How to Make $800 Dollars in 2 Days: 9 Spontaneous Ideas

If you’re willing to take the risk, then you’re definitely on the voyage to make $800 dollars in 2 days. It’s just 48 hours, and it’s not a lot of time to generate $800 bucks unless you already have a money making machine online or in the real world. However, making $800 dollars in two days isn’t the same as making $800 fast. 

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With the methods on this page, you’ll be able to build systems and do stuff that retain the potential to generate $800+ in 2 days. The ideas on this page, a boatload of them (up to 90% of them), aren’t the fastest ways to make money. But if you’re patient and willing to bear some risk (for the other 10% of ideas here), then $800/48 hours is obtainable. 

How to Make $800 Dollars in 2 Days: 9 Spontaneous Ideas. 

1. Start a blog. 

Without blogs, the web would be empty today. Honestly, blogging is one of the best ways to make money online. Take it from me, you can make $800 in 2 days with a blog; not certainly a brand new blog. It takes some time to build a blog from scratch to make tons of money every single day. 

And if you’re looking to make $800 bucks every 48 hours constantly and passively, then starting a blog is just right for you. Much more than making money, blogging is a way to express your deepest thoughts, opinions, and connect with an audience from different parts of the world. May I add that, the best time to start a blog is right now, and this blogging guide is all you need to attain success with a brand new blog. 

2. Sell your products online. 

Your products can be jewelry, clothes, your intellectual property like a course you own, or some web tool. To make $800 in 2 days, you can sell just about anything that belongs to you that’s worth up to $800 dollars. If you’re selling off your jewelry and clothes or gadgets, you could get $800 bucks in the same day (assuming you’re lucky enough to sell them off on the same day you listed them). But if you’re looking to create an intellectual property like a course or a web tool/app, it’ll take you anywhere from weeks to months to finalize your product. 

3. Do affiliate marketing. 

As an affiliate marketer, you’re guaranteed to make passive income all the days of your life. There’s a big if. Yes, if you start off on the right foot with your affiliate marketing venture. Truth is, making $800 dollars in 2 days is realistic with affiliate marketing, but you have to do it the right way for it to work out fine. It’s free to start affiliate marketing, and it’s all about promoting products to people online; people who visit your blog, your social media page, or your YouTube channel. 

These people fall under the category of people whose decisions you can influence. So, look for affiliate products that’s related to the content you produce online and promote these products. Note that they must be expensive products. And, this is because you only earn a smidgen from their sales. 

4. Laundromat. 

Starting a laundromat is probably one of the most expensive ideas here to make $800 dollars in two days. It’s pretty realistic to make this amount of money with a laundromat. But then, it costs a lot of money, definitely over $10k, to start up a laundromat in your name. 

Laundromats generate income on autopilot basically because the people or service consumers have limited options with the availability of a laundromat. But if you can shell out the money, there’s a bunch of other stuff you can do to make more money other than starting a laundromat just to make a few hundred dollars a day. 

5. Freelance your skills. 

If you want to make $800 dollars in 2 days, it’s a great target to aim for, and you can get it as a freelancer. Although it’s not going to be passive and constant, the odds of getting a gig that pays as high as $800 dollars in two days unless you’re some guru programmer. And if the task is enormous, there’s no way you’re completing the gig before 2 days. 

Hence, we’re looking at a simple coding gig, or a copywriting gig, or a freelance writing gig where the employer is willing to pay well for your services. If you’ve got any skill that’s highly in demand, you can get lucky working online as a freelancer to make $800 in 2 days. And you can sign for free on Fiverr, Upwork, and Peopleperhour. 

6. Trade crypto. 

Of all the online markets, I love trading crypto (and binary options too). This is because of the market volatility. I’ve seen coins skyrocket in price, and I’ve seen coins get delisted because they get rug-pulled. However, trading crypto is one of the best ways on how to make $800 in 2 days. Plus, if you want to make money while staying indoors, trading crypto is one way to do it. However, it’s not free to trade the crypto market as you’ll need capital to get started. 

Again, if you’re a complete newbie, there’s plenty of tutorials online to learn the basics of trading the crypto markets. If you feel like there’s a need to buy a crypto trading (or other online markets trading tutorial) course, go ahead. The point is to learn all you can so you don’t end up throwing your money into waste. It’s two days you’re looking at here. With one single trade (and if you’re trading with a fat liquidity), it’s possible to earn $800 at once. Or maybe $600+. 

I’m talking about trading with a capital of $5,000+ where a 10% profit leaves you with $500 bucks. It’s not really up to you in most cases. Sometimes, you can get as high as 100% and after the price rush, markets begin to retrace. If you’re smart and you place your TP (take profit) right below 70%, then you’ll still have over $4,000 dollars in profits. But then, trades like this aren’t easy to come by unless you’re into futures trading. 

7. Binary options. 

Binary options are short-term. This means you get to trade in and out or exit the market within seconds. But you can also do this in hours too. The contracts aren’t meant to last forever. Hence, you make your profits but trading short-term trades. Ideally, you can make $800 dollars not just in 2 days, but in a single day while trading the binary options market. It’s volatile, and you see your money add up instantaneously. No BS. The binary options trading system is also very rugged and dreadful; if you’re poor at trading, bad things could happen to your trading account within minutes. 

This is because there’s an urge to keep trading when you lose in a bid to recover your losses. You know what happens? You keep losing. Other than being a skilled trader, there’s also the place to tame your emotions. Trading really isn’t 100% about the skill. Emotional intelligence is a huge part of it. 

8. Forex trading. 

Trading the Forex market also joins the list of ways to make $800 in 2 days. From your home and with a laptop, you can make/print money consistently. I’m not talking about printing money in the literal sense of it. I mean, making money. Actively by trading. Before this can become a reality, you need to understand what forex trading is. 

As an online tradable market, you’re prone to losing money big time if you’re not careful. On the other hand, there’s no limit to how much money you can make if you’re good at trading and mostly get into profitable trades. Being an online market, there are inevitable risks and they’re unforeseen. Find a way to mitigate risks, and avoid terrible trades. 

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9. Stock trading. 

Of course, you can certainly generate over $800 dollars in 2 days trading the stock market. However, you’ll need to learn to trade first before getting real with the market. Again, it’s not entirely free to get started as you need money to trade a real stock account and not a demo account with virtual funds you can’t use or withdraw. To make $800 bucks in two days, then there’s every need to gain mastery over several profitable trading strategies. 

An effective way to emerge a profitable trader is to practice using demo accounts. Plus, you’ll be able to make $800 dollars in 2 days quickly by trading with a larger capital of over $5,000 dollars. This way, very little market movements, positive movements, can spark in huge profits. 

How to Make $800 Dollars in 2 Days: 9 Spontaneous Ideas – Final Words. 

Some spontaneous ideas on how to make $800 bucks in 2 days include stock trading, trading Forex, starting a laundromat, selling your products online, trading the binary options market, trading crypto, freelancing your skills, doing affiliate marketing, and starting a blog (like this one). All of these ideas can get you to $800 dollars in 2 days. Some take a lot more time to see results like this, others, like trading crypto, Forex and binary options can print you much more than eight hundred dollars in 2 days. 

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