How to Make $7,000 in 3 Days: 10 Realistic Ways

How to Make $7,000 in 3 Days

What are some of the best ways to make $7,000 in 3 days? 

If this is your quest, then you’re on the right page. You’re certainly not alone here. However, making $7,000 dollars in 3 days or the next 72 hours wouldn’t be an easy task especially if you’re without leverage. And by leverage, I mean a skill or a physical asset you’ve got that’s worth something at least. 

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Right on this list are some of the common but effective ways to make money. Some are passive income generating machines, others are active but you can scale them to become passive income (which would mean hiring more hands later). 

Without much rush, here are 10 realistic ways to make $7,000 in 3 days or $70,000 dollars a month. 

How to Make $7,000 in 3 Days: 10 Realistic Ways

Trade Binary Options 

A lot of binary options brokers are banned in many countries of the world, but if you find a way to trade it profitably, then you’re definitely going to make a lot of money from it. It’s basically one of the best ways on how to make $7,000 in 3 days (or less).

With a great winning strategy, you’ll mostly get ahead of the market. The first thing you want to do however is to learn to trade binary options before putting your money into it. It can be frustrating if you keep losing money to the market. Hence, acquire knowledge. 

Freelance Writing 

If you like writing, then you can generate a lot of money off writing as a freelancer for several clients. And while making $7,000 in 3 days isn’t something that happens to even the best freelance writers, it takes time to eventually start making money freelancing. 

It’s free to get started, and you’ll need to sign up on the most popular freelance marketplaces to get more gigs. On average, you can get paid about $0.5 per word. That’s $500 bucks for every 1,000 words. 

So, to earn $7,000 dollars in 3 days, you’ll need a project requiring you to write 14,000 words in 3 days. Or 4,600 words a day. That’s realistic, but challenging. The higher your rate as a freelance writer, the more money you’re definitely going to make. 

Software Development 

You can make up to $7,000 in 3 days as a software developer or someone who owns and manages a personal software (of your own). Basically, you can help a client design a software in 3 days and get paid more than $7,000 dollars. 

Or manage an app of your own that generates $7,000 dollars or more in 3 days. 

The best option is posing as a software entrepreneur. This way, you’ll make more money versus working as a freelance software developer. 

I’m not insinuating that software developers don’t make money, they make a ton of money from different projects and private entities. But then, as a software entrepreneur, you have more liberty and you’re able to make more money passively with time. It actually costs more money to become a software entrepreneur than a software developer. 

And for the record, you don’t need to be a guru programmer to become a software entrepreneur. You need capital to build the software framework and all of that. And to aggressively market your software. 


If you’re still looking to learn how to make $7,000 in 3 days, then starting a laundromat is one of the ways this can work. With a laundromat, you’re definitely going to make money. 

And depending on the location of your business, the money could be massive. Or meager. Location matters. Leaving the issue of location out of the table, starting something like this takes a lot of time and money. 

You’ll need time to set up a design for the laundromat, you’ll get the equipment and hire more hands to help you run the business. A laundromat business is definitely one that generates passive income. Depending on the side and location, you can cash out big-time. 

Stock Trading 

Stock trading is one of the favorite things I love to talk about. It’s interesting, and if you’re good at trading, it doesn’t cost a lot of money to get started. 

First things first, stock trading is profitable to the pros. If you’re a pro, you’ll make a ton of money. However, if you want to make $7,000 in 3 days, you’ll need to trade with a higher amount of money. It’s realistic to make $7k dollars in just 72 hours. 

But then, you’ll certainly need to be trading with something bigger than this. Moreover, it takes time to learn the ropes when it comes to trading online. Once you’re good at this, you can make money from stocks either by day trading them, swing trading or investing long-term. 

Or accumulating penny stocks

Flip Websites

The concept of flipping websites isn’t a new one. It’s more like buying a website, working on it and then reselling it. Once you’re able to master the process, then it’ll be an easy walk. While it’s challenging to buy and resell a website for profit within 3 days, you can do this and generate a gross profit of $70,000 dollars in a month. 

Plus, it’s not free to get started. You’ll need a fat capital to get started. First things first; you’ll need to fully understand how flipping websites work so as not to buy poor websites and resell them at a loss. 

Flip Properties 

Want to learn how to make $7,000 in 3 days? 

Then flip properties. I must warn you however that this isn’t the cheapest option on this list. Flipping properties mean you’ll need to buy them first before putting them up for sale at a higher price. 

So if you buy a property for $430,000 dollars and you’re able to resell it for $665,000 dollars within two months, you’ll make a gross profit of $235,000 dollars (which is a lot more than $7,000 dollars in 3 days). 

If you earn $7k every 3 days, that’s $70k in one month. 

$140k in two months. 

But you made $235k in two months with a single property flip. It could take longer than two months to flip a property. Sometimes, shorter. It depends on how aggressive you go about it and how rich of a contact portfolio you have. 

Do Affiliate Marketing

As an affiliate marketer, you simply recommend products to clients. If they buy, you earn a commission. There are tons of products online that you can market as an affiliate marketer, but then you’ll need to first sign up as an affiliate marketer to begin with. It’s free, and you’ll need a platform like a blog or a YouTube channel to attract visitors or clients. 

The rule here is to get a lot of people to buy whatever you market them. And that’s possible by giving real information and value around the products you recommend. 

Do Dropshipping 

Dropshipping is more like building a background Shadow of an ecommerce website. You don’t need to acquire any inventory or package anything or even really ship anything. 

All you do is play middleman to the transaction between a real ecommerce website and the clients. Customers place an order on your website, and that order goes straight to the ecommerce website. 

On your own end, you handle customer service and increase the price of the imported products on your dropshipping store. The ideal reality is that you can generate much more than $7,000 dollars in 3 days with a dropshipping business/store. 

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Start a Blog 

With a blog, you can certainly generate up to $7,000 in 3 days. But this won’t be an easy walk. Making money with a blog is perhaps a lot of work. It takes time. 

Forget about the things you’ve read about making money quickly from the very first day with affiliate marketing. It’s really unrealistic. Blogging takes time and I can tell you first hand. The good thing is that there’s no limit to how much money you can generate with a highly trafficked blog. The factor between starting a fresh blog and making money from the blog is traffic. 

And it takes time to grow it. If you’re talking $7,000 dollars in 3 days, then blogging can get you there. If you’ve not started your blog just yet, read up this blog setup guide

How to Make $7,000 in 3 Days: 10 Realistic Ways – Summary 

If you’re still on the path to making $7,000 in 3 days, then you can explore some ideas on this list to get there. 

They include starting a blog, getting into the dropshipping business, marketing affiliate products, selling off your property or physical leverage, flipping websites, trading the stock market for profit, trading binary options, writing for freelance clients, developing web properties or assets, and setting up a laundromat. 

All of these can get you to seven thousand dollars in three days. But then, this isn’t a guaranteed $7 thousand dollars in 3 days adventure. The odds of not making any money at all are slim to death with these ideas.

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