How to Make $800 a Day Online: 7 Realistic Ways

If you want to learn how to make $800 a day online, this article is just for you. There are no better ways to make up to $800 dollars a day online than the strategies in this article. They’re realistic, and all of them right here are virtual activities; activities that you do on the internet. As a disclaimer, making $800 a day isn’t going to be an easy walk. 

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I’m not going to tell you that you’ll wake up the next morning with $800 dollars in your account or in some sort of online wallet that you own. There’s no secret tip here, and maybe the only secret tip behind every strategy to make $800/day is to provide real value. That said, these aren’t get-rich-quick schemes. And here they are. 

How to Make $800 a Day Online: 7 Realistic Ways. 

1. Start a blog. 

If you’re looking to make so much money up to $800 a day online, blogging is one of the many ways to get started. I must tell you however that to run a successful blog or build one takes some time. You’ll need to be patient and consistent to make money blogging. That said, making up to $800 dollars in a single day will require an enormous amount of work upfront from you. It’s no joke really, and only a small percentage of bloggers around the world make so much money. 

We’re talking $24,000 dollars a month. It’s not an easy race and there’s no quick way to get there. You start by picking a profitable niche, picking a domain name for your blog, undergoing keyword research, understanding your competitors, and building content momentum. Perhaps the first thing you want to do is to go through this blogging master guide. From picking a niche to monetizing your blog, this blogging master guide has got you covered. 

2. Trade crypto. 

This will require you to have hell a lot of money. But then, trading crypto can be fun. To make $800 dollars in a single day online, you’ll need to trade with a boatload of capital. I’m talking $10,000 dollars and more. This is because it’ll be easier to make 8% (or $800 dollars) in the crypto market when trading with as much as $10,000 dollars versus making 30% or 40% (still about $800 bucks) when trading with $2,000 dollars. In the crypto world, more money for trading can equal more capital 90% of the time if you’re already good at trading. 

If you’re a complete newbie, then you want to take some time off to learn the crypto trading hustle. It’s risky, interesting, and profitable at the later end. To get started with trading crypto, create a free trading account with Binance right now. This trading platform is currently winning in the crypto world; it’s the biggest trading platform for cryptocurrencies (by market volume), and has all the tools you’ll need to both learn and to trade. 

3. Trade binary options. 

Binary options is one of the things I love to do when I’m less busy. I love trading the binary options market basically because it makes me feel very confident that I’ve got a strategy that doesn’t fail. My trading strategy is crazily profitable. And you don’t need to be a pro to use it. It’s easy, and free. But that’s a topic for another blog post. With this in mind, binary options can generate much more than $800 dollars a day for you if you’re good at trading it. 

To be good, of course you’ll be dancing with some of the best strategies. And trust me, I don’t think there’s any strategy out there that’s better than mine. I’ve tested some of the very best out there, and while some of the best aren’t online, you can get my free trading strategy for a token. I’ll post it on this blog when I feel the need to. 

4. Trade the stock market. 

I’m sure you know what the stock market is all about; the wealth and value of companies represented in candlesticks and charts for public investors to buy into. If you want to make $800 a day online, trading the stock market can take you there. You won’t get $800 bucks every single day from investing. But you can get it from trading the stock market. This means that you’ll need to learn how to trade the stock market first before anything. Afterwards, you’ll need to trade with a larger capital so that you’re able to make tons of money with a little percentage. 

For instance if you’re trading with $5,000 dollars, it’ll be easy to make $800 dollars in profit because that’ll be an 18% profit. Basically, more capital in your portfolio will result in more profit. But that’s if you’re good at trading already. To begin trading the stock market, you can create a free account on Robinhood right away. 

5. Try Forex trading. 

As popular as it is, forex trading is profitable. Maybe you’ve heard about the downsides of the forex market and how people play victim to it. Well, that’s just because they utilize weak trading strategies. To make $800 dollars a day, learn to trade the Forex market. It’s not something that you can learn in a couple of weeks. It takes time, and in the process of learning to trade, you’ll lose money. And that’s if you dare to trade with your real money. Plus, you wouldn’t have to. A ton of forex brokers allow you the access to trade using a demo account. This means you’ll have an account that’s funded, but you definitely won’t be able to withdraw the money from the account because… it’s virtual money. 

A general rule of thumb is to learn to trade the Forex market with a demo account like it’s a real account. You’ll learn faster, make smarter decisions and eventually become a great trader. To make $800 dollars in a day trading the Forex market, there’s another thing you’ll have to do; trade with a mega capital. To start trading forex, create a free account on eToro right now. I bet you’ll have a better trading experience on the platform. 

6. Build a YouTube channel.

This is probably the cheapest option here if you want to make a lot more money up to $24,000 dollars a month. Opening a YouTube channel is free. And some of the biggest YouTube earners generate over $200,000 dollars a month. If we split this, that’ll be $6,000 dollars and more in a single day. Now this isn’t going to be an easy run. First of all, you’ll need to choose a niche to dwell in. Target keywords in that niche and create some of the best video contents in that niche. If you’re not good at creating videos yourself, you can get tons of video makers on Fiverr, Upwork, or Guru to help you with this. 

However, you can learn to make these videos yourself and educate yourself in the long run especially if you don’t have enough funds to start hiring video makers at the beginning of your YouTube career. With time and if you’re consistent, you’ll start getting tons of subs and views enough to monetize your channel with ads or affiliate marketing. 

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7. Venture into affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate marketing is one of the most stable ways of making money online. But can you generate up to $24,000 dollars a month from this? Sure you can. Maybe you’ve tried this out and didn’t make a cent. Maybe you did everything the complete wrong way. Affiliate marketing will work if you focus on giving out value over the desire to generate income quickly from it. It’s simple, recommend products to people online and when they buy it, you’ll get paid. 

The more people get to buy your products you recommend, the more money you’ll get paid in commissions. To make up to $800 dollars a day, you want to promote only the most expensive products you can find online and recommend them well. 

Firstly, create a blog like this one and start recommending top products either in a particular niche or in different niches. Produce great product reviews, lists, and comparisons consistently. And by “great”, I mean content with over 1,500 of text. Do this consistently and build your domain authority with time so that you’re able to rank high on search engines for the products you’re recommending. 

How to Make $800 a Day Online: 7 Realistic Ways – Final Words. 

Now you know exactly how to make $800 a day online, what’s your next move? Are you starting up a blog or trading the crypto market? Will you try out binary options, the stock market, Forex trading, YouTube channel monetization, or affiliate marketing? 

Whichever one you choose to get started with right now to make $800 dollars a day online, it’ll take you some time. Critically censor every idea on this list to see the ones you can thrive in without struggling with a higher propensity to fail. 

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