How to Make an Extra $600 a Month: 10 Realistic Methods

If you want to make an extra $600 a month, then you’re on the right page and on the right blog where you learn what truly works financially in the real world, and how to make this happen. However, what’s an extra $600 dollars gotta do for you. A lot right. With $600 dollars a month, you’d be able to settle some debts, pay bills, and try out some really tasty seafood like the OysterRockefeller… 

…and travel between cities even while you work. 

So, how much is this money in one year? 

If you’re making an extra $600 dollars a month outside of your day job, that’s about $7,200 dollars a year. Not a lot of money. 

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But you can start from there and slowly make more and more money. The methods I’m about to show you are realistic, and they’ve been in front of you the whole time. No magic methods. No get-rich-quick methods. Just real stuff that works. And here they are. 

How to Make an Extra $600 a Month: 10 Realistic Methods. 

1. Start a blog. 

Personally, I love blogging. And it’s one of the most realistic ways to make money online in the 2020s. Indeed, you can make much more than an extra $600 a month if you put your efforts in the right places. 

Here’s a little story…

This is my first blog that’s made me real money every month. When I started blogging at Potentstack, I didn’t believe I could make any money, especially after closing my last blog almost three years before I got back into the blogging line. 

Things were different with this blog. But then, in 2016 I started blogging on my first blog and was making $100 in 2 months. Sometimes it was $100+ (and some cents) in three months. And this was after about a year of blogging. I did things the wrong way. And that was basically because I had no mentor, I just had role models like Neil Patel (whose writings fueled my passion for blogging). 

I quit in 2018 for many reasons including poor SEO structure, and hundreds of poor content on the blog. I got hit (I mean the blog) by a penalty from Google and it crippled the blog’s authority from 30 to 8. I was heartbroken. Much more heartbroken than any girl’s ever done rounds on me. 

Fast forward to 2021, I launched a blog to talk about the ways to make money that really works. And I started this blog because I felt a lot of blogs out there are in the game to make some affiliate income off your signups on inboxdollars, maxbounty and all of that. You can’t make life-changing money by taking surveys online. 

Back from the story…

The first thing you do is to pick a profitable blogging niche. And then you can start creating great content before reaching out to other bloggers for the opportunity for you to write on their blogs. This is guest posting, and it’s one of the real ways to quickly grow a blog. If you’ve not started blogging, click here to get started right now

2. Podcasting. 

Starting a podcasting channel online requires you to be a good talker. If you’re not, you can always learn to be one. Pick a niche, learn to make podcasts, and then just keep covering topics in that niche. From time to time you can dabble into trending topics in related niches or in completely different niches just to pull in a mix of audience. But stick to a niche. Flexibly. 

As a podcast author, you can quickly grow your podcast channel by featuring big names in your niche and by mentioning relevant people in the industry. With time, you’ll grow the channel to become a household name generating 5 figures every single month for you. It’s realistic. You just need to know how to start creating podcasts. 

3. Proofreading and editing. 

If you have a keen eye for editing and proofreading, then you can make some extra $600 dollars a month doing this for freelance clients. It’s easy if you’re already good at it. And you can also learn to do it if you’re not good at doing this just yet. Firstly, you’ll need to sign up on freelance platforms like Upwork, and Fiverr. 

Then, you can start looking and applying for freelance gigs relating to proofreading and editing. Gigs like this aren’t much compared to writing or coding gigs. So, you’ll need to be patient before getting them. Plus, focus on building your portfolio and asking every client you work with to positively comment on your profile. 

4. Dog walking. 

Whether you like dogs or not, dog walking is one of the ways to make an extra $600 a month without having to sell your soul. It’s easy. You just need to not kill the dog. Or dogs. However, some of the places to get gigs like this include Rover,, and Sittercity. 

On these websites, you’ll get gigs to care for pets. Maybe cats, parrots, ducklings, hamsters, rabbits, chinchillas, ferrets, turtles, hedgehogs, and more. You might not be getting gigs to walk all of these pets, but just a few of them can go for a walk. Expect to earn around $30/hour or more. If you do this as a spare hustle, then you can certainly earn up to $600 a month. 

