ways to get there. $650 bucks in 60 minutes equates to $15,600 dollars in a day. In a month, that’s $468k. 

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And in one year of making a steady $650 an hour, you’ll become $5.6 million dollars richer. This is a realistic show that takes some time to display. So if you’re patient and willing to build sustainable yet scalable businesses to $650 in 60 minutes, this blog post is for you. 

If you’re also looking to build passive income on the side that can grow slowly or really fast when you scale, this is also a blog post for you. Without further ado, here are 9 realistic ways to make six hundred and fifty dollars in 60 minutes. 

How to Make $650 in 60 Minutes: 9 Best Ways. 

1. Crypto day-trading. 

Trading the crypto market can make you $650 in 60 minutes. While I’m not an expert at trading, the crypto market is really volatile. And if you’re going to make any profit off it, then you’ll need to learn a ton. Investing in crypto is quite different from trading actively. 

And that’s how you make money practically every time or every hour you trade. Depending on your level of expertise, it’s possible to consistently make 100% your trading margin (or money) within a single day. 

By trading margin, I mean the amount of money you take positions with. Not necessarily your trading capital. Get familiar with different strategies, and ways to minimize risk to its barest minimum. 

2. Options day-trading.

Trading options is a great way to make quick money. But that’s after taking time to learn how the options market works. If you want to learn how to make $650 in 60 minutes, then you can do just that with options trading. 

It’s easy to trade, but really technical. Once you’re able to get a grasp of what options trading is, and exactly how to trade it, it’ll be a thing of fun to trade (especially when trading with your spare money). 

3. Gambling. 

Can gambling make you $650 in 60 minutes? Of course gambling can make you much more than just $650 dollars in an hour. It’s a game of LUCK. If you gamble, you can’t really tell the outcome of your stake in any sense of accuracy. So it makes a lot of sense to gamble with your spare money just to avoid debt, and maybe emotional catastrophe on your side. 

Gambling can make you a millionaire if you get it right. There’s a right way to gamble, and a way not to. Even if the outcome isn’t sure, you can still be on the safer side. You just need to know how to. 

4. Sports betting. 

Betting is a risky game just like gambling. But then it’s fun because you can get into the game and out of it with a few dollars hoping to make a lot of money. Even thousands of dollars. So betting is on the list of the most realistic ways to make $650 in an hour. Trust me, there’s a way to bet with a higher chance of winning. 

Just have a slight edge, get to know a lot about the game you’ll be betting in, and the clubs you’ll be betting on. You’ll lose less and win more with an advantageous knowledge about the game. 

5. Stock trading. 

It’s possible to trade stocks and make $650 dollars or more. But then, just like the other ways I’ve highlighted, stock trading doesn’t guarantee passive income unless you invest in it. So you can actively make money, but when you stop trading, you stop earning. 

Taking this route, you want to work by a policy like knowing when to stop trading, having a profit threshold for each day, getting to know the different ways of evading losses by capitalizing on risk management techniques, and knowing the best hour of the day to trade your markets. Yes, stick to a particular set of markets. Know your trades. 

Long-term Self-employed Jobs that Make $650 in 60 Minutes. 

6. Blogging. 

Speaking of passive income, blogging is one of the best online self-employed jobs that can guarantee this. With a lot of blogs earning over $10 million dollars in a year, it’s safe to note that blogging is, however, one of the ways to make $650 dollars in 60 minutes. 

Starting a blog like this is simple. What’s not simple is growing it to generate 6 figures. You’ll need to scale really fast if you want this to happen in no time. And by scaling, I mean hiring more writers to create more content and beckoning on guest posting to muscle up to ranking strength of your blog. This time it’s going to be a business blog. And not just a hobby space on the web. 

Another way perhaps to make up to $650 dollars in 60 minutes with a blog is to put in your very best to create contents that speak for themselves. Starting with this approach, you want to focus on a niche first and create ultra-high quality transactional posts to rank for competitive search terms and generate affiliate sales. 

Transactional posts that would do well to serve the purpose of this approach are posts about a list of “best” or “top” or “cheap” products and product review posts. These kinds of posts can flip the switch on a random visitor and make them open their wallet. 

With more than 5000 ultra high quality transactional posts, you should be generating up to $20,000 dollars a day from affiliate and ad revenue. By this time, we’re talking millions of views and hundreds of affiliate sales in one day. 

This feat is diehard. Not very many blogs have tasted this depth. It’s barely realistic, but going in this approach will generate passive income in the long run. Even if you’re not hitting $5k/day with it.

If you’ve not started a blog already and you want to start right now, here’s a free guide to get you through the entire process seamlessly. 

7. Ecommerce. 

Ecommerce is great if you’re already a retailer or wholesaler with inventory. But if you’re not, you can be too. That’s the first step of starting an ecommerce business. Getting the inventory is really mandatory. 

That aside, ecommerce can generate $650 dollars in 60 minutes and much more than that. If you want to make this amount of money passively, it’s still possible amid the intense competition. Ecommerce platforms like Amazon and AliExpress generate much more than $5.6 million dollars in a week or less. 

You can do the same but it’ll cost you an insane amount of money. And since you’re just looking to generate their weekly revenue in one year, it’ll be less of a work for you. Unless you want to go toe-to-toe with them. 

8. App development. 

What do you think of apps like Candy Crush, Pokemon Go, TikTok, and PUBG Mobile? These apps are some of the highest earning apps in the 2020s, generating several hundred million dollars in a year. 

And they do this passively. If you want to make $5.6 million yearly, then starting an app of your own is a great way to go about this. It’s not an easy task to build an app if you’re not a coder on your own. You’ll need to hire software developers, a team of smart marketers, and people to handle different functions of your app in the long run. 

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9. Real estate. 

Real estate is one of my favorite offline businesses. However, the procedures to make profit off real estate can be replicated in the online world. With or without money, you can venture into the real estate world. 

But don’t expect to become an instant millionaire the next morning venturing into real estate. The most profitable deals however include house flipping and real estate development. 

How to Make $650 in 60 Minutes: 9 Best Ways – Final Words. 

Making $650 dollars in 60 minutes equates to making $5.6 million dollars in a year. And so it is safe to say that any self-employed job that can generate 6 figures in profit up to $5.6 million in a single year earns $650+ in 60 minutes (or an hour). 

There are a lot of these self-employed entrepreneurial jobs out there. And if you want to make $650 in 69 minutes, you have the options to start a blog, trade options, trade crypto as a day trader, venture into the fashion and real estate world, build an app, and explore risker options like gambling and sports betting. 

Other than the risky counterparts, the self-employed jobs on this list can generate much more than $5.6 million dollars in a year. But you’ll have to approach things from a business perspective. 

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