5. Lawn mowing. 

Mowing lawns is one of the ways to make an extra $600 dollars a month. If you’re in the US, you can mow lawns to make money. Plus, you’ll not be doing this for long hours so that you can have enough time to rest and recover from the stress of the job. So, you can get gigs to mow lawns on Google Jobs, indeed, Craigslist and from your neighborhood too. 

If you build a reputation around your neighborhood as a lawn mower, you’ll regularly get contacts to do the gig for them (as long as you keep doing a good job every time). With this in mind, you can get paid anywhere from $30 to $70 bucks as a lawn mower. If you’re doing this consistently, then you’d be able to make more per hour as your experience increases. If you work just 5 hours every week at $30/hour, then you’d be able to make exactly $600 by the end of the month. Typically, you’ll make more. 

6. T-shirt designing online. 

Do you know there are websites that pay you just to design t-shirts? Yes, they actually pay you when people buy the t-shirts. They give you the platform to host your online boutique, and the sophisticated tools to beautifully design t-shirts and other wears including hoodies. 

In the real world, people will buy from a boutique if the stock is loaded with beautiful, trending and rare outfits. If your online boutique features any of these, you’ll definitely get more sales. One of the ways to make more sales when people visit your store is to create designs for different seasons (winter, spring, fall, 

7. Dropshipping. 

If you want to learn how to make an extra $600 a month, you can do drop-shipping to make this a reality for you. Drop-shipping is a business model where you make money off an ecommerce store without having to do any shipping or having to buy any product of your own. You simply create an online store, connect it to another ecommerce website or supplier, and import products from that store. 

They’ve got to be winning products (or products that are high in demand). These products should be sized products that clients/buyers can return for issues relative to the size. You’ll need to have a proper understanding of drop-shipping and how to not fail at it before getting started. 

8. Amazon FBA. 

Amazon FBA is an Amazon program to help retailers and wholesalers make money. But the company might be making even much more money from every deal. However, you can do Amazon FBA if you’re a newbie and you have no retail or wholesale business. 

What you do is learn about it and find the best products that you can flip between Amazon and another store (either digital or physical) for profit. The entire idea behind Amazon FBA is so that people can make profit from buying products and selling them on Amazon. For sure, you can make an extra $600 a month with this side hustle. You could make more if you’re aggressive and strategic about it. 

9. Freelance writing. 

If you’re good at writing, then you can write as a freelancer to make an extra $600 dollars a month. Firstly, you have to become a freelance writer. Don’t worry, you’re not going to spend a dime here. You simply register on marketplaces like Fiverr & Upwork. And you can also search for freelance writing gigs on job boards like Indeed, Ziprecruiter, and Google Jobs. On marketplaces, you’d have to apply for freelance gigs and your earnings will vary due to the writing project you’re applying for. Plus, your expertise in the writing space will determine how much money you get paid. 

The more time you spend on freelance marketplaces looking and applying for gigs, and working for clients satisfactorily, the more solid a portfolio you’ll build. And the portfolio is what clients look at before contacting you to proceed on their project. So, you can start by signing up and investing time to look for writing gigs that you can do satisfactorily. 

As a freelancer, you can charge anywhere from $0.02 to $0.5 per word. Some freelance writers charge as high as $2/word. But you don’t have to charge so high if you’re just starting out. $0.05 or $0.1 is a good starting point. This means you get $50 or $100 respectively for every 1,000-word of content you write. 

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10. Sell printables online.

Lastly but certainly not the least on this list is selling printables online. One of the places to sell printables successfully is Etsy. I’ve not done this personally because it’s just one way to make some money. Not life-changing money. So, I passed on it. However, if you want to make an extra $600 a month, selling printables can get you there. 

You just need to know how to do it profitably so that you don’t end up wasting precious time. If you do things the right way on Etsy, you could generate up to $10k/month selling printables (still assuming you put in the right upfront investment). 

How to Make an Extra $600 a Month: 10 Realistic Methods – Final 

Now that you’ve come to the end of this blog post, you already know what some of the best ways to make an extra $600 dollars a month are. They include writing for freelance employers, selling printables online, podcasting, blogging, drop-shipping, designing print-on-demand products, proofreading, dog walking, lawn mowing, and Amazon FBA. 

The question is, what’s your next move? And what suits your personality the most? You want to delve into the hustle that pays a lot of money, up to $600/month (which they all do), and most importantly do something that you wouldn’t get tired of easily.

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